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Best Gifts for Dads 2024

Presents wrapped Christmas Gifts for Dads
11 Jan 2023

Looking for the perfect present for the dad in your life? We have put together a list of the best gifts for dad’s for 2024.

Choosing the right Christmas present for that special man in your life is always an important task. 

With so many great gifts to choose from finding that perfect gift is not always easy. 

To give you a helping hand we have been on the hunt for the best Gifts for Dads for 2024. 

From personalised presents, perfect dad pamper presents, clothes, tech and lots more we are certain you will find an amazing present.

Disclaimer: Some Of The Gifts Below Were Sent To Us For Review And Or Photography Purposes And Some Links Are Affiliate Links (See Here). However, The Items Had Been Carefully Selected Beforehand And Our Opinions Are Of Our Own.

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Food and Drink Gifts For Dads

A nice food gift always makes a lovely present. Whether your dad or grandad has a sweet tooth, loves cheese or adores snacking here are our top picks for food and drinks gifts for 2024. 

Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Tasting Gift Box

Fathers Day Willie's Cacao Chocolate Tasting Gift Box
Credit – Willie’s Cacao Chocolate


For an extra special sweet treat chocolate-tasting box by Willie’s Cacao is a great choice.

There is a choice of Dark or Milk White and Dark chocolate boxes with each containing 12 different 50g chocolate bars including Japanese-inspired bars.

They will also receive a flavour map with a guide to chocolate tasting and tasting notes. 

To purchase either of the Willie’s Cacao Chocolate Tasting Gift Boxes see here

Hampshire Cheese Company Cheese

Father's Day Gift Hampshire Cheese Company

From £8.45

Who wouldn’t love cheese as a gift? The Hampshire Cheese Company’s Tunworth and Winslade cheeses are favoured by chefs like Raymond Blanc, Nigel Slater, Simon Rogan, Jamie Oliver and James Martin and make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

These soft white rinded cheeses are fully handcrafted from the first ladle of milk from the local farm to the paper wrap and box packaging, using traditional methods.  

The Tunworth earthy fragrance and a nutlike and sweet flavour and the milder Winslade with a spoonable texture and buttery taste. 

For more information and to purchase The Tunworth see here and the Winslade here

Swizzles Love Hearts Chocolate Coin

Fathers Day Love Hearts Valentines Chocolate Coin
Credit – Swizzles

RRP £2.49 

For those looking for a sweet treat on a budget, Swizzles have released their first-ever chocolate coin. 

As part of its iconic Love Hearts range, the chocolate coin features a “For You” message making it a lovely Father’s Day Gift.

The Swizzles Love Hearts Chocolate Coins are available online here. 

JustChoc Boxes, PLAYin CHOC

Fathers Day Gifts NEW PLAYin CHOC M.LK
Credit PLAYin Choc

From £5.50 

For a lovely vegan chocolate gift for your dad, we love Justchoc Boxes from PLAYin Choc.PLAYin CHOC chocolates are both vegan and free 14 of the other most common allergens including dairy and nuts.

Their deliciously smooth and creamy chocolate is made with a combination of only three natural and organic plants – roasted cacao, Madagascan Bourbon vanilla and vitamin-rich Indonesian coconut.

The JustChoc boxes come in PLAYin Choc organic award-winning Peruvian dark and milk chocolates, which come individually wrapped chocolates freshness.

Plus all packaging is 100% recyclable, zero waste and plastic-free. 

To purchase the JustChoc Boxes, PLAYin CHOC here

Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites 

Fathers Day Gift Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites Gift Box copy

Credit Swizzles


For those with a sweet tooth, Swizzels offers their iconic Sweet Shop Favourites Gift Box at a great price.

It includes some of the UK’s most well-loved sweets such as Love Hearts, Refreshers, Parma Violets, Drumstick, Double Lollies and more.

It’s available nationwide in most supermarkets. 

Drink Gifts For Dad’s

If your dad loves a tipple whether alcoholic or not, we have put together some great drink gift options to choose from for Father’s Day for 2023.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon 

Credit – Lawrenceburg

£29.99 for 70cl

For the Bourbon-loving dad something a little different check out The Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon from Lawrenceburg.

This firm favourite of British bartenders will make a great addition to any home bar. This award-winning Kentucky bourbon has been created using four of Lawrenceburg’s original bourbon recipes to create a perfectly balanced bourbon.

It features a balanced mellow spice and sweet undertones making this smooth bourbon perfect for those classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan or to enjoy on its own. 

To purchase a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon from Amazon here

Round Corner Brewing Craft Beers Sets

Fathers day beer gift Round Corner Brewings craft beers - Credit Round Corner Brewings
Credit – Round Corner Brewings

From £27.50

Beer fans will love Round Corner Brewings craft beers.

