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Review Love Corn The Perfect Homeschooling Snack?

Love Corn packets open with corn coming out and a hand grabbing it .

On the lookout for healthier snacks for the kids? Check out our review of Love Corn which could be the perfect homeschooling snack. 

We all know by now that a big part of homeschooling is the constant requests from the kids for snacks. We were kindly gifted a Love Corn VIP Box and Love Corn Fab 4 variety pack for the purposes of an honest review. We asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her ever-hungry kids to check them out.

Read on for what they thought, a great Love Corn discount and how you can win your own Love Corn VIP Box.

Review of Love Corn 

One of the hardest things about homeschooling is trying to think of healthier snacks to keep my 11 and 8 year old happy. I’m sure I am not alone in feeling like I spend most of my time thinking about and preparing snacks – I seriously don’t know where they put it all. When I was to review a sample of Love Corn snack packs I jumped at the chance. Here is what we all thought. 

What is Love Corn? 

Love Corn is a crunchy savoury snack that is plant-based, gluten-free, verified kosher and Non-GMO, and low sugar. 

Made from roasted corn kernels, a little oil and some spices (depending on the flavour), and nothing else. 

Love Corn Review what is love corn

What are the Love Corn Flavours? 

Love Corn comes in four different flavours, smoked BBQ, Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, and Habanero Chilli. 

Love Corn Review UK flavours

What We Thought About Love Corn.

We were kindly sent a Love Corn VIP Box and a Fab Four Variety pack. The VIP Box contained three 40g bags of each flavour Love Corn, stickers, a Love Corn shopping bag and a Love Corn beanie ( which the kids and my husband all declared as theirs). The Fab Four variety pack contained 24 20g bags with six of each flavour.

On receiving the Love Corn boxes the kids, of course, couldn’t wait to try all the different flavours. Whilst the Smoked BBQ became my eight-year-olds instant favourite my 11-year-old declared the salt and vinegar as his.

Having said that, apart from the Habanero Chilli (which is a little on the hot side for them) they are more than happy munching on any of the flavours.

Review Love Corn Homeschooling snack

Since first trying Love Corn, they have definitely become the snack of choice. They have also been asking for them as a side to their sandwich and mezze style lunches instead of crisps. Plus, the 20g bags are the perfect size for taking out with us on our daily walks for a snack on the go.

Love Corn UK Review kids snack

It is not only the kids who have been enjoying Love Corn. They are great on a salad or noodles and both I and my husband love how crunchy they are. Luckily we both adore the Habanero Chilli otherwise we wouldn’t get a look in. 

Love Corn Review lunch idea

Add in that they are a healthier option than other packaged snacks, have no additives and low sugar, I do think they may be the perfect homeschooling snack. 

Love Corn UK Review kids flavours

Love Corn 20% Discount 

Don’t just take our word for how great Love Corn is, why not try them for yourself. Love Corn is offering Family On The Go readers 20% off all Love Corn products when using the code CRUNCH20 on their website here. 

Free Sample Packs of Love Corn

Love Corn is also offering a sample kit of their flavours for free here. (you just need to pay £1.99 postage).

Win a Love Corn VIP Box

Win VIP Love Corn Box

We have teamed up with Love Corn to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a Love Corn VIP Box. 

For you chance to win head over to our Instagram Page here. 

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