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Review Of BeWILDerwood Cheshire

Slides at BeWilderwood Cheshire
30 Sep 2021

The new BeWILDerwood Cheshire is now open. We checked it out and you can discover what we thought in our BeWILDerwood Cheshire Review here.

Based on the enchanting books created by Tom Blofeld, BeWILDerwood Cheshire is a woodland adventure near Whitchurch.

Always keen for a family day out we booked tickets for a family day out. Here is what we thought.

Plus you can discover our top tips for a day out at BeWILDerwood Cheshire here. 

BeWILDerwood Cheshire Review .

On hearing that BeWILDerwood was heading to the Northwest we couldn’t wait to give it a try inviting friends along too. We booked our tickets online as this is the only option at the moment and we imagine this will be the case for some time.

A couple of days before our booked day we received an email asking us to provide details for track and trace. We understand this can also be done at the entrance but can take a bit of time. 

BeWILDerwood  opens at 10.00 am and as there is no timed entry you can arrive at any time. Wanting to have a full day out, we decided to get there for opening. The journey took around an hour from Manchester and BeWILDerwood was well signposted as we got close.

On arrival, we were directed where to park which was a just short walk from the entrance which is marked with a BeWILDerwood themed archway. – perfect for a photo op. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Entrance

We were pleased to see that there are toilets just before entering, great after a bit of a journey especially if there is a bit of a queue.

On booking in we were given a wristband each ( which enables you to go back to the car), a map and a trail card and was informed that the kids can win a small prize if they find the letters hidden around the park to solve the puzzle. 

On entering we found some cute picture character cutouts and the gift shop. Excited to get going we headed straight into the ‘Treacherous Trail’, a wooden walkway through the woods where we spotted lots of colourful fairy doors. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Fairy Doors in the woods

Before long we hit a crossroads with lots of signs setting out the options. After some debate, we decided on the Slippery Slopes which were not too far away.

Here we found two huge slides set into giant treehouses. On seeing these the kids were instantly excited and before we knew it they were grabbing the required slide bags and climbing the wooden steps to have a go.

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Fast Slide

To begin the younger kids needed a little coaxing however their first slide they were instantly hooked like the rest of the kids. The kids weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the slides. My friend and I had a good few goes although we did both let out a little scream on the way down to the amusement of all the kids.

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Adults

Luckily the Slippery Slopes are located next to Cosy Cabin, one of the two food and drink huts at BeWILDerwood. Whilst the kids made the most of the slides, the adults grabbed a well-deserved coffee.

Along with a wide variety of hot drinks, the cosy cabin also serves a selection of hot food, pasties, sandwiches, kids munch boxes and sweet treats all at a really reasonable price. We had brought our own picnic for this visit but would definitely be sampling these delights next time. 

The area boasts a large number of high-quality picnic benches and a perfect place to enjoy our coffees and wait for the kids. There is also a selection of fun swings that all the kids spent a good amount of time on. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire swing

After a little persuasion, we started to make our way around the rest of BeWILDerwood. We made crowns in the Big Hat craft area, got lost in the ‘Mish Mash Maze’, and discovered the joys of a three-person swing. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Crafts

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Mish Mash Maze

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Three person swing

We also had the chance to get got creative at ‘Den Building’ zone, loved hunting for the letters to solve the puzzle and had lots of fun a the ‘Wobbly Wires’ a set of fun zip wires which none of us could resist. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Den Building

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire zip wires Wobbly Wires

The only thing that could get the kids were away from the Wobbly Wires was the prospect of braving ‘The Broken Bridge’. It did not disappoint and the kids loved navigating their way around the series of rope bridges, high up wooden walkways, treehouses and scramble nets.

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire climbing nets

Another big hit of the day was The Sky Maze. As the name suggests this is a high up maze full of narrow hidden walkways, balance beams, bridges and lots more. Here you are tasked not only to find the exit but also to go on the hunt for coloured feathers as part of the trail sheet. I am not embarrassed to admit that it took us all some time to navigate our way out. The kids loved it that much they went straight back in.  

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Sky Maze Bridge

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Sky Maze tunnel

We were having so much fun in all the other areas we completely lost track of time and missed the last showings of BeWILDerwood’s two shows The Boggle at BeWILDerwood and The Boggle’s Big Bouncing Bonanza. Although we did overhear another family saying that they really enjoyed them. 

Top Tips BeWilderWood Cheshire Story tellinng times

On our way around it was good to see that younger kids are well catered for with their very own zip wires, areas to explore, swings and more. 

Top tips BeWilderWood Cheshire younger kids

Of course, no day out would be complete without ice cream. At BeWILDerwood they can be found at the Cosy Cabin, Munch Bar and in the gift shop. They have a selection of Snugbury’s tub icecreams including vegan choices and ice lollies and feasts. Again all at a reasonable price.

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Icecream

Again this area an abundance of picnic benches, an undercover area, plenty of space for picnic blankets and toilet facilities. Plus there was another set of Slippery Slopes (which seemed even higher than the first set), swings and fun obstacle courses. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Assualt Course

We finished off the day with a trip to the obligatory gift shop which had an array of items for all budgets from pretty rocks and small wooden instruments to soft toys and hoodies. The kids then handed in their completed letter puzzle to claim their prize. 

What We Thought Of BeWILDerwood Cheshire

I am sure it will come as no surprise that we all had an amazing day at BeWILDerwood  Cheshire. From the moment we arrived, it was non stop fun. Around every woodland corner, we found something new to explore with each as exciting as the last.  

I loved seeing the kids running from one feature to the next, enjoying the outdoors without any technology in sight.

It wasn’t just the kids that had the chance to find their wild side. All the equipment is suitable for adults and we certainly made the most of it, although with a lot more breaks than the kids!

The theming was also amazing with little fairy doors and houses and cute balloons hidden on and in the trees. The kids all loved this, pointing out each and everyone and constantly on the search for more. 

As a parent, I was really impressed with the little family-friendly touches such as toilets before the entrance, the good amount of picnic benches and ample supply of bins scattered around. It was also great to see that all the food and drink are reasonably priced and that there is something for all budgets in the gift shop. 

Review BeWilderWood Cheshire Fun day

Although we had arrived at BeWILDerwood at 10.00 am and didn’t leave until closing at 5.00 pm we literally had to drag the kids away and only then with the promise that we would return again soon. 

BeWILDerwood Cheshire makes a great family day out and with tickets at just short of £85 for a family of four we would highly recommend it. 

Plus since our visit we understand BeWILDerwood Cheshire have added new attractions since our last visit plus Face Painting is now included in the ticket price. 

Book Tickets to BeWILDerwood 

To book tickets to BeWILDerwood  Cheshire you can visit their website here. 

Plus you can check out our tops tips for a great visit see here. 

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