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Review The Chocolate Factory Manchester

The Chocolate Factory sign in Manchester

The chocolate Factory Manchester is has opened at the Trafford Centre offering an immersive world of sweetness, see what we thought in our review.

Running until the 30th April 2022, The Chocolate Factory has been brought to Manchester by Fever after its success in London, Madrid and Barcelona.

We were invited along to check out The Chocolate Factory Manchester for the purpose of an honest review and you can discover what we thought here. 

Review of The Chocolate Factory Manchester

Review The Chocolate Factory Photos

On hearing about The Chocolate Factory which offers an immersive hour of everything sweet we were very excited to try it out. 

The Chocolate Factory is located at the Trafford Centre, on the lower floor next to M&S. We parked at the John Lewis end of the centre and it was only a five minutes walk. 

On arrival, we checked in at the reception desk, provided with a wristband and a bag to fill with sweet treats along the way. We were then shown to the waiting area which featured chocolate-themed slogans – perfect for a nice picture. 

Review The Chocolate Factory instagram pics

Before long we invited to start The Chocolate Factory tour. 

On entering we were greeted by a funny character dressed up in a top hat who told us that we need to sign an agreement not to disclose any of the chocolate making secrets we were about to see. It was instantly apparent that we would be in for a special treat. 

Review The Chocolate Factory Lolly tree

We were then shown to the magical Chocolate Factory Garden. The first thing we spotted was a large tree with large lollies dangelling from it’s branches, which unfortunately these were not yet ready to eat.

However, we soon discovered that lollies don’t just grow on tree. We were invited to reach inside the bushes and found an abundance of ripe lolly pops inside and told to my kids delight we could take some of these home. 

Review The Chocolate Factory lolly wall

Review The Chocolate Factory lolly

Next it was time to plant our own chocolate tree. We were given pots to fill with edible rocks, then chocolate seeds and topped off with chocolate soil.

My nine year old was extreamley excited at thought of growing her own chocolate tree, who wouldn’t be. But on hearing that they take they take 100 years she decided to eat the rocks, seeds and soils instead – declaring they were delicious. 

Review The Chocolate Factory chocolate stones

Our journey then took us to Cloud Land. Here we got to participate in a chocolate tasting session. We were instructed on what makes the best chocolate and given a piece to examine, smell and listen to before we could finally taste it. It was worth the wait. 

Review The Chocolate Factory chocolate tasting

There was also time to take pictures with the exciting features around the room. We also had chance to head into the cupcake side room, testing cakes for their spongeyness by having a bounce on top.

Review The Chocolate Factory cupcakes

Continuing in the chocolate making process, our next stop was the mixing room.  On entering we were tasked to help with the mixing proccess which takes place in a giant ball pit. The kids (and other adults on our tour for that matter) didn’t need asking twice and were jumping in in no time, swimming around and of course helping to mix. 

Review The Chocolate Factory Ball Pool mixer

Review The Chocolate Factory Ball Pool

The Chocolate Factory floor itself was next. On our journey had been given a large strawberry, sugar cube and cocoa bean. Once on the factory floor we were shown where these ingredients go, watched as they magically produce little chocolate bars. To our delight we were also handed some to taste and take home. 

Review The Chocolate Factory chocolate bars

Next door we found The Chocolate Factory Shop watching as the chocoalte bars arrived on a mini conveyor belt and had the chance to take some fun photos. 

Review The Chocolate Factory shop

Our last stop of the tour was Chocolate Town. This was as exciting as it sounds with a free grabbing machine which gave out Haribo, a packman game, a park area with swings and a seesaw and other fun games. Plus lots of photo opps and lots more chocolate to take home. 

Review The Chocolate Factory free Pac Man

The experience took around an hour to complete.

What we thought about The Chocolate Factory Manchester

The Chocolate Factory is a fun immersive experience where we found something new to see around every corner something deilicous to taste. 

The bouncy cupcakes were a cute little touch and we all absolutely loved the giant ball pit. The packman game and Haribo grabbing machine were also big hits. 

The kids couldn’t believe how many sweet treats they got to taste and take home and thankfully they were willing to save some of the sugar rush for another day.

Review The Chocolate Factory what chocolate do you get

Booking The Chocolate Factory Manchester

For more information and to book The Chocolate Factory see here. 



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