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100 Years of Disney Stitch Plush Review

100 Years of Disney Stitch Plush
20 Apr 2023

To celebrate Disney’s 100th Anniversary, you can now get a brand new Stitch Plush. Discover everything you need to know about it in our review here. 

Disney is 100 years old. To celebrate Disney 100 has been launched offering a full-year celebration of the Past, Present and Future of The Walt Disney Company.

To mark the occasion Simba Smoby UK has launched its own range of plush toys. 

We were kindly gifted the special edition Disney Stitch Plush for the purpose of an honest review and asked one of our Onn The Go Reviewers Gemma and her daughter to check him out. Read on to discover what they thought. 

Please note we were kindly the plush for the purpose of a review, however the views are of the opinion of our reviewer. 

Review of Disney 100 Stitch Plush

Disney 100 Stitch Plush is bushes

Just like myself, my ten-year-old daughter is a big Disney fan and one of her favourite characters is Stitch – totally relating to the cheeky little alien. 

We therefore couldn’t wait to check out the new Disney 100 Stitch Plush from Simba Smoby UK. 

Here is everything you need to know about the plush and what we thought. 

What Age is The Disney 100 Stitch Plush For?

The Stitch Plush is for children from birth.

How Big Is The Disney 100 Stitch Plush?

Disney 100 Stitch Plush sits up on own

To plush fans, size definitely matters. The Disney 100 Stitch Plush stands at a great 25cm tall. 

What We Thought about The Disney 100 Stitch Plush?

As a connoisseur of soft toys (she has a lot!) my daughter is very fussy in what she looks for in a new plush friend. However, as soon as she saw Stitch she was in love. 

The Stitch plush is made from satin and glimmer fabrics to give it a lovely sparkly look, whilst at the same time being extremely soft. 

 Disney 100 Stitch Plush sparkly ears

Every detail of the beloved Stitch character is there right down to his cute little claws and large pointy ears – which are glittery on the inside which my daughter loves. 

The plush also sits up straight on its own ideal for playing with (my daughter likes to read to her plushes) and displaying.

Back Disney 100 Stitch Plush stitch details

The size is also great. Ideal for cuddling and taking for sleepovers and on trips. It is not too small that it will get easily lost but too big that it will take over the whole bed. 

If you are looking for a lovely memento to celebrate 100 years of Disney you can’t go wrong with the new special edition Disney 100 Stitch Plush.


Disney 100 Stitch Plush limited edition tag

Where Can You Purchase The Disney 100 Stitch Plush?

The Disney 100 Stitch Plush cost £12.99 and is available from John Lewis here.

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