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Free Book Bench Literacy Trail in Salford

Salford Book Bench Arts Trail The Literacy Trust
Start Date: 13 Jul 2022
End Date: 8 Sep 2022
Venue: Salford

A fun Book Bench literacy and art trail is heading to Salford this summer holidays. 

The trail will be popping up around Salford Streets as part of a new Salford Literacy campaign. 

Here is what you need to know: 

Book Bench Literacy Trail in Salford

Salford Book Bench Trail The Literacy Trust

The Salford Literacy Trail is a partnership between the National Literacy Trust and the Bupa Foundation. 

Research from the National Literacy Trust shows that children who are the most engaged with literacy are three times more likely to have higher levels of mental wellbeing than their least engaged peers.

The benches will be created with primary school children across Salford. The pupils have helped design the benches by looking at how favourite books inspire them and make them feel.

The BookBenches are being created by Wild in Art, a specialist organisation behind many other successful trails, such as Bee in the City, Elmer’s Great North Parade, and Walking with The Snowman.

The lovely book trail has been designed to celebrate the local community and their city, whilst helping to raise awareness of reading and mental wellbeing. 

Where will the Salford Trail of Book Benches Be located?

Salford Book Bench Trail locations The Literacy Trust

There will be 20 Book Benches in total and will located at the following locations around Salford: 

  • Around Mediacity 
  • The Lowry 
  • Near Bupa HQ On The Waterside 
  • Ordsall Hall 
  • Bexley Square
  • Salford Cathedral 
  • Salford Musuem and Art Gallery
  • Action Square
  • Salford Shopping Centre 
  • Eccles Gateway 
  • RHS Garden Bridgewater 
  • Bridgewater Canal 
  • Swinton Gateway

There is a free trail map to download which includes some fun activities. See the Link Below. 

Other Salford Literacy Trail Activities

Salford Book Bench Trail Designs The Literacy Trust

Along with the book trail it’self, The Salford Literacy Trail have put together series of activities whcih you can download for free. 

When is the Book Bench Trail? 

The Book Trail will run from Thursday 14th July to Friday 9th September 2022. 

For more information and to download the trail map see the link below. 



Always check with organiser before setting off
Address: Around Salford City Centre

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