They offer a wide range of beers from IPA’s, and Black Lagers to Pale Ales bitters and lots more.

Along with their core range such as  ‘Hopping Spree’ a West Coast IPA,  ‘Steeplechase’ a fruity pale ale, ‘Gunmetal’ a clean and crisp black lager, and Drovers their IPA an “10 Hours in LA’ a golden orange beer with a fruity, tropical punch, they also offer seasonal specials. 

For more information about Round Corner Brewing and to order see here

Green & Blacks Father’s Day Chocolate and Beer Hamper 

Green and Blacks Chocolate and Beer Hamper


Struggling to decide between a chocolate or drink gift for your dad, the Green & Blacks Father’s Day Chocolate and Beer Hamper is the answer.

Featuring a Green & Black’s Organic Tasting Collection, a Green & Black’s Dark 70% Chocolate Bar with Happy Father’s Day cardboard sleeve and two St Peter’s Organic Best Bitters (this differs to the image above).

To check out the full range of Green and Blacks Father’s Day Gifts and Hampers see here. 

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

Fathers Day Drinks Gift Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

£31.27 for 70cl

A good vodka will always be well appreciated on Father’s Day. The double award-winning, Oxford Rye Organic Vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery makes a great choice.

Made in Britain’s very few ‘grain-to-glass’ distilleries, no pesticides or herbicides are used with distillery’s farmers embracing ancient, gentler, methods of land management.

It offers a smooth and creamy taste with hints of spice and warm caramel, which is best enjoyed as a sipping vodka, chilled or at room temperature. It can also be combined with a Sicilian bitter tonic and ice for a refreshing long drink. 

To order Oxford Rye Organic Vodka for Father’s Day see here. 

Fun Gifts for Dads

We all know that dads are just big kids. When not make their inner child happy with a brand-new toy or game. Here are top picks of Fun Gifts for dads.

Coleman Cobra 3 Tent 

From £69.99 

For dads who love to camp or fancy trying it for the first time, the Coleman Cobra 3 Tent will make a great gift. 

The compact tent is robust yet lightweight and can sleep up to three people – ideal for a dad and kids trip!
Its wedge shape and mesh sleeves offer enhanced weather protection and even noise reduction from the wind and has 3000mm offering protection from the British rain. 
It weighs just 3.4kg and even with its small size it has a porch area for storing muddy boots and gear.

Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 In 1)

Fathers Day Game - Escape Room Epic Escapes


What better  gift for a man that likes to be challenged than a fun Escape Room at home.

Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) is suitable for all the family and will provide ideas of entertainment and fun.

The 3 in 1 box features three different level escape rooms, with separate puzzles all fully interactive and engaging all ages.

It comes with everything you need to play the ultimate game with the family.

Although it is aimed at over 16’s younger players can still play along with a little help – great for teaching teamwork, creativity and logic. 

For more information and to purchase the Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) see here.

JD Bug Original Street Reflex Foldable Scooter,

Fathers Day Scooter JD Bug Skates Co UK


Dads don’t have to miss out on family scooter trips, with the JD Bug Original Street Reflex Foldable Scooter.

One of the lightest scooters around, it folds down with one simple movement. It also features the carry strap which comes in a multi-mount clip which holds the handle bars firmly in place when not in use and being carried.
Best of all the adjustable handlebar height, meaning it can be used for adults as well as children.

It also features soft, foam grips and new larger grip tape which covers more of the footplate for a secure, firm, footing making this product versatile enough for bigger feet too. 

To check out the JD Bug Original Street Reflex at see here. 

Master Dater Card Game 

Fathers Day Game Master Dater box & contents new
Credit Cyanide & Happiness

RRP £30.00

Dads who love game night, Master Dater, the newest card game from Cyanide & Happiness will be a big hit.

Players will have the chance to vie for each others’ attention and affection by creating perfect, horrible dates for very specific dating interests.

Combine a head and a body into a perfect match and argue your way into the heart of the single looking for the perfect date. Defeat your rivals, win at love!

The game includes 300 weird interest cards, 230 head and body cards

The game is suitable for those over 14 years old and can be played with three or more players.

You can purchase Master Dater from Amazon here. 


Fathers Day Fun Gift Football - UKick


Football-playing dads will love the UKick! Perfect for a game of keepy-uppy.

You can use his hands and feet to kick it, hack it, whack it and challenge the rest of the household to see who can keep it off of the ground for the longest.

It’s great for mastering tricks and stunts to master, plus you can add weighted discs to up the skill level.

UKick is available in three colourways and you can match the feathers to customize it.

