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Review Rock Over Climbing Manchester Kids Taster Sessions

Two kids climbing the walls at Rock Over Climbing Manchester

Rock Over Climbing Manchester’s Kids Taster Sessions are back and we went along to check them out. Find out what we thought in our review. 

Rock Over Climbing is a fun climbing centre based in Manchester with walls and activities for beginners and experts alike. To give the kids the chance to discover the joy of climbing Rock Over Climbing is offering Kids Taster Sessions and they invited us along for an honest review. Here is what we thought. 

Review Of Rock Over Climbing Manchester Kids Taster Sessions

Rock Over Climbing Manchester is a popular climbing centre in the heart of Manchester. It offers over 300 problems, 60 routes and 18 auto belays, with something for everyone including bouldering, auto-belays, rope climbing and The Hub with some of the hardest problems in the world. 

The kid’s taster sessions are aimed at children aged five years plus and gives children the chance to sample climbing around the centre. Both my 8-year-old daughter Isabelle and 11-year-old son Harry, adore climbing on anything they can find so were excited to actually be encouraged to do so. 

Rock Over Climbing has its own car park located a minute from the centre which is free to use with plenty of space for up to 20 cars. 

On arrival, we checked in at the desk and was assigned our instructor Nick, who provided the kids with climbing shoes which are provided free as part of the session. The shoes are designed to tight-fitting, however, both my children need to go up a size for them to be comfortable. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids climbing shoes

Nick then went through the rules of the centre before starting them on their first activity the Traverse Wall a long wall with various claiming grips. Here they were tasked with making their way along the wall without touching the floor which Nick told them it was water. Both kids loved this game asking to do it again after the first run and it was a great way to ease them into the session. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids bouldering wall

We then headed to The Bouldering Area. Higher than the traverse wall, the bouldering walls featured different coloured grips and holds. The kids were told that they should try to follow just one different colour, with each colour representing a different difficulty. They both started on the lowest level but after they manage this easily they moved up to the next couple of levels. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids climbing route

When they had their fill of bouldering it was time to try out the climbing walls. Nick helped fit their harnesses and showed them to the climbing towers, a series of colourful walls featuring different types of holds and grips with auto-belays so need for someone to hold the rope. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids cliombing harness

The kids tried every wall and were extremely proud on the walls when they reached the top.

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids Climbing Tower

They also got to try out the more traditional climbing walls again following coloured routes and moving up a level when finding it easy. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids Main

Along with trying out the walls, they also played games such as Shark where they would run around pretending to be various fish until Nick called out shark and they would have to climb the boulder, races against each other and climbing the Tower Walls blindfolded, which of course the kids loved. 

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids Taster Session Games

Review Rock Over Climbing Kids races on walls

What We Thought Of The Rock Over Climbing Kids Taster Sessions 

I am sure it will be of no surprise that the climbing kids taster session was a big hit with my children. 

They adored trying out all the different bouldering and climbing walls and were so excited when they moved up a route level or reached the top. Nick, the instructor, was great at putting the kids at ease and the games added a lovely fun element to the session. 

It was great to see the kids being able to try a great activity where they can have fun and learn new skills. In fact, the kids love the session so much we are looking at them join the Rock Over Climbing Junior Climbing Club. 

More Information About Rock Over Climbing Kids Taster Sessions

The Rock Over Climbing sessions cost £30 for up to four children from the same household or bubble. The sessions take place during the weekend and school holidays and booked in advance on the link here. 

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