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29 of the Best Gifts For Foodies

a jar with cake mixture and a bow Christmas gifts for foodies
10 Jan 2024

Looking for the perfect gift for a foodie? We have put together a list of the best gifts for the food lovers in your life 2024. 

Choosing the right present for a foodie is not always an easy task. It is hard to know what kitchen gadgets they have or what exciting foods they have already tried.  

We have been searching for the best gifts for all the food lovers out there. 

From cookbooks to hampers, sweet treats and more we are certain you will find an amazing present.

Disclaimer: Some Of The Gifts Below Were Sent To Us For Review And Or Photography Purposes And Some Links Are Affiliate Links (See Here). However, The Items Had Been Carefully Selected Beforehand And Our Opinions Are Of Our Own.

Best Food Hampers 

Afternoon Tea Hamper, Boutique Gifts

Mothers Day afternnon_tea_hamper - Boutique Gifts
Credit – Boutique Gifts£29.99

A hamper is always a great gift for a foodie and the Afternoon Tea Hamper from Boutique Gifts is a real treat.

All the products in the hamper have been carefully selected to ensure quality.

The hamper includes Original Cake Co. Cherry & Almond Cake, Loch Ness Raspberry Ripple Cookie Creams, Thornton & France Star Dust Chocolate Bar 60g, Shortbread House Shortbread with Cinnamon & Demerara and a Bramble Strawberry Preserve.

As no afternoon tea would be complete without a cuppa, it also includes a box of 10 Cartwright & Butler English Afternoon Tea.

The hamper is presented in a lovely gold-coloured box and contains a gift card which can be personalised with a small message.

To purchase the Afternoon Tea Hamper from Boutique Gifts see here. 

Green & Blacks Chocolate and Beer Hamper 

Green and Blacks Chocolate and Beer Hamper


Struggling to decide between a chocolate or drink gift for the foodies in your life, the Green & Blacks  Chocolate and Beer Hamper is the answer.

Featuring a Green & Blacks Organic Tasting Collection, a Green & Black Dark 70% Chocolate Bar and two St Peter’s Organic Best Bitters (this differs from the image above) it is sure to be a hit with those with a sweet tooth. 

If beer is not their tipple of choice their range of hampers also includes a choice of different wines and Proseccos.

To check out the full range of Green and Black Hampers see here. 

Best Food Kit Gifts For Foodies

Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit

Fathers Day gift Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit
Credit Kelly Loves


For a foodies who like to cook, check out the Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit

The kit contains everything you need to create a whole range of exciting and flavour-packed sushi rolls and making in your own kitchen, including a bamboo rolling kit, sushi rice, nori sheets and sushi vinegar

Plus it comes with toppings such as fried onions, ginger and wasabi, spicy mayo and a bamboo-lidded Bento Box for displaying your creations or enjoying your sushi on the go. 

You can also add on some extras from Kelly Loves such as their ramune drinkssoy sauce or kimchi.

You can check out the full range of Kelly Loves products including the Ultimate Sushi Kit here. 

Kitchencraft Home Made Cheese Making Kit 

Adults Christmas Gift Ideas Home Made Cheese Making Kit

Currently £8.84 (Usually £17.99)

Friends and family who love to cook will adore the Home Made Cheese Making Kit from Kitchencraft.

The set contains everything you would need to make your cheese along with easy-to-follow instructions. 

The set includes an easy-to-make recipe for ricotta ideal for beginners. 

Check out the Home Made Cheese Making Kit from Kitchencraft here.

Old Hamlet’s Spicing Kit

Gifts for foodies Old Hamlet's Spice Mix
Credit – Old Hamlet


For those who love a traditional festive drink, Old Hamlet’s Spicing Kit will allow them to make their own. 

Blended in small batches by hand to traditional recipes, the range includes Mulled Wine, Spiced Cider and Whisky Toddy spices.

Each bag contains four Fairtrade sachets, which have been lovingly packed into calico drawstring bags that are screen-printed and sewn in the UK.

The Old Hamlet’s Spicing Kits are available to purchase here. 