To check out and to order UKick on Amazon see here. 

Waboba Wingman 

Fathers Day Fun Gift Waboba Wingman Frisbee

From £5.99 

Frisbees always are a fun toy and dads will be over the moon with the Waboba Wingman.

It has a unique aerodynamic design, can be played with indoors and outdoors safely, flies over 130 feet and doesn’t veer off course. Plus it comes in lots of cool designs. 

It is made of silicone material means you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand and fold away to fit snugly in your pocket. Perfect for taking on day trips and holidays. 

Check out all the designs and to buy Waboba Wingman see here. 

Joking Hazard Card Game

Fathers Day Game Joking Hazard
Credit Cyanide & Happiness

RRP £24.99

For a game just for adults, check out Joking Hazard. 

Inspired by the hit webcomic Cyanide & Happiness, this fun card game sees you compete with your friends and enemies to finish an awful three-panel comic strip about friendship, violence, sex and everything in between.

The game contains 360 panel cards (including 10 add-your-own-words cards), meaning there are lots of combination. The game is suitable for over 18’s only and can be played with three or more players.

Joking Hazard is available to purchase from Amazon here. 

Plug and Play Ball, Smart Toys and Game

Fathers Day Fun Gift Plug and Play Ball
Credit Smart Toys and Game


For all the competitive Dads who love a challenge, we love the Plug and Play Ball.

The aim of the game is to try to fit all 7 puzzle pieces on the ball. But watch out! Moving the small starting piece during the game will get you a red card.

This mini 3D puzzle game also doubles as a fidget toy. No set Just plug and play!

The Plug and Play Ball is available here. 

Clothing and Accessories For Dads 

Spruce up your dad’s wardrobe with our top picks of the best clothes and accessories for 2024.

The GOMATIC 20L Travel Pack 

Gifts for dads Gomatic_TravelPack_AngleFront_20190702



Give your dad the gift of the ultimate backpack with The Gomatic Travel Pack 20L.

Designed for everyday use along with shorter 1-3 day trips, slim to start at 20L and can expand by 50% to 30L when they need to pack more.

It features a patent-pending strap system allowing them to go from backpack to briefcase and is it’s made with durable and water-resistant materials.

It also offers a full perimeter zipper, magnetic water bottle pockets, RFID safe storage, hidden pockets and lots of features that make the Travel Pack one of the most functional travel packs ever!

A smaller 14l  Travel Pack is also available. 

To purchase the GOMATIC 20L Travel Pack see here. 

Bodylite Reflective Beanie 

Gifts for dad bodylite model reflective beanie
Credit Bodylite


In the British weather, a cosy hat makes a great gift. 

The Bodylite Reflective Beanie not only will keep the man in your life warm but is also ideal for evening adventures. 

With a reflective outer layer made from innovative reflective yarn, it will make them more visible to oncoming vehicles.

Plus the interior layer features a soft-touch and lightweight micro-fleece lining not only provides warmth but also allows excess heat and moisture to escape, preventing overheating.

For more information and to purchase the Bodylite Reflective Beanie here.

Men’s Sealskinz Cawston Super Soft Bamboo Socks

Gifts for dads Cawstone_Green_Orange.Socks png
Credit Sealskinz


You can’t beat a new pair of socks for your dad. This year you can up your sock game with the Sealskinz Cawston Autumnal super soft bamboo socks

The perfect everyday sock, they are made from sustainable bamboo. They feature flat-toe seams that keep feet blister-free and the footbed construction keeps them comfy all day.

With a mid-length design, they are ideal boot partner and the colour block detail means they look great when showing. 

The Cawson’s men’s socks come in a choice of olive, orange and grey or navy, yellow and grey. 

The Sealskinz Cawston Super Soft Bamboo Socks are available to purchase here 

Men’s HH LIFA® Technical Zip Hoody 

Fathers Day Clothes Helly Hansen Men's HH LIFA® Technical Zip Hoody 
Credit Helly Hansen


For dads who love to hike and the outdoors, the HH LIFA® Technical Zip Hoody will make a great gift.

It offers everything they need for speeding along the trail. Made from soft, technical LIFA® ACTIVE fabric, which is breathable and excellent at wicking moisture. Plus it delivers light, extremely comfortable insulation.

It also comes with a front kangaroo pocket, rib on the bottom of the cuffs and hems and no side seams offering extra comfort. 

The HH LIFA® Technical Zip Hoody come in size S to 2XL and is available in three colours.

You can purchase the HH LIFA® Technical Zip Hoody here.

