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Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience

Review - Cockfields Farm Christmas
27 Nov 2023

Santa has arrived at Cockfields Farm Park for their Christmas Experience. We were invited along to visit the big man and you can check out what we thought in our review. 

Running until 24th December 2023 the Cockfields Christmas Experience offers a whole host of festive fun in-store for this year. 

We were invited along to review the Cockfields Christmas Experience for an honest review and you can discover what we thought below. 

Please note tickets to this event were gifted for the purpose of an honest review – all opinions are of our own. 

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Review Cockfield’s Christmas Experience

We are massive fans of Cockfields Farm and have been visiting Santa there every year since my children were tiny.

Both my children, now 11 and 14 years have always been convinced that they meet the real Santa at the farm. In fact, due to this belief, we had to tell our son the Santa secret just before he started secondary school.

We were therefore very excited when we were invited along again to Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience for 2023. 

Unfortunately, my 14-year-old already had plans for the day we visited. We therefore invited friends along to join in the festive fun. 

Arrival at Cockfields Christmas Experience

Review Cockfields Christmas - Arrival North Pole Passport Control

On the day of our visit, we arrived at our allotted time slot and booked in with the friendly elf at the desk.

From here we were directed to North Pole Passport Control where the kids were given their North Pole Passports along with tokens for the adult’s hot drink.

You can also collect tokens for the marshmallow toasting any souvenir photos or clothes for the build-a-bear. This can be pre-booked (additional charges apply) or paid for on the day at the reception.

Review Cockfields Christmas - Arrival Passport

We were then shown to the Santa waiting room where we were met by a very excited elf. The kids were asked to sit down to fill out their details on the passports. Once complete they were given their first sticker to pop in the Santa space. 

Meeting Santa At Cockfields

Review Cockfields Christmas - Meeting Santa

Before we knew it was time to see Santa.

Directed by the elf we knocked on the grotto door and heard Santa invite us inside. On entering it was lovely to see a picture-perfect scene complete with a Christmas Tree, present and fireplace. It was just how you imagined Santa’s living room to look like. 

As we have come to expect from Cockfield’s Farm, Santa was amazing. He had a real beard, white hair, and a great outfit and put the children instantly at ease.

Review Cockfields Christmas - chatting with santa

Santa took his time in chatting with each child separately, asking them which toys they would like for Christmas and making sure that they had been good.

There was plenty of time for posing for pictures with the Elf photographer who was also happy to take some on our phone.

Review Cockfields Christmas - gold coin from santa

Santa then presented the children with North Pole gold coins telling them that they could use them to choose any toy they wished from his toy shop. 

Santa’s Toy Shop 

Review Cockfields Christmas - toy soldier

We then entered Santa’s Toy Shop. Here we were greeted by the Toy Soldier who taught the kids how to be a soldier. They practised marching and saluting and were pleased that they passed her test. 

The children were then invited to the desk where they handed over their gold coins. They were then asked to select a toy from a big selection on the shelves.

The choices included tractors and diggers, cars, kids’ beauty sets and dolls, plus very high-quality winter-themed soft toys.

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - Santa's Toy Shop

My plush-loving daughter agonised for a while over which soft toy to choose before settling for the cute Christmas reindeer.

Her two 10-year-old friends opted for the cute fallow deer plushes and the five-year-old in our group chose a fun car track set. 

We were then told that if the kids pressed the magic button, their toys would be delivered to the North Pole Sorting and Post Office. The kids couldn’t wait to move on to collect their new toys. 

The North Pole Sorting Office 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - North Pole Post Office

After marching their way to the North Pole Sorting Office the kids handed over their toy vouchers given in the shop. They were then tasked with waking up the sorting elf with a big shout – of course, the kids loved this. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas parcel shoot

The toys were then delivered to them down a parcel shoot, with them landing in a basket ready for them to collect, the children were all mesmerised. 

They were also given a special postcard which they could use to write a thank you note to Santa. Once finished it was given a special stamp and invited to post them in the magical Post Box. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Thank you letter to santa

The Elf Village and Santa’s Animals 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Elf Village

The next stop was The Elf Village, which has always been one of my favourite parts of Cockfield’s Christmas experience. This year’s village included The Elf Tavern, a lovely festive Church and a gingerbread house.

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Santa's Animals

Here we also found some of Santa’s animals including rabbits and guinea pigs. Plus the chance to stroke a few on the handling table. 

Elf Academy and Build Your Own Bear 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Elf Academy

Once you exit the Elf Visit you can decide what you do next. The only activity you have a set time for is the Elf Academy Show. This is also where the children get to build their own bear.

