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Snow School Closures In Tameside

Snow in a Tameside Park
29 Nov 2021

Discover which Tameside Schools will be closed today due to the snow.

It’s been predicted for weeks and we finally have snow in Tameside and wow do we have a lot?  

However, with the snow comes the chance that schools may be closed.

Although the snow will be worse in some parts of the borough than others the schools throughout Tameside may have to close due to the snow.

Schools are only able to stay open when it is safe for their pupils to do so. Elements taken into account include if it is safe underfoot , temperatures and if enough teachers are able to get into school.

Even if the school is able to open in the morning, it may need to close throughout the day if snowfalls continue to fall and it is no longer safe to stay open. 

How to find out if your child’s school is closed? 

We will be putting the Tameside school closures that we are made aware of down below and here is how you can find out if your child’s school will remain open. 

Often schools may not be able to make a decision about keeping the school open until close to the normal school opening times. 

Most schools will send out a text direct to all parents so it’s worth ensuring that the office always has up-to-date contact details for you (including mobile numbers) and that you have battery charge and reception!

Similarly, follow the school’s Facebook page if it has one, or check their website if it is updated regularly.

Here are the schools we have been informed are closing by our readers on Tuesday 30th November 2021 but please check with the school directly in case of errors and other schools may not have been reported yet. 

We will be updating the schools here throughout the morning so please keep checking back. 

If we have missed a school that will be closed this morning, please let us know on our Facebook page here and we will add it to the list. 

We Are Not Aware of Any Schools closed in Tameside

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