Polarn O. Pyret Original Stripes Adult Pyjamas

Fathers Day Gifts Polarn O. Pyret Adult Striped Pyjamas
Credit Polarn O. Pyret


Give the gift of a cosy pair of PJ’s this Christmas with Polarn O. Pyret iconic Stripes.

Made from soft GOTS organic cotton these comfy pyjamas have fitted cuffs on the top and bottoms.

The slim-fit design comes in a range of colours including blue, brown, yellow, orange, green and more. 

The adult set comes in sizes XS to XL , children’s sizes are also available from birth to age 12 meaning dads can twin with their little ones. 

Men’s Helly Hansen Box Hoody 

Fathers Day Helly Hansen HH Box Hoodie
Credit Helly Hansen


A good hoody will always go down well and the HH Box Hoodie is sure to be hit.

Made from organic cotton,  the hoodie is super soft with cozy brushed fleece inside and a slick-faced finish on the outside.

It also has front pockets and features the Helly Hansen logo.

The hoodie comes in five different colours and in sizes  XS to 2XL.


Adidas Unisex Code Four Black Watch 

Fathers Day Adidas Unisex Code Four Watch
Credit Adidas
A great watch makes a lovely thoughtful gift for any man. 

The Adidas Unisex Code Four Black Watch is sure to turn heads.

This vintage-style timepiece features an oversized face with bold number markers and a curved stainless steel case.
The nylon strap with buckle clasp, the stylish striped luminant hands and Adidas Logo give it a fresh modern look.
The Adidas Unisex Code Four Black Watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters and offers a Quartz Analog mechanism. 

Cove Weekender Bag, Helly Hansen 

Fathers Day Helly Hansen Cove Weekender
Credit Helly Hansen


Whether for the gym or weekends away, a duffle bag makes a lovely gift.

Helly Hansen’s Cove Weekender is 45L, study but compact when flat and made from 400D polyester with PFC-free DWR to shed light moisture.

The interior of the fabric also has a PU backing for further waterproofing along with carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap ensuring it is easy to carry.

It comes in two colours black and navy, red and white. 

You can purchase the Cove Weekender duffle bag here. 

Stockholm Backpack, Helly Hansen 

Fathers Day Stockholm Backpack Helly Hansen
Credit Helly Hansen


For another great bag option is the Helly Hansen’s Stockholm Backpack. 

Made from waterproof fabric, it has a large main compartment along with a laptop sleeve.

It holds approximately 28L, has a roll top fastening and adjustable padded shoulder straps. 

It is available in five colours. 

The Helly Hansen Stockholm Backpack is available here.

Men’s Grooming Gifts 

Help your dad spruce himself up this our top picks of Men’s Grooming Gifts for 2024.

Gillette Labs Neon Night Razor 

athers Day Gift Grooming Exfoliating Razor Neon Night Colourway (1)
Credit Gillette


A great razor makes an ideal gift for the dad in your life and Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar is the world’s first razor with exfoliating technology built into the cartridge.

It is designed for a quick and easy shave as the exfoliation bar removes dirt and debris ahead of the blades resulting in a close and accurate shave.

Plus it features 2D FlexDisc technology which allows the razor to move according to the contours of the face to help ensure comfort and close shave.

It features Gillette’s best razor blades and comes with a premium magnetic stand so you can store your razor and handle after use. 

The Gillette Labs Neon Night Razor is available to purchase here. 

WAHL Aqua Blade Beard Trimmer

Christmas Gift Men WAHL Aqua Blade Beard Trimmer


For dads who prefer an electric shave, the WAHL Aqua Blade Beard Trimmer is a great choice. 

It offers them to trim, shave and edge with a blade closer than their standard trimmer blade all without the irritation of a traditional razor blade.

The Aqua Blade comes with 16 blade combinations, a soft-touch rubber non-slip grip ideal for when in the shower and is fully washable so you can use it wet or dry.

Plus it is cordless with lithium-ion technology providing 180 minutes run time from a 60-minute charge or 3 minutes run time from a 1-minute quick charge.

The WAHL Aqua Blade Beard Trimmer is available to purchase here. 

Benecos Men’s Care Gift Set 

 Grooming gift Benecos Men's Care Set
Credit Benecos


For a lovely gift set for the man in your life, you can’t go wrong with Benecos Men’s Care. 

It includes the benecos Natural 3-in-1 Body Wash and Face and Aftershave Balm to effectively cleanse, care and protect the skin.

The products are made from natural and organic ingredients and the set comes in a handy cardboard gift bag making it the perfect sustainable gift. 

The Benecos Men’s Care Gift Set Is Available Here.

Rubis Classic Slanted Tweezers

Mens Gift Rubis Classic Tweezers

Credit Rubis


Have a dad in need of a little pesty hair grooming, give them a hand with the Rubis Classic Slanted Tweezers.