Best Kitchen Gadget Christmas Gifts 

Vonchef 8 Person Raclette Grill & Stone

Gift for foodies - Raclette Grill & Stone vonhaus
Credit vonhaus


Introduce the foodie in your life to the joy of Raclette with the Vonchef Raclette Grill & Stone. 

The grill allows up to eight guests to enjoy grilling, searing and frying their own food directly at the dining table. 

The Raclette can be used for traditional Swiss dishes of grilled meats, and vegetables with a melted cheese dip or change it up and use it for breakfasts with eggs, desserts and lots more. 

Vonchef’s Raclette comes with both a natural stone plate and a non-stick grill, a thermostat, eight small heating pans and a non-slip mat.

For more information and to purchase the Vonchef 8 Person Raclette Grill & Stone here. 

Stellar Art Deco Expresso Maker

Adults Christmas Gift Ideas Stella Coffee Pot


If you have a coffee lover to buy for, they will love the Stellar Art Deco, Expresso Maker. 

This mirror-polished stainless steel pot is available in comes in 6 or 10-cup sizes and has a dribble-free pouring spout. Plus it comes with the Stellar lifetime guarantee. 

The stylish design will suit any kitchen and it can be used on any hob type including induction.

The size makes it easily transportable meaning that you can always make the perfect coffee even when away from home. 

You can discover more and purchase the Stella Art Deco Expresso Maker here. 

Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother and Coffee Bags 

Fathers Day Home Coffee Co. Milk Frother Kitchen
Credit Home Coffee Co.

From £39.99

For those who love their coffee, the Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother and Coffee Bags will make a great present. 

The milk frother offers the gift of enjoying barista-style lattes, cappuccinos to iced coffees and hot chocolate without ever leaving the comfort of home.

It features four modes of hot dense foam, hot airy foam, hot milk and cold froth with heat to 65+/-5℃.

It can froth 120ml of foam or heat 250ml of milk, it takes just takes up to minutes and has an easy to clean design. 

The frother comes with a pack of Home Coffee Co’s coffee bag samples featuring their ethically sourced coffee roasted in the UK. 

Check out the Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother here. 

Zerowater Jugs 

Give the gift of pure filtered water with Zerowater Jugs. 

Their jugs feature a 5-stage water filtration system which removes dissolved solids from tap water and reduces Lead Chromium 6 PFOA/ PFAS. 

The Zerowater range includes a variety of options for all sized households and budgets with our top picks including the Zerowater 7Cup 1.7l Jug and  Zerowater 12 Cup, 2.9L Ready-Read Jug. 

Zerowater 7 Cup 1.7L Jug

Zerowater 7 cup filter jug
Credit – Zerowater


Designed specifically to fit in standard UK fridge doors, ZeroWater’s 7-cup water filtration jug is the first in its class to have a sealed lid and reservoir. 

This makes it possible to pour water that has already been filtered without spilling water that’s still filtering the reservoir can now be kept full, adding a one-cup capacity to the existing 6-cup design.

This pitcher features an ergonomic, space-saving design perfect for mini-fridges or for users who prefer a lightweight pitcher.

As the name suggests it offers 7 cups of water ( 6 in the pitcher and one in the reservoir) and it comes with a Water Quality meter that provides a digital measurement of dissolved solids. 

You can purchase the ZeroWater’s 7-cup water filtration jug here. 

Zerowater 12 Cup, 2.9L Ready-Read Jug

Zerowater 12 cup readycup jug
Credit – Zerowater


For larger families and busier households, the Zerowater 12 Cup Ready-Read 5-stage Water Filtration Jug offers easy access to filtered water.

This upgraded model with Ready-Read Technology gives an instant TDS readout of water as it passes through the device’s body.

You also have the option of removing the meter and reading TDS levels before and after filtering your tap water.​

The jug holds 12 cups with a 2.8 L capacity.

Best Tableware Gifts For Foodies 

Artesa – Cheese and Platter Knife Set 

Adults Adult Christmas Gift Ideas Artesa Cheese Platter Set


Cheese boards and foodies go hand in hand and the Artesa Cheese and Platter Knife Set makes a perfect gift. 

