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Review of The Christmas Santa Experience at Cockfields Farm 2019

image of children holding passports to see Santa
23 Nov 2019

Trying to decide where to see Santa this Christmas? Read our review of the Christmas Experience at Cockfields Farm.

 With most companies offering the chance for families to see Father Christmas at this time of year, it can be difficult to decide where to see Santa for Christmas 2019. How about enjoying a magical North Pole adventure on the farm? We were invited along to Cockfields Farm to take a look and see what was on offer for families, for the purpose of giving an honest review.


What to Expect From the Christmas Santa Experience at Cockfields Farm 

With a 12, 10 and 6 year old, Christmas is feeling a little different, as the eldest doesn’t believe anymore. So it was with trepidation we brought him along, with strict instructions to go along with it all. I needn’t have worried. The Christmas Santa Experience at Cockfields is as much for the non believers as the believers, and I challenge you not to feel Christmassy by the end.
cockfields farm1 
The adventure begins with a letter in the post from Santa himself, inviting the children to come and join him at Cockfields Farm. With a very official looking wax seal, it definitely got the kids excited and looking forward to their visit.
On the day, we met in the departure area, where children of all ages were waiting expectantly. Each child was given a passport to get stamped throughout the trip and a coin which they could exchange later on for a make your own bear. Whilst they were waiting, the kids enjoyed studying their passports, and arguing about what they would be doing first.
Main cockfields elf
The time finally arrived for the elves to collect the families and the first experience of the day was the elf show. It was a fantastic way to start the day, as on 23rd November, I wasn’t quite feeling festive enough. The elf show cured all this, and had everyone feeling Christmassy by the end, with silly songs, dancing and more. My eldest really enjoyed the humour in the show…there was no eye rolling at all, and as we headed onto the next part of the journey, everyone’s festive spirits had been lifted. 

cockfields farm2

Afterwards, families get to go through a festive tunnel of trees, and come out by Mrs Claus’kitchen. Here we got to meet Merry Berry, who was definitely in festive character (although watch her carefully, she might just steal your gingerbread!). Once inside, the children were greeted by Mrs Claus who instructed them on the art of decorating gingerbread men, before they all got to decorate their own. Afterwards, the children settled down by the feet of Mrs Claus in her armchair to enjoy her retelling of The Night Before Christmas. 
cockfields farm mrs claus
Next, it was onto the Elf village; I think I found this bit the most exciting, with a post office where the children could write their letters to Santa, an area where they could make their own reindeer dust, and of course an Elfbucks, where kids can pick up a hot chocolate whilst the mums and dad enjoy a mulled wine and mince pies.
cockfields farm3
It’s here too that the kids can exchange their tokens for their bear. The children were excited to be able to choose from a good selection of teddies –my son chose a dinosaur, whilst my daughters chose a highland cow and a dog. They are given stuffing and a heart to fill it with, and a birth certificate too. There are sound boxes and costumes available too, but these cost extra. 
cockfields farm bears
The children were invited to join Santa by his chair where he welcomed them, asking them whether they had been good, and what they would like for Christmas. Firstly, I need to say that this Father Christmas is the real deal. We have been disappointed in the past by Father Christmas’who haven’t even made an effort with their costumes, This man absolutely looked the part, but also acted the part too. When my son asked for a LEGO set, he told my son “but you already have a lot of LEGO don’t you” and my son was amazed. Then he added “ and I know it was you who left all that wrapping paper on the floor last year.” On the way home, I heard the kids discussing whether he was the real Santa, because how could he know these things? Before we left, Father Christmas gave them a coin to spend in the shop and we got a family photo as a souvenir for the day (this costs extra). A friendly elf then led us into a toy shop where the children could spend their coin. I was very impressed with the choice of toys and games available to choose from.

cockfields farm santa

Although this was our first trip to enjoy the Santa Experience, we have been to Cockfields Farm several times before, and the children just love to see the animals. So afterwards, we headed to the barn to have a pet of the animals; and what visit to see Santa would be complete without seeing his real reindeer too. As well as small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs to look at, the goats are always fun to see and there are reptiles too. My eldest was able to have a hold of a bearded dragon and chameleon much to his delight, and the girls enjoyed petting a hedgehog. Outside, don’t miss the favourites such as the ride on tractors and bouncy pillow too if you can brave the cold.
cockfields farm reindeer 

The Verdict: What we thought about the Santa Experience at Cockfields Farm

We had the best day out meeting Santa at Cockfields Farm. I can’t praise the staff highly enough; everyone involved in the experience is filled with Christmas spirit, which really is contagious. With older children, it’s a little harder to replicate the magic of when they were younger, and so the day we spent there really was special, with all children saying how much they had loved their day. There is so much to see and do, and Cockfields Farm must have spent so much time working on the finer details around the farm; from portrait pictures of Santa’s reindeers, to the shops and pubs in the Elf village, everything was so well thought out.   If you’re going to take the kids to see Santa this year, I would definitely recommend the Santa Experience for a family day out for kids of all ages.  For more details about the Christmas Santa Experience at Cockfields Farm, see here.  

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