They are rust and corrosion-resistant and feature a non-slip grip. Plus slanted tips provide the utmost accuracy for brow shaping and hair removal.

Designed by experts, and aim to provide comfortable use without compromising on their effectiveness. 

The Rubis Classic Slanted Tweezers are available to purchase from Amazon here. 

Forever’s Gentleman’s Pride 

dad's Gifts Aftershave Forever Gentleman's Pride
Credit – Forever


Aftershave makes a lovely traditional dad gift and Gentleman’s Pride offers an aftershave with a difference.

Offering fresh masculine scent with fresh notes of rosemary and cucumber this aloe-powered aftershave doubles as a super hydrating moisturiser for your entire face and neck.

Unlike most aftershaves, Gentleman’s Pride contains no alcohol, reducing the chance of drying out the skin after shaving.  

Instead it features natural skin conditioners like rosemary, vitamin E and cucumber work alongside aloe and sodium hyaluronate to deeply soothe and moisturise.

Forever’s Gentleman’s Pride is available to purchase here. 

COSRX – Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

Dads Gift COSRX Salicylic Acid Gentle Cleanser
Credit CORSX


Upgrade your dad from soap to a great cleanser. 

COSRX , Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser remove impurities and excess sebum while tackling acne and blemishes.

It is infused with salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells and clear pores, and a natural BHA component to dissolve oils, the creamy cleanser leaves skin soft and smooth without that tight, stripped feeling making it ideal for daily use. 

CORSX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser is available to purchase here. 

SOS Serum Essentials Travel Collection

Gifts for dad Gift SOS Travel
Credit – SOS Serum


For dads with sensitive skin check out the SOS Serum Skincare Essentials Travel Pouch

They feature six conveniently-sized SOS products including a daily cleanser, day and night creams, SPF 50 sun cream, a cooling healing serum and a hand sanitiser all in 15ml

They all come in a organic cotton pouch making them ideal on the go or for your dad to try some of the products. 

You can purchase the SOS Essentials Travel Collection here. 

Balade en Provence Grooming Bars

Fathers Day Mens soap bars Balade Enn Provence

From £6.19 

Grooming bars make lovely gift for men. 

The Balade en Provence bars are all certified organic, ethically sourced, vegan and zero-waste. 

The range features an Invigorating Solid Shampoo for Men, a Soothing Shave Bar and Calming Post Shave Bar and for the man who just wants one bar to do it all, the All-In-One Soap Bar Shampoo, facial & body cleanser, and shave bar for men. 

The bars have all been specially formulated for me, are handmade by French artisans and use vegan ingredients such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil & shea butter. 

To purchase the All-In-One Soap Bar Shampoo, facial & body cleanser bar see here and check out the full range of Balade en Provence grooming bars head at Holland and Barrett.

Plastic Free Shaving Brush by The Clear Confidence Company

Fathers Day Shaving Brush - Clear Confidence


You can’t get a more traditional a gift for a dad than a shaving brush.

This new shaving brush from Clear Confidence features a 100% plastic-free construction and grass-based bristles – it’s a vegan shaving brush that uses only eco-friendly materials and no animal products. 

The brush also massages the skin gently, exfoliating and enhancing blood flow and reduces the chances of irritation, redness and razor burn. 

For more details about the Plastic Free Shaving Brush see here. 

Father’s Day Relaxation Gifts 

Know a dad that is always on the go, so why not treat him to a lovely gift to help him take some out with these Relaxation gifts. 

‘Spirit Of’ Jigsaws

Relaxing gift for dad Spirit of New York Jigsaw
Credit Batsford


What could be more relaxing than a good puzzle and we love the ‘Spirit Of’ Jigsaws from Batsford. 

Available as London, New York, and Paris they feature picturesque views inspired by the Vintage Brian Cook book cover artworks. 

The Spirit of London jigsaw features a busy London Street Scene with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background; The Spirit of New York version overlooks Central Park with the Statute of Liberty in the distance; and The Spirit of Paris brings a Parisian balcony to life looking onto a Parisian boulevard and the Eiffel Tower. 

Each of the puzzles is 1000 pieces and once finished it measures 70cm x 50cm. It is also in a sustainable paper bag within the box. 

For more information and to purchase the Spirit Of Jigsaw puzzles here. 

Burns By Burns Candles

Fathers Day Gift Candle Burns By Burns
Credit – Burns By Burns


A candle makes a lovely relaxation gift for dads.

Burns By Burns Candles offers premium soy wax candles, crafted with high-quality fragrances that evoke feelings of tranquillity and warmth.