The set comes with a slate platter and three cheese knives.

Both the platter and the turntable are made from natural durable slate with three stainless steel cheese knives featuring a wooden handle. 

The sleek design with a large board makes sharing with family and friends much easier. 

You can purchase The Artesa Cheese and Platter Knife Set

KitchenCraft World of Flavours Italian Pizza Serving Set 

Adults Adult Christmas Gift Ideas World of Flavours Christmas Pizza Serving Set


Looking for a gift for a pizza lover, KitchenCraft World of Flavours Italian Pizza Serving Set is a great option. 

The natural bamboo paddleboard is the perfect size for serving freshly made pizza and the stainless steel knife with full-length handle is ideal for slicing through thick layers of gooey cheese and crispy bases easily. 

The board is a great size and  could also double as a serving board for bread and anti-pasta. Plus the knife is dishwasher safe.

For more details and to purchase the KitchenCraft World of Flavours Italian Pizza Serving Set here.

Home Coffee Co. Travel Mugs

Fathers Day Cup Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug
Credit Home Coffee Co.


For those who prefer their own coffee on the go a travel mug will make a lovely gift.

Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug features a vacuum-insulated double-layer cup made from stainless steel along with a BPA-free leakproof lid which together ensures your drink maintains its heat for 6 hours or more.

The cup holds 380 ml and comes in five colours – black, white, blue, green and pink.

The Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug is available to purchase here.

Books and Cookbooks for Foodies

Rebel Gardening 

Gifts for Foodies Rebel Gardening Credit Watkins

Credit Watkins


What could be better than growing your own organic food, Rebel Gardening offers the ultimate beginner’s guide to growing an urban organic garden. 

The book gives the chance to learn about Korean Natural Farming, understand the importance of microorganisms to help feed plants, how to create orderless compost, how to eat seasonally and lots more. 

All the techniques are designed for any urban space no matter how small. 

You can purchase Rebel Gardening from Waterstones here. 

My Tel Aviv Table 

Gifts for Foodies My Tel Aviv Table Cook Book

Credit Nourish


A new cookbook is a great gift and My Tel Aviv Table offers a collection of healthy home-style recipes packed full of flavour. 

From Limor Chen, the creator of the Delamina Restaurants you can expect a range of recipes centred on health and freshness. 

Discover how to make the perfect bubbling shakshuka, put together a traditional fig and goats cheese salad, a family recipe for stuffed vine leaves and lots more delights. 

My Tel Aviv Table is available to purchase from Waterstones here. 

Cheers to TV

Gifts for Foodies Cheers to TV Cocktails Cover

Credit Prestel


For those who love a good cocktail, check out Cheers To TV, a collection of drinks inspired by Iconic TV characters. 

You will discover drinks invented for particular characters such as the Game of Thrones-themed The Bloody Ending or The Stringer Bell (The Wire) to established cocktails given a new TV twist such as the Rusty Nail (Better Call Saul).

Plus you will find drink recipes created by the shows themselves such as Absolutely Fabulous’ Stoli Bolli along with a range of mocktails centred around shows such as Friends and Arrested Development.

The easy-to-follow recipes are accompanied by original illustrations and info about the shows and characters.

Cheers To TV is available to purchase from Prestel here.

Food and Drink Gifts 

Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Match Box – Super Chilli Powders

Marvling Bros Hot Stuff In A Match Box
Credit – Marvling Bros


For chilli lovers, great things do come in small packages with Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Match Box. 

Containing four of the hottest chilli powders in the world, this is the perfect gift for those who want to take their love of the hot stuff to the next level. 

The set includes one bottle each of Moruga Scorpion chilli powder, Naga Bhut Jolokia chilli powder, Scorpion Butch T chilli powder and Pot chilli powder.

The powders come beautifully presented in a corked glass bottle, packaged in a standard-size matchbox. Plus four fun facts chilli cards.

Marvling Bros Hot Stuff in a Match Box is available to purchase here. 

Opies Fruit with Alcohol 

Gifts for foodies Opies Fruit in Alcohol
Credit Opies

For the foodie who loves to cook, Opies Fruit with Alcohol will make a lovely festive treat. 

