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Cineworld Ashton has reopened here is what to expect.

cineworld Ashton Foyer
17 May 2021

Cineworld Ashton is reopening with new safety measures, here is what you can expect. 

Cineworld Ashton is reopening with some great new and classic films along with a range of social distancing rules. 

They will be 

Plus Cineworld Ashton is offering the chance to see some of your favourite films in their state of art 4DX screen including some of the Harry Potter films and Jurassic Park.

See here for a list of films you can watch at Cineworld Ashton.

New Safety Measures at Cineworld Ashton 

Face Coverings 

In line with the government guidelines, face coverings must be work in the cinema but can be removed when eating or drinking. 

Social Distancing 

Cineworld Ashton has implemented new social distancing measures throughout the cinema in the following ways:

New Signs – You will find two-meter queuing markers and foot traffic flow signs in the foyers and screen entrances. 

Cineowrld Reopening social distancing sign

Staggered Film Times – The cinema has also staggered film times to reduce customers crossing paths with other customers going in or out of other screens and buildup of crowds in the foyer. 

Space Between Cinema Seats – When booking your tickets, the Cineworld booking system will only let you select seats if you have left at least 2 seats empty next any occupied seats. 

Cineworld Reopening booking tickets

Plastic Screens – Screens have been added at the concessions areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Cinema Tickets 

Cineworld are encouraging customers to book tickets in advance online where possible either on their website or via their app. 

Tickets will be available to purchase from the cinema itself ideally with contactless payment (although cash will be accepted). 

There is also a new contactless system for handing in your tickets when entering the screen. 

Cineworld Reopening tickets

Hand Sanitising and Hand Washing

Cineowrld Reopening Main

Cineworld has provided hand sanitiser stations for customers and employees within the cinema.

In addition, we understand that all employee and customer toilets will be stocked with anti-bacterial hand soap, and stringent handwashing guidelines will be in place for all employees to supplement our current personal hygiene policy.

Employee Training and PPE

All the Cineworld employees have received COVID-19 training and PPE has been provided where the risk assessment has deemed it necessary, in line with government requirements.

Cineowrld Reopening Staff PPE

Track and Trace 

Cineworld has confirmed that they will be taking part in public health authorities’ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contact Tracing schemes. Everybody visiting will either need to check-in at the cinema via the NHS track and trace app or providing details to the cinema itself. 

Additional Cleaning

Cineworld is enhancing their usual high cleaning standards with a new cleaning programme designed to clean and sanitise the high touchpoints within the cinema.

There are also allowing additional time between film times to allow additional screen cleaning. 

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