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Manchester Bonfire and Fireworks Events 2019

family watching fireworks

Discover the best family bonfire and firework events in Manchester for Bonfire Night for 2019.

We are big fans of Bonfire Night and as our friends at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue recommend going to an organised bonfire or firework event, we have been on the hunt for the best Bonfire Night events and firework displays in and around Manchester and near you. You can also discover more bonfire events in Salford here  and Tameside here. 

There are lots of organised bonfires, firework displays and treats to enjoy with the kids and nights out with friends and family.

There's a variety of bonfire and fireworks events to choose from in Levenshulme, Wythenshawe, Didsbury and Chorlton and near you, all perfect to enjoy with the kids,friends and family.

Check out the best bonfire night celebrations we have found in Manchester for 2019, and make sure keep checking back as we update and add more events on the run up.  

Bonfire Night 2019 in Manchester is on it's way !

Bonfire and Firework Displays in Manchester 2019 

Crumpsall Park Bonfire Night - 29th October 2019 

Celebrate Bonfire Night at Crumpsall Park with a fireworks display and fun fair with free entry. 

See here for times and detials of the Crumpsall Park Fireworks event. 

Ethiad Stadium Fireworks Event 2019 - 31st Thursday 2019

The Ethiad Fireworks event is back in Manchester with a fireworks display and funfair. 

See here for detials and times of the Ethiad Stadium Fireworks display. 

Brookdale Park Bonfire Night Event 2019 - 4th November 2019

Enjoy a funfair, bonfire and fireworks event at the Brookdale Park Bonfire and Fireworks event. 

Check out the detials and times of the Brookdale Park Bonfire Night Event here. 

Platt Fields Bonfire and Fireworkds Event 2019 - 5th November 2019

Head to the Platt Fields Bonfire Night event with fun fair, bonfire and fireworks. 

Check out the details and times of the Platt Fields Bonfire event here. 

Bonfire and Firework Displays in Gorton 2019 

Debdale Park Fireworks Event 2019 - 30th October 2019

The Debdale Park Fireworks event will be back for 2019 with a great fireworks event and funfair . 

Check out the times and detials of the Debdale Park fireworks event here.

Bonfire and Firework Displays in Levenshulme 2019 

Cringle Park Bonfire and Fireworks Event 2019 - 3rd November 2019 

Head to the Cringle Park Bonfire and fireworks event 2019 for a funfair , fireworks and a bonfire. 

For detials and times of the Cringle Park Bonfire event see here. 

Bonfire and Firework Displays in Prestwich 2019 

Heaton Park Bonfire and Fireworks 2019 - 5th November 2019 

The Heaton Park Bonfire Night event is back for 2019. Along with a giant bonfire and amazing fireworks there will be a fun fair and food and drink on offer. 

See here for details and times of the Heaton Park Bonfire event 2019 

Bonfire and Firework Displays in Wythenshawe 2019 

Wythenshawe Park Bonfire Night Event 2019 - 5th November 2019 

This great Wythenshawe Park Bonfire Night event will feature a funfair, bonfire and fireworks event. 

Check out the details and times of Wythenshawe Park fireworks event see here. 


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