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Treetop Trek Manchester Heaton Park

kids playing in the treetops nets at Treetop Trek

Treetop Trek Manchester is located in Heaton Park and is a fun high ropes and treetop net experience for children and adults.

Here is what you need to know about Treetop Trek Manchester.

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What is Treetop Trek Manchester?

Treetop Trek Heaton Park What is it

Treetop Trek is a high rope experience located within Heaton Park. 

Take an adventure as you head up to the treetops for a fun assault course which is suspended 15m in the air.  

There are choices for younger and older kids and adults with both mini and full treks available.

For those who don’t fancy going to Treetop Trek also features Treetop Nets. Here kids and adults can enjoy the ballparks, treehouses, and slides, all suspended high above the ground.

Experiences at Treetop Trek Manchester

a girl on a rope at Treetop Trek Heaton Park experiences

Treetop Trek Manchester has three experiences to choose from:

Treetop Trek Full Trek

 The Treeop Trek offers 2 hour high ropes adventure up in the trees.

You can expect 20 exciting obstacles to tackle, including 14 zip lines, balance bars, Indiana bridges, and swinging logs and tight ropes.

The Full Trek is designed to get your adrenaline pumping and is suitable for over 7’s. 

Treetop Trek Mini Trek

The Mini Trek at Treetop[ trek is ideal for younger kids.

A lower treetop adventure it starts at just 5 meters high and is shorter than the Full Trek. 

It features 8 fun challenges including 3 zip lines which take around an hour to complete.

It’s great for younger kids or adults who need to build their confidence for the high course. 

Treetop Nets 

For a fun family adventure in the trees, Treetop Nets is the place to go.

The full Treetop Nets adventure includes two hours of giant bouncy nets, super slides, treehouses, tunnels, and ball zones – all suspended in nets above the ground. 

They also offer 1-hour after-school sessions and 1-hour pre-school sessions. 

What Age Is Treetop Trek Manchester For? 

Treetop Trek Heaton Park age

All the activities are suitable for children and adults with options for kids 3 years old as follows:

  • The Full Trek is suitable from 7 years old
  • The Mini trek is suitable for children from age 5 years old  
  • The Treetop Net is suitable for those 3 years old and over 

How Much Do Treetop Trek Manchester Experiences Cost? 

A girl at Treetop Trek Heaton Park Prices

Price of the Treetop Trek Full Trek Heaton Park, Manchester 

The 2 hour Full Trek at Treetop Trek Manchester costs:

  • From £34 for adults and children ( 7 years and over)
  • From £109 for a for a group of 4 (making it £27.25 per person)

Price of the Treetop Trek Mini Trek Heaton Park, Manchester 

The Mini Trek costs:

  • £22 for adults and children (5 years and over) 

Price of the Treetop Nets Heaton Park, Manchester 

The 2-hour Treetop Nets costs from:

  • £20.00 for  children
  • £20.00 for adults

The 1-hour Treetop Nets After School sessions cost:

  • £10.00 for children 
  • £10.00 for adults 

These sessions are midweek only and term time

The 1-hour Treetop Nets Pre-school sessions cost:

  • £5.00 for children 
  • £5.00 for adults 

These sessions are for 1 to 5 years old only at set times 

You can book any of the sessions at Treetop Trek here. 

Treetop Trek Heaton Park Manchester Opening Times 

Treetop Trek Manchester is open seven days a week from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm with set time slots. 

Location Of Treetop Trek Heaton Park Manchester

A boy in nets at Treetop Trek Heaton Park Location

Treetop Trek Manchester is located at Heaton Park, St Margaret’s Road, Manchester, M25 2GT near to the Heaton Park Northern Play Area

Parking at Treetop Trek Heaton Park

Pay and display parking is available at various locations in Heaton Park, the closest car park is via the St Margaret Street entrance. 

Public Transport To Treetop Trek Manchester 

From Manchester City Centre you can get the Yellow Line Metrolink to the Heaton Park stop or the 135 bus to the Heywood Rd Stop D both of which are around a 15-minute walk to Treetop Trek Manchester. 

Review of Treetop Trek Manchester

We recently checked out Treetop Trek Manchester for an honest review. See here for what we thought. 

More Information And How To Book Treetop Trek Manchester 

You can find out more information and book tickets to Treetop Manchester here 


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