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Camelot Rises – Drive In Cinema

Prop at Camelot Rises
Start Date: 5 Feb 2022
End Date: 13 Mar 2022
Venue: Camelot, Chorley

Watch your favourite horror film or family scary film surrounded by Zombies at Camelot Rises Zombie apocalypse experience. 

Running from Saturday 5th February to Sunday 13th March, Park N Party the team behind Scare City and Christmas City, comes Camelot Rises.

Based at the old Camelot Theme Park in Chorley, Lancashire, a world of pain and pleasure awaits those who dare enter. 

Camelot Rises will be showing both adult films for over 18’s and a handful of family films rated PG earlier on in the evenings during the school holidays.

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What to expect from Camelot Rises? 

Review Camelot Rises Map Credit Camelot Rises Park N Party Credit – Park N Party 

A deadly accident has left the mythical world of Camelot destroyed…and full of zombies hungry for human flesh. As the army fight to keep control of the park, it’s your turn to see if you can survive a deadly night of terror.

Drive into your doom through 1 mile of zombie infested land and enter Camelot at your peril. The park is under military control…but are they really the ones in charge?

Prepare to have a torch flashed in your eyes one minute, before being bombarded by a mob of flesh eating zombies the next. Do what the soldiers tell you, or face being the undead’s next meal.

As the legendary castle sits derelict, you’ll experience all of the sights, sounds and sensations that put you right in the middle of an apocalyptic event. Prepare for sirens, smoke, mangled bodies and, of course, hoards of the living dead coming for you and your loved ones.

If you survive you can settle down to enjoy a scary movie, but there is no gaurentee that the Zombies won’t find you. 

The drive through Zombie Experience at Camelot Rises

Review Camelot Rises Zombie Credit Camelot Rises Park N Party

Credit – Park N Party 

As you venture into the deadly world of Camelot, you’ll first come across a military checkpoint. Entering the castle, soldiers containing the park will see you into a contaminated area. Whether you make it out alive or not is down to you.

You’ll then head into the Valley of the Dead. Formerly the jousting arena in old Camelot, now home to legions of rotting zombies – you will not be greeted kindly.

Following this vicious attack, guards will be on patrol, but we can’t promise the zombies won’t break in and look again for their next meal.

The Walk Through Controlled Miltary Zone at Camelot Rises 

Review Camelot Rises Photo op

If your brave enough you can also get out of your car in the Safe Zone. 

Wander around checking out the carnage that the Zombies have caused and grab a picture or two to proof that you survived.

Food and Drink at Camelot Rises

After all the exhilarition you can replenish your energy with at the on-site food and drink stalls. You can expect the likes of burgers, pizza, hot dogs, gyros and more. 

Along with a full licenced bar. 

Films Showing at Camelot Rises 

Along with the Zombie Apocolpyse experince the Camelot Rises includes access to their drive in cinema with both scary films rated 15 and 18  and spooky films for families. Here is what is showing. 

Family Films showing at Camelot Rises 

Friday 18th February, 5.30pm – Addams Family 

Saturday 19th February, 3.00pm- Monster House 

Sunday 20th February, 3.00pm – Frankenweenie 

Scary Films for Over 15’s and 18’s at Camelot Rises

Week One Films at Camelot Rises 

Saturday 5th February, 5.30pm – The Crazies
Saturday 5th February, 9.00pm – A Quiet Place: February 5, 9pm
Sunday 6th February, 5.30pm – The Hills Have Eyes
Sunday 6th February, 9.00pm – A Quiet Place 2

Week Two Films at Camelot Rises 

Thursday 10th February, 9.00pm – Insidious
Friday 11th February, 9.00pm – 28 Weeks Later
Saturday 12th February, at 5.30pm – Annabelle Comes Home
Saturday 12th February, at 9.00pm – The Unborn
Sunday 13th February, at 5.30pm Rec
Monday 14th February, at 9.00pm Jennifer’s Body
Tuesday 15th February, at 9.00pm Annabelle

Week Three Films at Camelot Rises 
Thursday 17th February, 5.30pm – Get Out
Thursday 17th February, 9.00pm – Grudge 
Friday 18th February, 5.30pm – 28 Weeks Later 
Saturday 19th February, 5.30pm – I Am Legend
Saturday 19th February, 9.00pm – The Cured
Sunday 20th February, 5.30pm Insidious 2
Sunday 20th February, 9.00pm The Ring

Week Four Films at Camelot Rises 

Thursday 24th February 9.00pm- 28 Days Later
Friday 25th February 9.00pm – Evil Dead (2013)
Saturday 26th February 5:30pm, 28 Weeks Later 
Saturday 26th February 9.00pm, Rec
Sunday 27th February 5:30pm – Little Monsters
Sunday 27th February 9.00pm – The Night Eats the World

Week Five Films at Camelot Rises 

Thursday 3rd March, 9.00pm – Train to Busan
Friday 4th March, 9.00pm – Comes at Night
Saturday 5th March, 5.30pm – The Girl With All the Gifts
Saturday 5th March, 9.00pm – Night of the Living Dead
Sunday 6th March, 5.30pm – The Strangers
Sunday 6th March, 9.00pm REC 2

Week Six Films at Camelot Rises 

Thursday 10th March, 9.00pm – I Am Legend
Friday 11th March, 9.00pm – 28 Days Later
Saturday 12th March, 5.30pm – The Crazies
Saturday 12th March, 9.00pm – A Quiet Place
Sunday 13th March, 5.30pm – The Hills Have Eyes
Sunday 13th March, 9.00pm – A Quiet Place

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Tickets to Camelot Rises. 

Tickets to Camelot Rises costs £50 per car plus booking fee and must be booked online in advance. See link below. 


Always check with organiser before setting off
Address: Camelot, Park Hall Rd, Charnock, Richard, Chorley, PR7 5LP

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