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Review Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Love Cards Against Humanity? Kids Against Maturity is a kid-friendly version and you discover what we thought in our review.

The popular Cards Against Humanity has been entertaining adults for years and now a kid-friendly version, Kids Against Maturity, is on the market. 

We kindly sent Kids Against Maturity for the purpose of an honest review and we kindly asked our Mum On The Go reviewer Gemma and her family to see what they thought. Check out there review below. 

Review Kids Against Maturity Card Game

Me and my family love a good card game and we therefore really excited to check out the new Kids Against Maturity. Here is what we thought> 

What is Kids Against Maturity? 

From the makers of the popular adult game Cards Against Humanity, Kids Against Maturity is designed be a family friendly party card game full of layered innuendos to get the whole family laughing. 

What age is Kids Against Maturity for? 

Kids Against Maturity is aimed at children over 10 years old and the box reccomends that you go through the cards removing any that you feel are inappropirate for the age of your children. 

What is In the Kids Against Maturity Box? 

Review Kids Against Maturity Whats In The Box

The Kids Against Maturity box contains over 600 cards with a mixure of questions and answers. 

How To Play Kids Against Maturity? 

Kids Against Maturity is one of the simplest games we've played. 

The game is for four players plus. You start by dealing out 10 answer cards to each player.

Review Kids Against Maturity how to play answers

Then each player takes turns reading out the blue question card, which contain a mixture of straight forward questions such as "What's In Puss's Boots', common phrases and sentences with a word missing. 

Review Kids Against Maturity how to play questions

Review Kids Against Maturity questions

Everyone (apart from the question asker) then answers the questions with the funniest card in their hand, with options such as 'biggest brownest log', 'crop dusting', 'booty scooty' and lots more.

Review Kids Against Maturity how to play answers


The kids couldn't wait for their turn to give their answers and were in stitches as soon as we all started reading them out. And to be honest so was myself and my husband. 

Review Kids Against Maturity card game answers

Review Kids Against Maturity Card family

Review Kids Against Maturity funny answers

The person with the funniest answer as choosen by the question asker, wins the hand. The first person to win five rounds is the overall winner with the game taking between 30 to 90 minutes depending on numbers. 

What We Thought About Kids Against Maturity?

When I explained the concept of the game to the kids they couldn't wait to play it. 

Although my daughter is only eight, after I read through the cards I knew she would love the toilet humour as much as my 11 year old and I wasn't wrong. 

They both loved reading all the silly answers, delighted in choosing what they would thought would be the funniest answer and adored listening to what everyone else had choosen. They have never laughed so much. 

We did find that some of the answers contained Americain culture and words that they didn't understand and was left a bit confused. There was a couple of inuendos that the adults playing found hilarous which (thankfully) went straight over their heads. 

Overall we have all enjoyed playing Kids Against Maturity. It is easy to play, can be as long or short a game as you like, there are over 4,000 combinations of answers and questions and is nice and compact to make a great travel game. 

In fact we are planning on taking it on an upcoming camping trip with friends and the kids can't wait to share their new favourite game. 

Where To Buy Kids Against Maturity?

Kids Against Maturity has an RRP of £19.99 and can be purchased from Smyths Toys Superstores here. 

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