From rich and musky scents to refreshing and invigorating blends, Burns By Burns Candles has a scent to suit every dad’s unique taste.

The range includes the likes of Walter’s Ash Tobacco & Oak which helps to conjure up images of cosy fireside moments;  to Marlow Espresso Coffee & Vermouth which mixes aromas of freshly brewed coffee with the sweetness of vermouth – perfect for Sunday mornings and many more.

All Burns By Burns Candles products are hand-poured in small batches into amber glass jars, made with 100% soy wax, and infused with high-quality fragrances.

They come packaged in a black gift box, making them an ideal gift. 

To check out the full Burns by Burns Candles see here. 

Philips Hue Gradient Signe Lamps 

Fathers Day Philips Hue Gradient Signe Lamps 
Credit Philips Hue

From £189.99 

For the ultimate relaxation gift treat your dad to Philips Hue Gradient Signe Lamp. 

Available as either a floor or a table lamp, using a mix of white and coloured lights it has been designed to ensure the ambience is always perfect.

The Wake-up Sunrise automation turns the light into gentle hues of the morning for a natural wake-up.

At night after a busy day they the lamp to mimic the relaxing gentle glow of candlelight or a roaring fireplace or to any blend of the gradient of lights for his perfect design. 

The sleek design comes in a choice of white, black or oak ensuring it will fit in any home or even the office. 

The Philips Hue Gradient Signe Lamps have over a 10-year life span, offer instant wireless dimming, are both Bluetooth and Hue Bridge compatible and the lights can be controlled with the app or your voice. 

The Philips Hue Gradient Signe Floor Lamp is available here and the Philips Hue Gradient Signe Table Lamp is available here.

Wiz Mobile Portable Light 

Wiz Mobile Portable Light
Credit Wiz

RRP £79.99

Give the gift of relaxation on the go with the Wiz Mobile Portable Light. 

This wireless lamp features a rechargeable built-in battery that can turn any space into your dad’s perfect chill-out zone with combinations of soft light and colourful gradients.

It also has a dual-zone design that creates a beautiful gradient ombré colour effect with Dynamic Light Modes, allowing users to choose between two different light colours and creating an atmospheric ambience.

The built-in rechargeable built-in battery and carrying handle means they take along anywhere they go, from relaxing evenings in the garden to making their favourite cosy corner truly inviting.

It also features a touch panel for turning it on/off, and changing your favourite, pre-set light mode along with a simple swipe-dimming function.  

Alternatively, the Wiz Mobile Portable Light can also be controlled via the Wiz app meaning no need to install additional hardware such as a hub. 

Stablio pointMax Arty 

Fathers Day Gift Stanilo pointMax Arty
Credit Stabilo

From £11.79

Whether it’s doodling, drawing or colouring an arty activity is a great way for dads to relax.

The STABILO pointMax Arty is an ideal gift. An innovative vibrant fineliner great for expressive writing, sketching and colouring for any dads that enjoy journaling. 

They come in vibrant colours without the worry of ink smudging or bleeding through the paper. Plus a robust nylon tip meaning even after the biggest doodling session there will be no loss of quality.

The STABILO pointMax Arty comes in various sized packs from 15 up to 88 pieces which come with 65 individual colours

The STABILO pointMax Arty are available from Amazon here.

Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

Fathers Day Gift Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket
Credit Bedsure

From £19.99 

Let your dad or grandad get comfy this with a cosy blanket.

The Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket offers a velvety flannel on one side and extremely soft sherpa on the other. 

It comes in a range of sizes from ‘throw’ to ‘king’ and is ideal for cuddling up on the sofa, wrapping up outside on breezy summer nights or extra warmth in bed. 

It is also available in an array of colours such as navy, purple, grey, camel and more to suit every taste. 

The Bedsure Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket is available to purchase from Amazon here. 

Essence of Time Fine Fragrance Candles, The Copenhagen Company 

Fathers Day Candle Essence Of Time The Copenhagen Company
The Copenhagen Company

From £14.00 

Another lovely candle option ideal for helping the men in your life relax, is the Essence of Time range from The Copenhagen Company. 

Inspired by fine fragrances from around the world, the Essence of Time range offers a slant towards more masculine scents.

There are three fragrances to choose from.

The original classic provides an exotic mix of cherry, tonka, tobacco;  Enjoy The Silence with tranquil tones from pink pepper, leather and musk; and Dream & Coccoon releases a comforting aroma of rose, amber & sandalwood.

Like with all their candles the Essence of Time range are vegan and cruelty free made in an ethical and sustainable way.

