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Valentine Family Love Jar Activity With Free Printables

Family Love Jar with love heart notes

Celebrate Valentine’s day with the family by creating a cute love jar activity with these free printables. 

Most of us we are sure tell our kids and family members that we love them. But it is also important to tell them why and for them to see that it is important to also love themselves.

Not only does this reinforce your words but also helps kids build confidence and communicate their feelings as they grow.  

However, with the school run, meals to plan, activities to run the kids to, jobs and everything else parent’s have to worry about, it is easy to forget to tell your kids why you love them. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take time out to show why each of your family members why they are loved and this Love Jar activity makes it super easy. 

Valentines Free Printable Family Love Notes

How To Make A Family Love Jar?

Free Valentine Printable Family Love Jar Idea


Simply put aside 30 minutes or so, gather your family.

Ask them to each write down why they love the other family members on separate pieces of paper, helping any younger children who may need it. 

Don’t forget to ask them to also write down why they love themselves.

Valentines Free Printable Family Love Myself note

It is up to you whether the notes stay anonymous or you can ask them to pop their names on there. It is also a cute idea to put on the year, so you can see how eveyone’s answers have changed over the years/

After you have all finished writing the note, fold the paper and pop them in an empty jar.

Give the jar a shake and take turns pulling out the notes and reading them outloud. 

Once finished you can why not pop all the notes back into the jar and save for next Valentines Day, when you can add to it again. 

Valentines Free Printable Family Love note into jar

The Family Love Jar Free Printables

To make the Love Jar Activity extra easy we have created a free printable pack which includes:

  • Two different hearts note sheets with 4 hearts on each for you to write on – one which includes a note introducing why you love yourself.
  • A sign for your jar.
  • An instruction sheet. 

When printing off the pack make sure you print off enough hearts for everyone to have one for each family member taking part plus one for themselves. 

Although it will look best if printing in colour they will also work in black and white. 

They also go great with our other Free Valentines Day Printable activities range which you can check out here.  

The Valentines Love Jar is free to download. Simply click the link below and press print. 

Free Valentines Printables Love Jar printing

The Family Love Jar Printable

Click Here To Download The Free Valentines Love Jar Printables Here

More Free Valentine Printables 

 Valentines Free Printables

You can check out more free Valentine Printables from I Spy, to Bingo and even a Family Love Jar in our pritable section here. 

See here for more Valentine Printables. 

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