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Review: One Adventure Adventure Party Packages

One Adventure Party Review Main
12 Jan 2020

Looking for a new party idea? We checked out the packages One Adventure has to offer and this is what we thought!

After the success of my little girl’s spa party, with the help of One Adventure Party Bell Tents, we were asked to review their Adventure Party Experience. Luckily it was my little boy’s 10th birthday so we jumped at the chance.

One Adventure hosts their parties at their activity centre in Droylsden and offers a variety of activities aimed at anyone from 5 years and up.

Once we had decided on a date for the party, we were then tasked with deciding on the activities. The party includes a choice of three adventurous activities including Nerf Wars, Archery, Axe Throwing and Rifle Shooting (both for over 9’s) and lots more (see the full list here). 

After lots of deliberation, my son decided on the Nightline (a blindfolded obstacle course) the Reactor Escape, a challenge in a cave maze and Lazer Tag in their ultraviolet arena. 
The birthday party lasts for two hours and along with the three activities, includes a hot dog, a bag of crisps and a drink. 

Here’s what we thought… 

Review of One Adventure Adventure Parties. 

As mentioned, One Adventure holds their Adventure Parties at their activity centre, which is located on the second floor or Greenside Trading Estate Mill and there is a large car park. 

After all my son’s guests had arrived, the instructors ran through the order of the activities and took everyone through a safety briefing. 

One Adventure Party Review Instructions

It was then time for the party to begin. The first activity of the day was the Nightline. All the children were provided with helmets and blindfolds, told the rules and then they were away. 

One Adventure Party Review Nightline

The Nightline involves following a rope around an obstacle course, blindfolded and the kids all loved it. There were tunnels to go through, tyres to navigate, a bridge to go over and many more challenges, ending with a slide. 

One Adventure Party Review Nightline

One Adventure Party Review Nightline Tunnel

The children had to work as a team to be able to finish, holding on to each other as well as the rope and had to make sure no one was left behind. It was a great start to the party, with kids all laughing throughout and was very funny to watch. 

For the next activity, we headed to the Reactor Escape, which also required helmets. Here all the kids were asked to enter a series of tunnels, which led to the main reactor room.

One Adventure Party Review Caving

Once they found their way (it took some longer than others) the instructor explained that they had to find coloured tiles, which had been hidden in the tunnels and bring them back to the middle bunker to complete a puzzle within a time limit. The instructor also explained that there was a limited amount of lamps for the group and they had to work as a team to decide where best to place them throughout the challenge. The kids decided that their best bet would be to split up into teams, sharing the torches and with each going in different directions. 

One Adventure Party Review caving reactor

One Adventure Party Review caving challenge

All the kids loved the challenge and although some were initially nervous about going into the dark tunnels, they soon forgot about their fear once the challenge began.

The last activity of the party was the laser zone. Here each child was given a laser gun, headset and shown to a large arena with lots of places to hide and to surprise their opponents. The kids then played a variety of laser games, splitting into teams and also individually. 

One Adventure Party Review laser

One Adventure Party Review laser arena

One Adventure Party Review laser team

The Laser Tag was an instant hit with all the kids, who all took it very seriously and it was declared as the favourite activity of the day, saying that they loved how big the arena is. 

After all the activities, everyone had worked up an appetite and all were ready to devour the party food, which included hotdogs and crisps. 

One adventure party food

What we thought about the One Adventure Adventure Party 

We can highly recommend One Adventure’s Adventure Party. The whole experience – from booking to the party- was all simple and very stress-free. The instructors were great with the kids, took charge of the party and I actually got to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. 

The activities were well organised and the variation between the three activities meant that at no point were the kids bored. 

Most importantly, my 10-year-old son loved his Adventure Party. He thought it was great that he could choose the activities himself and really enjoyed trying out something new. 

Since the party, he has not stopped asking when we go back. That says it all! 

Booking the Adventure Party at One Adventure.

The One Adventure Party costs £120 for 6, £165 for 10 and £320 for 20 children or adults. Party food is available at an additional cost. 

Parties can be booked via their Facebook message, through the website or by calling 07538891660. 

For more information about One Adventure Parties see here. 

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