We always enjoy the shows at Cockfield’s and this was no exception. I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to spoil it, but it is lots of fun for adults as much as children and has lots of audience participation.  

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Build a bear

The show ends with the kids being taught how to make their own soft toy bear, complete with added love in the form of a coloured heart. 

If your little ones love to dress up their plushes, you can also buy a complete outfit for the bear at the end of the show for just £12.00 . Discover which outfits are available >>> Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Top Tips 

On the way out the children receive an Elf Academy sticker and the chance to pose for pictures.

Activities at Cockfields Christmas Experience. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Decorating Ginger Bread at Mrs Claus kitchen

All the excitement of seeing Santa and passing elf school built up an appetite. The kids were therefore keen to visit Mrs Claus’ Kitchen.

Here we joined Mary Berry and Elf Crumbles in decorating a gingerbread man to take home or enjoy as a snack. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Real Reindeer

We also headed to the reindeer stables for a lovely story and learned some facts about Santa’s trusty friends. At the end, there was time to meet and stroke Santa’s very friendly Dasher and Dancer.

Next, we made our way to the animal barn. Here we met and fed the resident goats, alpacas, llamas, pigs and cows (you can buy feed at reception. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - make reindeer dust

This is where you can also make reindeer dust ready to sprinkle on Christmas Eve. You will find all the ingredients in magical magical gold pipes, along with little bags to fill.

Christmas and snow go hand in hand, and it was lovely to see a magical flurry on the farm. Perfect for a little play and a great photo.

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Snow

New for this year was the Elf Wall of Fame. This featured all of Santa’s elves who you may encounter throughout the visit. You are then tasked with voting for your favourite via a QR code.

My daughter and her older friends adored this and really took their time choosing their elf and debating their choices with each other 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - Elf Wall Of Fame

Your ticket also includes the usual Cockfields Farm Activities use of the various outdoor play areas and unlimited rides on the carousel. 

As you complete each activity you are given a sticket stamp to add to your passport. This was not only fun for the kids but with so much to see and do it ensured that you didn’t miss out on anything. 

You will also find lots of photo props all around the farm from elf selfies to Santa’s large sleigh and picture-perfect doors. 

Festive Food and Treats 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - Toasting Marshmallows

When booking your tickets you have the option to add on toasting marshmallows. This costs £5 for a stick of 4 which can be warmed until gooey over the firepit, then covered with a choice of sauces. I couldn’t resist one for myself and I was not disappointed. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas free hot chocolate

The cold of the North Pole had started to take its toll on us grown-ups so decided to use our token for a hot drink.

The vouchers can be traded in at the Elf Bucks hut in the farmyard or in the onsite cafe.  I decided on a  hot chocolate complete with cream and marshmallow which tasted as good as they looked. 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas - Festive Food

If you fancy a bit to eat you can head to Cockfields Wooley Jumper Cafe. The cafe serves hot and cold food and drinks, including a selection of kids’ meals.

They also have festive specials including the lovely bacon, brie and cranberry panini (pictured) which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Photo Gifts 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas Photo gifts

Our last stop of the day was to pick up our professional Santa’s Grotto Photo at the desk next to the cafe. They have lots of photo options from baubles at £10, snow frames at £15 and packages starting at £20. 

What We Thought About The Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience? 

Review Cockfields Farm Christmas what we thought

We have now seen Santa at Cockfields for the past ten years and have never been disappointed. I am glad to say that this year was no exception.

From start to finish the experience felt magical and immersive.

From the North Pole passports to meeting Santa’s reindeer to decorating gingerbread, every little detail had been thought of. The whole experience is truly magical and immersive.

We all adored the activities especially the toy sorting office and and the very exciting-looking reindeer dust station. The Elf show and Building Your Own Bear were also a firm favourite. 

Most importantly Santa himself was yet again amazing.  His look and mannerisms had all the kids mesmerised. He definitely cemented my 11-year-old and her 10-year-old friends’ belief in the big man.

The five-year-old in our group who had been quiet and wary walking through to the grotto instantly warmed to him and was more than happy to chat away. 

All the kids were so excited when they were given their gold toy and told that they could spend it on anything in the toy shop.  One of the 10-year-olds was truly shocked that she wouldn’t need any money to do this. 

Having never been to the Cockfields Christmas event before, the friends that we took along didn’t know what to expect. Both the adults and kids were in awe throughout, declaring it as magical and the best Santa experience they had been to.   

Cockfields Christmas Top Tips - toys you get

They were also amazed at how many treats they got to bring home, along with lots of lovely memories.

I am happy to say yet again I would highly recommend a visit to see Santa at Cockfields Farm for 2023. 

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