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Knowsley Safari Park Offer

Baboon at Knowsley Safari Park
16 Jan 2022

Knowsley Safari Park has launched an entry offer for January visits. 

Open on Wednesdays to Sundays the popular safari park in Prescott is offering entry for just £12 per person during January 2022.

Knowsley Safari offers a 550-acre Safari Drive where you can spot over 700 wild animals, from ostriches to camels, wildebeast to rhinos. 

Ostridge at Knowsley Safari

Drive through the lion enclosure where you can spot the pride without a fence blocking your view. One or two may even cross your path. 

Lions at Knowsley Safari

The baboons’ enclosure offers the chance to get up and close to the five species of baboons whether you want to or not as they go about their monkey business. Or you can view from afar on the car-friendly route.

Baboons at Knowsley Safari

There is also a Baboon Bus service during the weekend for an additional cost which offers the chance to sit back and relax the five mile safari drive.

Knowsley also offers a lovely Foot Safari, which includes the new Amur Tiger Trail. the chance to spot a giraffe or two and the South American Bushdogs.

Triger Trail at Knowsley Safari

What’s more, you can get up close and personal at the Giraffe Tower with regular giraffe talks from the team, watch the sea lions splash about in our sea lion show, make sure you duck at the Birds of Prey display, get acquainted with the family of meerkats, and keep an eye out for our cutest family, the South American Bushdogs.

The park also offers daily indoor sea lion educations displays and the chance to watch birds of prey fly over your head in the Flight of the Talons display.

Sealion display at Knowsley Safari

Plus there is an array of funfair amusements which cost £2 or £10 for an unlimited wristband, open at weekends and school holidays. 

If you would like to take advantage of the January offer, you need to book online here. 

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