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Free Printable Valentines Day Activities

Valentines Free Printables
7 Feb 2024

This Valentine’s Day get the kids involved in with the Valentine’s fun with these free printable Valentine’s Day Activities. 

If you want to keep the kids entertained this Valentine’s Day or simply want to get them involved, we have put together a range of great free Valentine printables. 

From a colouring sheet placemat to a Family Love Jar and more, here are some fun activities to get the whole family involved in Valentines Day this year. 

Free Printable Valentines Day Activities

Free Valentine’s Day Colouring Placemat

Valentines Free Printable Place Mat

Keep the kids busy whilst giving them something cute to eat off with this fun Valentine’s Day Colouring Placemat. 

The placemat feature images around the outside to colour in, plus space in the middle for the kids doodle on or you could ask them to create a funny valentines poem or two. 

The Valentine’s Day Colouring Placemat is free and printable, simply click for how to download. 

Free Valentine’s Day I Spy Game 

Valentines Free Printable I Spy Main

Get the kids looking for love, well cute images of love, with our free Valentines I Spy Game. 

There are 14 different love themed images and five of each to find. Once found the kids can either tick the box, colour in the images or both – keeping the kids busy for some time. 

The Valentines I Spy Game is free to download and print, see here. 

Free Valentines Love Heart Bingo Game 

Valentines Free Printable Love Hearts Bingo

What better way to keep the kids entertained this Valentine’s Day than with a fun game of Love Hearts bingo. 

With sweet messages instead of numbers, kids can either tick them off as they are called out or if your feeling extra generous they could use Love Heart Sweets. 

The free Valentines Love Hearts Bingo free printables features 6 different bingo cards, tokens for drawing and a set of instructions. 

To download and print the free Valentines Love Heart Bingo Game pack see here. 

Valentines Day Family Love Jar 

Valentines Free Printable Family Love Jar Main

Valentines Day does just have to be about romance. Why not use to it teach the kids about the importance of loving themselves and letting others know why you love them. 

These free printables feature love hearts for writing your note on, instructions and a sign of your jar. 

Download and prints the free Valentines Day Family Love Jar pack here. 

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