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Tameside Bin Collections Set To Change.

tameside recycling bins
13 Feb 2021

Tameside Council has put forward plans to change the collection rotas for the collection of the bins as part of budget cuts. 

Under the new budget proposals for the 2021/ 2022 financial year, the council intends to move the recycling collections from fortnightly to once every three weeks. 

Currently, the blue bins for paper and cardboard and the black bins for plastic, jars, tins, and foil are collected every two weeks. However, the new proposal indicates an intention to move these bins collections to once every three weeks. 

It is understood that the proposal will not the green bin which is for general waste collection will not change and will still be emptied fortnightly. The brown bin which is for garden and food waste will also still be collected weekly. 

Council officers have indicated that changing recycling collections of the blue and black bins to every three weeks will save £260,000 in the next financial year and £530,000 thereafter. 

The 2021 – 2021 budget will be voted on at a full council meeting on 23 February 2021.  

Image credit Tameside Council

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