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Review LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

a dragon made out of Lego at Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester has reopened and we went along to check out. Read our review of Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester here. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester based at the Trafford Centre is the ultimate playground for Lego lovers. After months of being closed due to government restrictions, we were invited along during their opening week for an honest review. Here is what we thought. 

Review LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester is aimed at children from age 3 to 12 years, it features attractions rides, amazing builds and is all indoors, great for rainy Manchester days. On discovering we were heading to Lego the kids aged 8, 9 and 11 were extremely excited especially as they hadn’t been for some time. 

Located at the Trafford Centre in Barton Dock it is easy to find has a large free car park. Pre-booking is currently essential with entry slots throughout the day. We decided on an early 9.30 am slot with the play session lasting until 12.00 noon.

We arrived just before 9.30 and faced with a large queue, however, once the doors opened this went down quickly and we were inside in no time. where we checked in and the kids were given a LEGO Poppy Troll figure. 

We then headed in the lift up to the first floor to the attractions, with the first being The Factory. Here you can see how LEGO bricks are made and the process involved, with lots of fun colourful machines.  

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester How lego bricks made

On entering we were advised that the Kingdom Quest ride would be shutting early and that we should head there first. Kingdom Quest is a cart ride, where you are tasked with recusing the princess by zapping the trolls and skeletons. We all loved this ride with our competitive sides coming out as we tried to beat each other’s score. I am not ashamed to say I cheered when I realised I had the highest score. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Lego Shooting Game

We then headed to Miniland, an interactive city made from 1.5 million LEGO bricks where you can spot Manchester and North West landmarks such as Media City and Blackpool Tower. The kids love looking at all the buildings pointing out the places that they recognised especially when the overhead lights dimmed and the Lego builds lit up. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Lego Blackpool Tower

After we had finished examining all the buildings it was time to head to the main attraction room. After over a year of no place centre, the kids all headed straight to Ninjago City Adventure. Here they tested their skills on the reaction time board, trained on rotating climbing wall and made their way around the Ninjago characters challenges in the Interactive Adventure Playground including a ball pool, slides and lots more. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Games

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Soft Play

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Climbing Wall

The one thing that my eight-year-old daughter had been really looking forward to was the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. Here you use your pedal power to make your cart fly as you go round and round. The boys initially were not too keen, dubbing it as a ‘baby ride’. However, once the ride started moving, they soon changed their minds and declared ‘they loved it’. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Lego Ride

As big LEGO fans, of course, couldn’t resist playing with the Lego bricks. They made Lego cars then tried them out on the test ramps, constructed towers and tested them out on the earthquake tables and added their own creations to the mountain scene. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Lego Car Test Track

Whilst the kids were playing the adults made the most of the onsite cafe. They serve Costa Coffee hot drinks along with a selection of cold drinks, sweet treats, hot and cold sandwiches and hotdogs. They also have a kids lunch meal deal which includes a kids sandwich, snack, dessert and a drink for £5.95, plus you can add on a cute LEGO lunchbox for just £3.00. 

Younger kids are also well catered for with a fun under 5’s area featuring DUPLO and a large car track with a selection of Little Tyke cars. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Under 5 car area

As went entered we had noticed a new LEGO DOTS stand and the kids were keen to have a look. LEGO DOTS are LEGO’s arts and crafts range which allows kids to make anything from pictures to bracelets.  At the stand, we were told that the kids could decorate a square with the DOTS to add to the LEGO DOTS wall and then make LEGO DOTS bracelets to take home.

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Lego Dots tiles

 All the kids really enjoyed this activity putting lots of thoughts into their squares and they got excited when they realised they could take the bracelets to decorate at home.  We understand that the LEGO DOTS stand will be at LEGO Discovery Centre until at least the end of June 2021 although this may be extended. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Free lego dots braclet

Before our timeslot ended we also managed to head into the cinema screen to watch a short LEGO film and to have a play in the Space Mission Experience. Here the kids could build and play on the control centre before posing for pictures in the fun cutout.

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Space

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Photos

The exit takes you into the LEGO store where you will find every LEGO set you can imagine and great to buy a memento of your day. 

Review Legoland Discovery Manchester Shop

What We Thought About LEGOLAND Discovery Centre 

We all had a great morning at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. The kids adored Lego Ninjago City Adventure and would have happily played in there all day. They also loved both of the rides and really enjoyed building and testing out the LEGO cars. 

The LEGO DOTS station was also a big hit especially as they got to take their bracelet home. In fact, my eight year old has already added LEGO DOTS sets to her ever-expanding birthday list. 

This was the first time we had visited an indoor attraction and it was great to see the kids having the freedom to play. All the safety measures are well were well implemented so that we all felt safe without feeling too restricted.  

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre makes a great day out and we would highly recommend it. 

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