Opies collection of Fruits steeped in syrup infused with alcohol are great for transforming favourite recipes from roulades, strudels, pavlovas and cakes. Or for those who don’t feel like cooking they can be enjoyed with icecream or cream. 

The fruit comes soaked in Luxardo® syrup, which doesn’t need to go to waste as it can be mixed with a little water to make boozy ice cubes for cocktails or drizzled over meats to make an extraordinary glaze and lots more.

Opies Fruits with Alcohol collection includes, Black Cherries with Luxardo® Kirsch and Peaches with Luxardo® 12 Year Aged Brandy.

Plus Forest Fruits steeped with Luxardo® Mulled Gin, Baby Pears with Luxardo® Amaretto and other such delights. 

Opies Fruit with Alcohol are available from Sainsbury’s, independent retailers and online here 

Love Raw Plant-Based Nutty Choc Balls 

Gifts for foodies LOVERAW_NUTTYBALLS_3 2
Credit – Love Raw


Vegans don’t need to miss out on the traditional Nutty Choc Balls with Love Raw. 

Completely plant-based Love Raw’s Nutty Choc Balls are a crunchy hazelnut coated in a delicious vegan cream, covered in a crisp wafer shell and finished with their iconic m:lk choc and hazelnut pieces.

The box comes with 9 individually wrapped chocolates, which not only taste great but are also free from palm oil and artificial nonsense. 

You can purchase the Love Raw Plant-Based Nutty Choc Balls here. 

Cotswold Fudge 

Gifts for foodies Cotswold Fudge - Christmas pudding

Cotswold Fudge 

From £3.50 

For a lovely stocking filler check out Cotswold Fudge.

They have lots of different flavours including plus for the vegans in your life, they have a lovely gingerbread flavour. 

If that’s not enough they are also Fairtrade certified. 

All the Cotswold Fudge Flavours are available from their website here. 

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles, Joe & Seph’s 


Stocking Fillers Joe & Sephs TRUFFLES Salter Caramel

Credit Joe & Seph’s


You can’t beat a good Chocolate Truffle and the foodies in your life will adore Joe & Seph’s Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles.

Using only the finest ingredients the truffles have been rolled and shaped into exquisite spheres of bliss.

They feature Joe & Seph’s award-winning salted caramel sauce, encased in a smooth Belgian chocolate shell and lightly dusted with cocoa powder

They are available in two flavours: Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles and Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffles plus they also have a vegan option.

You can purchase the Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Truffles on Joe & Seph’s website here. 

NOMO Choc Orange Crunch Sharing Box 

Gifts for Foodies NOMO Choc Orange Crunch Sharing Box

Credit – NOMO

Who doesn’t love Orange Chocolate and those who are dairy-free can enjoy NOMO Choc Orange  Crunch Sharing Box.

Contains their mini vegan chocolate bars infused with the tangy zing of juicy orange and crunchy cocoa nibs.

Like all of the NOMO range, they are suitable for dairy, egg, gluten, peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers.

The NOMO Choc Orange Crunch Sharing Box is available from major supermarkets and online here. 

Swizzles Sweet Drums 

Gifts for Foodies Love Hearts Drum

Credit – Swizzles

Foodies who love their sweets can now enjoy full tubs of their Swizzle’s Favourites. 

The new drums come filled with 200g of either Swizzles Love Hearts or Swizzles Drumstick Chews. 

The Swizzles Sweet Drums are available at major supermarkets. 

Double Dutch Flavourful G&T Set

Gifts for foodies Double Dutch Flavourful G & T set
Credit Double Dutch


Gin lovers will be over the moon with the Double Dutch Flavourful G&T Set.

It is filled with four of the most popular Double Dutch mixers along with the perfect premium spirit pairings.

The set includes their award-winning Indian Tonic Water to match Bloom Gin and Cranberry & Ginger Tonic paired with Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin.

You will also find Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic with Warner’s Rhubarb Gin and Pomegranate & Basil Tonic twinned with Masons Pear & Peppercorn Gin.

The Double Dutch Flavourful G&T Set is available to purchase here. 

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