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Review Treetop Trek Manchester

a child on a high rope bridge at Treetop Trek Manchester

Treetop Trek offers a fun woodland adventure in Manchester. We recently checked it out and you can discover our review of Treetop Trek Manchester here. 

 Treetop Trek Manchester, located in Heaton Park offers the chance to trek through the trees with three experiences, the Full Trek, the Mini Trek and Treetop Nets. We were invited along to check out the Full Trek for the purpose of an honest review. Here is what we thought. 

Review Treetop Trek Manchester

The Full Trek at  Treetop Trek Manchesteris a high ropes adventure with 20 aerial challenges and 14 thrilling zip lines and takes around 2 hours to complete. The course is designed for adults and children aged over 7 years and over with children age 7 to 11 years requiring one participating adult for every three children on the trek. We, therefore, decided to explore Treetop Manchester as a family with my husband and eight and eleven-year-old children in tow. 

 Treetop Trek is located in Heaton Park, St Margaret’s Road, Manchester, M25 2GT (gate 15) near to the Heaton Park Northern Play Area where you will find a large pay and display car park which costs £2 for three hours. 

It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your time slot and as you are on the trek for around two hours a visit to the toilet is wise. There are no toilets at Treetop Trek itself however there are some in Heaton Park which around five minutes away.   

Once we were ready to check-in we headed to the reception desk. After they had ensured we had removed all jewellery and watches and long hair was tied up we were shown where we could get our harnesses on. 

Review Treetop Treks Manchester Harness

With the social distancing restrictions, you are required to fit your own harness with the help of a partner from your group with the instructor providing a detailed demonstration and checking them carefully afterwards. The instructor then went through the course safety rules, showed us how to move the harness along the wire and how to get ourselves back upright if we slipped. 

It was then time to start the  Treetop Trek and once the instructor had attached us to the course we were away. 

I have to admit that I am not great with heights and was very nervous on starting, I was therefore very grateful that the course eased us with a nice high sided netted bridge to start. The next obstacle, however, a horizontal log bridge, was a little more daunting as there was nothing to hold on to. The kids of course were over it in no time whilst I put the harness to good use holding onto it tightly to ensure I didn’t fall the mere four foot to the floor. 

Review Treetop Trek Manchester net bridge

As we progressed around the course the obstacles got progressively higher and in some cases harder. We navigated a bridge made of seesaws which tilted downwards are we walked across and resulted in a few squeals; made our way across swinging logs, rode a skateboard along a wire and zig-zagged across wooden planks. 

Review Treetop treks Manchester obstacles

The course also features zip wires. Here you need to put your trust in the harness as you hang over the edge of the platform, sit back into it and hold on tight as you zoom towards the next platform. The last zip wire takes you back to the ground. Here you are told to run as you approach the ground to keep you on your feet. Unfortunately, I started running too early, started to spin and hit the safety pile of dirt backwards. This highly amused the kids and my husband who all landed nicely on their feet. 

Review Treetop Trek Manchester zip lines

We presumed that was the end of the adventure, however, once we were back on the ground we were told that it was time for the ‘big trek’. The kids were over the moon. 

This second part of the trek features lots of zip wires which were not just higher up but also much faster. The course has lots more obstacles including thin rope bridges which moved when you grab the sides, hanging logs, wobble bridges with no sides and broken slats and beams that you have to climb around.

Review Treetop Trek Manchester Bridges

The trek ends with another huge zip wire to the ground and where this time I managed to land on my feet. 

What We Thought about the Full Trek at Treetop Trek Manchester. 

We all really enjoyed our family day out at Treetop Trek Manchester. Both I and my husband had a great time and although I have a genuine fear of heights and my heart was pounding throughout I felt completely safe and surprised myself by completing the course. 

More importantly, the kids adored being able to try out all the different obstacles and it was great to see their confidence grow on each obstacle. In fact my eight-year-old daughter who was nervous to start managed to do the highest and hardest obstacle in just 30 seconds, which much quicker than the rest of us and wowed the instructor.

We highly recommend the Treetop Trek and will definitely be booking on as a family again. 

More Information and To Book Treetop Treks. 

For more information and how to book on to Treetop Treks see here. 

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