The Essence of Time Candles are available from The Copenhagen Company here

WAHL Cordless Mini Massage Gun 

relaxation gift for dads Cordless Mini Massage Gun - Angle - Ball Head
credit Wahl

Currently £71.99

For dads with aches and pains, the WHAL Cordless Mini Massage Gun will make a great relaxing gift. 

Designed to specifically target stress and tension, the six-speed setting enables allows for the intensity to be adjusted from low and gentle to high and intense for an effective massage. 

Cordless, it offers 200 minutes of run time from a single charge and allows complete freedom of movement and enough time to target aching muscles all over the body. 

Plus it is lightweight and compact, includes 4 different head attachments for anything from the neck to deep tissue and it all tidies away a soft storage case. 

Check out the WAHL Cordless Mini Massage Gun here. 

Tech and Gadget Gifts For Dad

If your dad loves a fun gadget or high-tech gift, we have put together some great options for this Christmas below.

Mobile Pixels DUEX

Gifts for dads Mobile Pixels DUEX
Credit Mobile Pixels


The Mobile Pixels DUEX is a lightweight, portable, full HD display that is easily added to any laptop and is perfect for anyone who is working, presenting, studying, gaming or even watching movies on the go.

Attached by magnets the screen slides out easily when needed, providing users with a multi-screen set-up wherever they are.

It is also lightweight and with an ultra-slim profile, users can easily carry the DUEX and their device around without it weighing them down.

There are two options available the DUEX Max is perfect for 14″ and larger laptops and DUEX Plus ideal for 13-14″ laptops. 

Mobile Pixels DUEX is available from Scan and Mobile Pixels.

Chipolo One Spot 

Gifts for dads Chipolo ONE Spot on Keys
Credit – Chipolo


Know a dad who is always losing his keys? Chipolo One Spot is the answer.

An award-winning, affordable item tracker, which allows for long-range locating, sending you handy alerts when your items are not near you. Plus it sounds like a loud ring when you need to find any lost item.

The Chipolo One Spot is minimalist in design, features a unique keyhole to attach to any item and works with the Apple Find My app. 

Chipolo also has options for Android and other great products such as a card for purses and more. 

The Chipolo One Spot is available to purchase here. 

Puro Sounds Labs PuroPro Headphones

Gifts for dads PuroPro Headphones
Credit – Puro Sounds


You can never go wrong with a good set of wireless headphones and the PuroPro is the latest in the Puro Sounds Labs range. 

They offer a slick design and studio-grade audio quality, providing a listening experience that is both high quality and healthy.

In keeping with the Puro Sound Labs mission to protect consumers’ hearing, the headphones are to 85 dB for up to 8 hours per day, and 95 dB for up to 50 mins per day, as recommended by the World Health Organization.

The headphones are equipped with Puro Balanced Response® Curve technology, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals, plus two adjustable ANC levels.

The wireless Bluetooth v.5 headphones are complete with a lightweight, foldable design and matching hard cover carrying case and are ideal for travel.

They also feature long-lasting batteries that provide up to 28 hours of playtime with ANC, 32 hours without and 300 hours of standby time.

The Puro Sounds Labs PuroPro Headphones are available from Amazon here. 

Toucan Streaming Webcam

Fathers Day Tech Gift Toucan Streaming Webcam Lifestyle
Credit Toucan


If the man in your life is currently working from home, a good quality webcam for online meetings will be well received. 

The Toucan Streaming Webcam offers full 1080p HD resolution at 60fps has a built-in multi-directional microphone for video conferencing or gaming, and a wide 89-degree field of view.

The camera connects to any USB port with the included cable meaning no drivers or software are needed. Plus it features a flexible mount allowing great positioning on your monitor, laptop, or tabletop.

It is a webcam that is compatible with computers running Windows 7 or later and MacOS 10.12 or later.

The Toucan Streaming Webcam is available to purchase here.

Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother and Coffee Bags 

Fathers Day Home Coffee Co. Milk Frother Kitchen
Credit Home Coffee Co.

From £39.99

For dads who love their coffee, the Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother and Coffee Bags will make a great present. 

The milk frother offers the gift of enjoying barista-style lattes, cappuccinos to iced coffees and hot chocolate without ever leaving the comfort of home.

It features four modes of hot dense foam, hot airy foam, hot milk and cold froth with heat to 65+/-5℃.

It can froth 120ml of foam or heat 250ml of milk, it takes just takes upto minutes and has an easy to clean design. 

The frother comes with a pack of Home Coffee Co’s coffee bag samples featuring their ethically sourced coffee roasted in the UK. 

Check out the Home Coffee Co Electric Milk Frother here. 

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera

Credit Toucan


For a practical tech gift for your dad, check out the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera. 

