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Top Tips For Visiting FarmLife Festival at Cockfields Farm

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival foam party
31 Jul 2023

Planning on visiting the Cockfields Farmlife Festival, check out our top tips to make sure you have a great family day out. 

The Farmlife festival has arrived at Cockfields Farm offering a whole host of summer family fun. 

We were invited along to check it out and to help you make the most of your day we have put together our top tips for visiting below.

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Getting to Cockfields Farm 

eview of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips Car Parking

Cockfields Farm is located on the Ashton Under Lyne and Oldham border On Lees New Rd, OL6 8AR.

The farm is well signposted and they have a large free carpark available. 

For more details about their location and public transport available to the farm see here. 

Arriving At Cockfields FarmLife 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips circus skills

The farm opens at 10.00`m with the last entry at 2.00pm

There were lots to do at the Farmlife festival and at the farm itself, we would therefore recommend arriving earlier rather than later to make the most of your day. 

On arrival head to the reception desk, where you will be able to check in and collect any extras you added to your tickets. 

Take your Bank Card

Soft toys in farm shop - Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips cashless

Cockfields Farm is now fully cashless.

Although all the entertainment is included in the ticket price if you intend to buy any food, drinks or souvenirs or add on goat or alpaca walking you will need to take your bank card with you. 

Buy the Animal Feed

Child feeding goats Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips feeding animals

Cockfields sell bags of animal food to feed some of the farm animals in the bar.

This is available to purchase online, at reception and throughout the day in the gift shop. 

The farm food costs just £1.50 and was a big hit with the kids, who particularly enjoyed feeding the new little goats. 

Enjoy The Festival Treats 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival icecreams

All good festivals have great food and Cockfield’s Farmlife Festival is no exception. 

Their usual menu offers hot and cold meal menu which includes delights such as toasties, pizza, burgers, hot dogs chips. 

They also have a vegetarian and vegan menu, along with a large selection of kids’ meals for £5.50. 

For those who have a sweet tooth, you can get a selection of cakes, slushies and ice cream. 

Plus they are offering extra festival treats with Barbie ice-cream cones, candy floss, doughnuts and popcorn all on sale. 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival candy flossand popcorn

Take a picture of the What’s On Boards

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips whats on

Farmlife has lots of activities going on throughout the day.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss any is to take pictures of what’s on the sheet at reception. 

With so much going on it is easy to lose track of time so if there is a particular animal or festival activity you don’t want to miss we would recommend setting an alarm on your phone 5 minutes before it start. 

Visit the Tiki Bar 

Kids with Mocktails Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips Tiki Bar

The brand new Tiki Bar located in the farm yard is great to get everyone in the festival feel. 

It features a big choice of mocktails from Moo-Jito, to Cockfields Sunrise and Tractor Fuel for just £1.50. 

The kids opted for the fun Barbie Breeze which tasted of summer fruits and the Snake Bite which featured Manchester’s favourite Vimto – both of which were big hits. 

Don’t Forget The Glitter 

girl with Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips Glitter

Festival Glitter is included in the ticket. 

The Glitter Tent is located on the festival field, near the entrance. 

To make sure you get in the festival feel and for great pics throughout the day, head there at the start of your day. 

Catch a Show 

The comedy barn show Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips shows

A festival wouldn’t be a festival without amazing acts and at Cockfields Farmlife you are part of it. 

There are three interactive shows throughout the day.

The Dance Barn Disco where everyone can strut their stuff; Festival Survival a fun show where you compete to show off your skills; and the Comedy Barn with lots of laughs with volunteers needed. 

All three were lots of fun and definitely some of the highlights of the day.

Take A Ride On The Tractor Disco Bus 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips Tractor Disco ride

Running at set times in the day, you can take a fun ride on the new Tractor Disco Bus. 

As you drive around the farm you can enjoy fun disco tunes and dance away in your seats. 

You need to make sure to take part and follow the rules or you may get wet – which I found out the hard way. 

Get Crafty in The Festival Craft Tent

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival crafts

If the kids love to craft or they just need to chill out for a bit, make sure you head to the craft tent. 

This is the middle tent on the Festival Field. 

It had lovely large cushions to sit on and on the day we went they had loom bands as the craft. 

Run Off Some Steam in the Play Areas 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival bouncy pillow

One of the things that makes Cockfield’s Farm great is its play areas. 

They have a large playground area with swings, a huge play frame with a slide and more. 

For kids who love to bounce they have a huge bouncy pillow (weather permitting), plus there are fun play tunnels for the kids to run through. 

If that is not enough they also have an outdoor beach area with water play. 

You will also an indoor role play area near the entrance to the farm, along with a big indoor sandpit in the barn next to the cafe. 

Go for a walk to see the Birds ducks and the piglets

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival piglets

If you have not been to the farm before or visited for a while, it would be easy to miss the Duck Pond Walk.

Walk past the entertainment barn and will discover a whole of birds from chickens, and turkeys to the farm’s resident Owl Nancy. 

Head on further and you can enjoy a nice walk around the duck pond.

The kids really enjoyed this walk and loved trying to see what ducks and geese they could spot. 

On the way back make sure you stop to say hello to the farm’s new piglets who came up to us to say hello. You can also catch them in the very funny pig race during the day. 

11. Take an Alpaca or Goat for A Walk 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips goat walking

During the summer Cockfields are giving you the chance to take one of the resident alpacas or goats for a walk. 

This is an add-on to the ticket price and costs £5.00 per person taking part.

We decided to go for the goats who were very funny. They attempted to stop every couple of steps to eat everything in sight and tried to avoid any mud they come across which looked hilarious. 

Stay For The Foam Party – but take spare Clothes

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival foam party

Farmlife ends each day with a huge foam party. 

Located on the farm yard, the kids (and yourself if brave enough) can dance away whilst streams of foam descend on them. 

We would advise little ones to stay back slightly as the foam can get quite high. 

Also, our kids came out quite wet so a change of clothes, shoes and towel is advised.

Taking a pair of flip-flops would also be a good idea. 

What We Thought About The Cockfields Farmlife Festival 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips archery

We all had a great time at the Cockfields Farmlife Festival. 

On the day we attended the weather wasn’t great with lots of rain and the occasional dry patch – but this didn’t dampen the fun in the slightest. 

Most of the activities take place inside and those that don’t when it is dry can be moved inside with only a couple of exceptions. 

There was so much to see and do the kids were spoilt for choice in deciding what they would do next. 

Review of Cockfields Farmlife Festival and Top Tips circus skills

Favourites included the Tractor Disco Bus, the Circus Skills and the loom band tent, although they enjoyed everything they tried. 

They also loved all the normal farm activities such as feeding the animals, meeting the reptiles and despite the weather even managed to have a bounce on the huge bouncy pillow. 

There are not many places that offer a fun day out no matter the weather but Cockfields Farm Farmlife Festival is definitely one of them. 

Not got your tickets yet booking details here >>> Cockfields Farm Farmlife Festival 

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