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Review Marvel Spiderverse Plushes

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba

Marvel fans can now introduce their little ones to the Marvel Universe with these new Spiderverse plushes from Simba.

This year has been great for Marvel film fans. The Marvels, a sequel to the hit Captain Marvel was released in cinemas in November.

With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 being released earlier this year.

To celebrate this well-loved superhero franchise Simba has released some new Marvel teddies from the Spiderverse. 

We were kindly sent a couple of the new soft toys to check out. Here is everything you need to know. 

The items below were gifted for review purposes and may contain affiliate links (See Here). However, all opinions are honest and of our own. 

What Marvel Plushes are available?

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba sitting

The  Simba Marvel Plushes include: 

  • Spiderman 
  • Miles Morales 
  • Ghost Spider 

What We Thought About the Marvel Plushes? 

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba what we thought

We got to check out the Miles Morals and Spiderman Plush. 

Each is a great size at 25cm, meaning it is big enough for cuddling but not too big for the kids to carry around with them. 

Both of these Marvel soft toys are also soft to the touch and have an authentic character likeness with cute little details both back and front. 

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba standing

Of course, Spiderman fans won’t be happy just cuddling their favourite superheroes. It was therefore great to see that both of these Marvel teddies’ limbs move easily so that the kids can play out scenes from the films. Plus they feature glow-in-the-dark eyes adding an extra bit of play magic. 

Whether your kids have already started to fall in love with the franchise or are just starting on their Marvel journey, the new Simba Marvel Plushes are the way to go. 

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba glow in the dark eyes

Where Can You Purchase The Marvel Plushes?

Review Spiderman Plush Marvel Simba where to buy 

All three of the Marvel Spiderverse Plushes cost £9.99 each. 

The Miles Morales Plush is available to purchase here.

The Spiderman Plush is available to purchase here.

And the Ghost Plush is available here. 


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