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Active Copley Swimming Lessons

Active Copley offer swimming lessons from 3 years old up during the week and weekends.

Active Tameside run their swimming lesson programme at Active Copley, here is what you need to know. 

What age are Active Copley’s swimming lessons for? 

Swimming Lessons for 3 to 4 year olds at Active Copley – Little Ducks

Active Copley run Little Duck swimming lessons for 3 to 4 year olds. The Little Ducks sessions offer the chance for children to gain independance in the water. There are only five children in the lesson and the instructor delivers the lesson from the pool to offer support. 

Swimming Lessons for over 4 year olds at Active Copley – Active Tameside Swim School 

 Active Copley run the Active Tameside Swim School programme for children over 4 years old. The Swim School follows the STA International Learn Learn to Swim Programme which has five progressive schemes for the children to work through.

How much do swimming lessons at Active Copley Cost? 

Little Ducks and Swim School at Active Copley cost £70 per 14 week course for a 25 minute per week lesson. The fee is payable by monthly direct debit of £20.83. 

When do swimming lessons at Active Copley take place? 

Little Ducks and Swim School sessions take place at Active Copley during the week and weekends at various times. 

How to book swimming lessons at Active Copley? 

To book swimming lessons at Active Copley call 0161 303 8118 and you can see here for more information and location of Active Copley Swimming Pool 



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