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Review Grease The Musical Opera House Manchester

Peter Andre in Grease
1 Oct 2021

Grease The Musical is showing at Manchester Opera House until 23rd October 2021 as part of its UK tour. 

Directed by Nikolai Foster Grease The Musical is based on the original Broadway show which is opened in 1972. As such you shouldn’t expect a scene by scene carbon copy of the 1978 Grease film which we all know and love. The film is actually an adaptation of the musical rather than the other way round and does differ from the show. 

The song orders vary, there are new numbers and the T-Birds actually started life as The Burger Palace Boys – who knew. Having said that all the elements that make Grease, Grease, are there and fans will not be disappointed. 

The curtain rose to Grease Is The Word and it became instantly apparent that we were in for a great evening. 

Dan Partridge plays Danny Zuko the head of The Burger Palace Boys, he has all the bravado required and the vocal skills to go with it – I even saw a hint of John Travolta in a scene or two. 

The Burger Palace Boys in Grease credit Sean Ebsworth BarnesMain image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

Ellie Kingdon was the Alternate Sandy for the evening (taking over from Georgia Louise), but you wouldn’t have known that this wasn’t her regular role. She played the goodie-two-shoes down to a tee and proved that she had the dance skills and voice to fill the role. 

The headliner of the show is of course Peter Andre who plays Vince Fontaine and Teen Angel on set dates during the show). We were treated to a glimpse of him as he sat in his DJ box suspended above the stage early on in the show and at regular intervals. His appearance each time was met by cheers from the audience.

Peter Andre front centre as Vince Fontaine in Grease credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes 2Main image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

It is not until act two when Peter Andrew comes into his own and front of the stage at the Rydale High School Hop and Hand Jive as he leads Born To Hand Drive with all the swagger and cheese expected from Mr Fontain. However, it was as Teen Angel where he truly wowed showing off his vocals in what was one of my favourite scenes. 

It is not only Peter Andre who shows off his moves during the show, the choreography is amazing throughout with the dance competition and We Go Together number being particular highlights. 

LtoR Georgia Louise as Sandy Marianna Neofitou as Frenchie Inez Budd as Marty Maeve Byrne as Jan in Grease credit Sean Ebsworth BarnesMain image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

Special mention also needs to go Marianna Neofitou who played an amazing Frenchie (she could have been literally lifted from the film) and Tendi Rinomhota who captured Riso’s sassy yet vulnerable side. 

Tendai Rinomhota as Rizzo in Grease credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes 2Main image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

Of course one of the main draws to Grease is its songs. The classics from Summer Nights to Sandy are all present although they do have you sitting on the edge of your seat to see if your favourite has been missed out, as some such as Sandra Dee and Hopelessly Devoted To You materialise than expected.

You can also expect some new old songs (as the director describes them).  From ‘Freddy My Love’, led by Tara Sweeting’s Marty, and The Burger ‘Tattoo Song’ from the Burger Palace Boys, to the hilarious ‘Mooning’ a duet between Roger (Josh Barnett) and Jan (Maeve Byrne) which had the whole audience in stitches. 

The cast of Grease credit Sean Ebsworth BarnesMain image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

The show ends with an opportunity to get up from your seats and have a dance as the whole cast sing medley of all the big hits.

Grease The Musical makes a great night out and definitely the One That You Want.

Grease is showing at the Opera House Manchester until 23rd October 2021 and tickets can be purchased here.

Main image credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

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