Featuring a 1080p full HD video, you will always see what’s happening around your home, day or night.

Operated by the built-in rechargeable battery, installing the outdoor camera is completely wire-free and easy to set-up.  

Plus it features their innovative magnetic mount, which you can install it almost anywhere and has a weatherproof IP56 rating which protects it from all weather conditions.

You can control and access the camera from anywhere through the Toucan Smart Home app as no base or station is required. 

The Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera can be purchased here.

Personalised Wireless Charging Pad, VistaPrint

Gifts for dads Personalised -Vistaprint-Wireless-Charging-Pad
Credit – VistaPrint


For a practical yet personalised tech gift check out the Personalised Wireless Charging Pad from VistaPrint will be a big hit.

Compatible with all Qi (wireless charging) enabled phones it’s also petite in size at approximately 7.3 x 7.3 cm.

The charging pad can with be personalised with any picture or image.

Check out VistaPrint’s Personalised Wireless Charging Pad here. 

Unusual and Unique  Gifts for Dads

Looking for a gift with a difference or for a hard-to-buy-for dad, here are our top picks of unusual and unique presents. 

Scratch Off  Poster – 100 Movies Bucket List 

unusal gifts for dad 100-Movies
Credit Gift Republic


If your dad is a film buff the Scratch Off Movie Poster 100 Movies Bucket List will make a great gift. 

This A2 poster features 100 movies that everyone should watch once. Not only can they scratch off the films they have already seen but it works as a list for what to watch next. 

Under each scratch-off panel they will find a great image representing the film, leaving a great poster once they have watched them all. 

The Scratch Off Movie Poster 100 Movies Bucket List here. 

Weird Walk Book

Unusual gifts for dad Weird Walk Book

Credit Watkins Media Limited


Weird Walk is a guide to Britain’s strange and ancient places and is great for anyone who likes to explore. 

Discover the ancient landscape of Britain as you follow the year’s seasons with the chance to reconnect to folklore, seasons and nature. 

Find the best places to see the sunrise for the equinox in Spring, the rituals of Summer, spooky places of Autumn and the ideal places to get merry in Winter. 

Check out and purchase Weird Walk here. 

Temporary Pleasure Book

Fathers Day Unusual Gift Temporary Pleasure Book
Credit Prestel Publishing

RRP £39.99

Dads who are into the club scene, Temporary Pleasure shows how nightlife spaces have evolved to meet the needs of each differing generation.

This unique book looks at the evolution of nightclubs across America and Europe since the 1960s.

Each chapter focuses on a distinct phase and location including New York City’s disco scene; Ibiza’s counterculture communal retreats; Britain’s rave culture; and Berlin’s techno scene.  

The book features interviews with people who were involved from NYC disco mainstay DJ Justin Strauss to Ben Kelly, architect of Manchester’s legendary venue The Haçienda.

The Temporary Pleasure is available from Prestel Publishing here. 

Van Gogh: The Essential Paintings

Book gifts for mums Van Gogh : The Essential Paitings Cover
Credit Prestel Publishing


Art lovers will Van Gogh: The Essential Paintings . 

It features around fifty essential of Van Gogh’s masterpieces in accordion-fold pages. 

Along with the well-known works such as Irises, The Starry Night and Sunflowers, you will also discover how he experimented with different styles and how his influences changed. 

There is also an accompanying booklet which highlight key elements as well as a small appraisal of his life and work. 

Van Gogh: The Essential Paintings is available from Prestel Publishing here. 

Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit

Fathers Day gift Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit
Credit Kelly Loves


For a dad who likes to cook, check out the Kelly Loves Ultimate Sushi Making Kit

The kit contains everything you need to create a whole range of exciting and flavour-packed sushi rolls and making in your own kitchen, including a bamboo rolling kit, sushi rice, nori sheets and sushi vinegar

Plus it comes with toppings such as fried onions, ginger and wasabi, spicy mayo and a bamboo-lidded Bento Box for displaying your creations or enjoying your sushi on the go. 

You can also add on some extras from Kelly Loves such as their ramune drinks, soy sauce or kimchi.

You can check out the full range of Kelly Loves products including the Ultimate Sushi Kit here. 

Home Coffee Co. Travel Mugs

Fathers Day Cup Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug
Credit Home Coffee Co.


If your dad likes to enjoy his hot drink on the go a travel mug will make a lovely gift.

Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug features a vacuum-insulated double-layer cup made from stainless steel along with a BPA-free leakproof lid which together ensures your drink maintains its heat for 6 hours or more.

The cup holds 380 ml and comes in five colours – black, white, blue, green and pink.

The Home Coffee Co. Travel Mug is available to purchase here.

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