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Review of kNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game

The Know! game board and pawns

We checked out Ravensburger's new board game kNOW! - the quiz game whch is always up to date. 

Ravensburger have a new board game on the market and takes quiz challenges to a whole new level. Working with Google Assistant kNOW! promises to be never out of date. 

We were kindly gifted kNOW! for the purposes of a honest review and you can read what our reviewer Gemma thought. 

Review of KNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game. 

Me and my group of friends are game fans and before we all became parents we would love a good board game night. I therefore jumped at the chance to invite some friends around to review Ravensburger's new quiz game kNOW! Here is everything you need to know and what we thought. 

Know game review game

What is in the kNOW! game box. 

kNOW! comes in fairly big cardboard box and had no plastic waste. It contained 6 pawn playing pieces, the board game which comes in four parts, a set of double sided Online Quiz Cards and a set of Offline Quiz Cards, a sorting strip for the question gards, and a buzzer. 

Know game review whats in the box

How to Play The Know! Game.

kNOW! is for 3 to 6 players (although more can play in teams) and has both online and offline options. To start you first need to put the board game together, place the cards on the board and turn the buzzer on at the bottom (which was all very easy to do). You will also need to give all players a pen and piece of paper.  

Each player then chooses a different coloured pawn and once placed on the board next to the arror you ready to go.

The aim of the game is to move around the board by answering the quiz questions correctly.

The questions are divided in to four categories of Intuition, Fun, Creativity and Knowledge with the question you get asked depending on the colour space you land on. Each coloured question category is also divided further into mini-games and if you have shuffled them well, it is pot luck which one you get. There is a seperate rule book which gives you the details of each. On first look they look really complicated but you don't need to read them all before you start playing, we just read them all the card came up in the game. 

Know game review question categories

What makes kNOW! different to other quiz style board games is that you can play it online with Google Assistant (either on the app or on Google Home) or offline with a seperate set of game cards. 

Know game review questions

If you choose to play with Google Assistant you follow the instructions on the online cards speaking the instructions or ask the question to Google Assistant. 

Know game review google assistant

The Mini Games range from 'GUESS WORK' where as the name suggests you have to guess anything from a future date to distance to a certain location or number of films an actor has made with the player with the closest guess wins the point; 'kNOW IT ALL' where you ask Proffessor kNOW for a kNOW IT ALL TASK, a muliple choice answer; and QUICK ON THE DRAW where you compete with the other players to press the buzzer to answer the question. 

kNOW Game review buzzer

Some of the questions require you to right the answer down others you shout out after pressing the buzzer. 

KNOW game Review Playing

The offline questions offer the same categories and but have the answers on the cards themselves. However once we had a taste of playing with the Google Assistance we popped them back in the box. 

Depending on the category will depend if the quiz master will get to play and score. Some mini games give all the players the chance to score a point (and so move forward on the board) and in other mini games only player can score unless they get it wrong, when all the other players will steal the point. 

The winner is the first to get to pass the agreed finished line which the rules say can be any at the end of the quarters of the board. 

What Age Is kNOW! for ? 

Ravensburger recommends that the offline game is for children aged and 10 years and over and the online play for those over 16 years old, as you need to have a Google Account for Google Assistant, we therefore intially played kNOW with a group of our friends. See below for what we thought. 

Never wanting to miss out on a game our 10 and 7 year olds were keen to play the next day and so we let them try. We played the online version and they picked it up straight away and gave us a run for our money. 

Although they found certain Mini Game questions harder than others, such at Up 2 Three where you are asked to provide 3 answers to one of the questions of the card with the goal to come up with the answers that Google provides. Other Mini Games such as GUESS WORK and kNOW IT ALL they found much easier. Plus they loved all the buzzer Mini Games, racing to press it whether they knew the answer or not. 

What We Thought About kNOW!

From the moment we all started playing kNOW! we were all completely hooked. We loved the variety of questions especially as no all of them required general knowledge, which meant that my still recovering baby brain had a chance. 

Although the rules initially looked complicated they are really easy to follow and we had the game set up in no time. As we don't have a Google Home Hub, we had to use the Google Assistant App and this was simple to set up and more importantly easy to use with the game. 

It is great that if you don't have a lot of time you can choose to play a shorter game or as we did play board and half (as I said we were hooked).  

Best of all when playing online, there are lots of questions where the answer will be different everytime you play, meaning you will never get bored of kNOW!

How Much Is kNOW! And Where Can You Purchase It From? 

 kNOW! has an RRP of £29.99 and is available to purchase on Amazon, John Lewis and other online retailers. 




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