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Review Puffin Rush Card Game

Review Puffin Rush Card Game

Puffin Rush is a brand new Arctic Animal Adventure card game for kids and families, discover everything you need to know in our review.

Created by 9-year-old Mason Cooper- Muir, the son of Foul Play founders, he started designing the game when just 7 years old. 

Puffin Rush offers the chance to go on an Artic Animal Adventure in a simple but fun card game. 

We were recently gifted the new animal rescue and rehoming game Farplace The Gift. We asked our On The Go Reviewer Gemma and her family to check it out and here is what they thought. 

Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted the game and the below may contain affiliate links (see here). However, all opinions are honest and of our own. 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game

Review Puffin Rush Card Game what is it

Always on the lookout for a new game to play, we were very excited to get a look at the new Puffin Rush game especially when we heard that it had been designed by a 9-year-old. 

Read on for everything you need to know about Puffin Rush and what we thought. 

What is the Puffin Rush Game?

Puffin Rush is a fun card game where you are tasked to be the first puffin to make your way across the Arctic and uncover a fish to take home. 

The game has been designed by Foul Play’s Lee and Ben Couper-Muir and their son Mason. 

How Many Players is Puffin Rush For? 

Puffin Rush can be played by 2 to 4 players. 

What Age Is Puffin Rush Suitable For? 

Puffin Rush has been designed for players aged 5 years and over . 

What Do You Get In The Puffin Rush Box? 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game whats in the box

The box contains: 

  • 4 Puffin disc cards 
  • 4 Ice Raft Cards 
  • 36 Square Cards (12 blank, 24 featuring animals)
  • Game rules 

How To Set Up Puffin Rush? 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game set up

To set up the game each player needs to choose a puffin disc with the choice of blue, purple, green or pink. Then take the ice raft card and the matches. 

Next, shuffle the 36 Square Cards and place them face down (Puffin Rush words facing up) in a 6 x 6 grid. 

Then each player needs to choose a side of the grid to start from. Once decided they each place their raft card next to any of the squares on their side of choice. 

How To Play Puffin Rush? 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game starting game

The aim of the game is to be the first player to find a fish card and take it back to your burrow home. 

To start, choose a player to go first – we find the youngest player first always works well. 

This player then turns over the card next to their raft card and places their puffin on it. If they land on an action card they need to follow the action before moving on to the next player – see below.

Players can move backwards and forwards, left or right but not diagonally. 

You can also move back to your raft card and move the raft along the side of your board (one space per turn). However, you can’t take a fish back onto the raft. 

Plus no two players can land on the same card and you have to move on your turn even if it means landing on an unfriendly card.

Puffin Rush Action Cards 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game action cards

The action cards are depicted by different animals. Once a card is flipped any player that lands on it has to follow the action. 

In the rules, you will find little facts about them which relate to the actions which include :

  • Artic Hare – Take another turn 
  • Baby Seal – Lose your fish if you have one and if you have one they will steal it.
  • Artic Fox – Miss a turn ( but don’t drop your fish)
  • Beluga Whale – Move to any square on the board
  • Snowy Owl – Reveal any card on the board 
  • Polar Bear – Go back to your raft and drop a fish if carrying one. 
  • Reindeer – Pick any card on the board without a puffin on it and swap its position with a snow drift card – but you can’t block a player on all four sides
  • Blizzard – All puffins need to return to their ice rafts, all fish need to be dropped and all cards are turned face down again. 
  • Snow Drift – Blocks a player’s path. They can be moved by reindeer (see above) but you can’t block a player on all sides. However, you can use them to force players to move on to unfriendly cards. 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game action card action rules

Fish Cards 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game Find a Fish

Fish cards are mixed in with the action cards facedown. 

If you land on a fish card you flip over your puffin to the picture of the puffin holding the fish. But if you lose your fish you need to flip it back. 

Once you have found your fish you need to get it back to your burrow. 

Burrow Cards 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game burrow cards

Just like the Fish Cards, the Burrow Cards are mixed in with the facedown cards. 

Even if it is already turned over if you land on it you win the fish. 

Once you have a Fish Card you need to find and land your burrow card, which will be the one with the corresponding colour on your puffin. 

How To Win Puffin Rush? 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game How to win

The Puffin Rush winner is the first person to make it back to their burrow whilst holding their fish.

What Do We Think About Puffin Rush? 

On first getting Puffin Rush I did think that it would be too young for my 11 and 14-year-olds. However, I was certainly mistaken with all of us enjoying the game. 

The game is quick to set up, great for impatient kids and the rules are easy to follow. Just make sure you keep the action card sheet nearby for reference.

The game box isn’t too big so won’t take up too much space and would make a great travel game. 

The game can be played easily by younger kids but also as you can use some of the cards against other players it is great for older kids.

Although my 14-year-old was reluctant to play at first once he realised that an element of strategy was needed he took more interest. Plus was over the moon when he managed to block his sister from winning (she was one space from the burrow with a fish in hand).

It actually become this kids favourite game and it is all they want to play. 

If you’re looking for a game perfect for kids of all ages, we highly recommend Puffin Rush. 

Top Tips For Playing Puffin Rush 

Review Puffin Rush Card Game tactics

After playing Puffin Rush a few times here are our top tips

  • The Reindeer Card lets you move a snow drift and although you can’t block a player in you can use it to steer others to an unfriendly card such as the polar bear. 
  • If you haven’t got a fish, moving back to the raft card can be helpful if you are surrounded by unfriendly cards.
  • Use the rule of only one puffin to a square to your advantage by blocking players from getting to the best cards such as the Fish Card, Burrow Cards, Beluga Whale Cards etc. 
  • As cards are turned over try to remember where the best cards are ready for a Blizzard Card being played. 
  • If a Blizzard Card is played try to remember where this card is too. You can use the card to use your advantage especially if your opponents have fish cards and you don’t. 

Where To Playing Puffin Rush 

Puffin Rush is available to purchase from Foul Games here  and costs £9.95.


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