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Aldi Announces a New Store in Tameside

Aldi Logo on a store wall

Aldi has revealed that it will be opening a new store in Tameside as part of its expansion on the business in Greater Manchester. 

The store which is planned to open in Denton is expected to open by the end of the year.

The new Aldi store will be located at Crown Point North shopping centre and although details of the exact location have not yet been released it has been rumoured that it will open on the in the old Marks and Spencer Outlet location.

Along with the new Denton store, Aldi has also announced that it will be upgrading its current store in Middleton. The combined projects are expected to create 150 new jobs and cost £2.5 million. 

The projects are part of Aldi's expansion plans in the Greater Manchester area where they are hoping to open 20 new stores - including in Didsbury, Radcliffe and Stockport.  

Aldi is currently opening stores across the country at a rate of one each week and has revealed that they hope to have 1,200 stores in the UK by 2025.

Along with the new stores, Aldi has also announced plans to increase the amount of food and drink it buys from British suppliers by £3.5bn a year by 2025. 

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