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Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival 2021

Pumpkin Patch at Cockfields Farm kids picking pumpkins

Cockfields Farm’s Pumpkin Festival has begun and we headed along to check it out. Check out our review of Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival here. 

Spooky Season is here again and to mark the occasion, Cockfields Farm has begun its ever-popular Pumpkin Festival. We were invited along to for the purpose of an honest review. We asked one of Mum On The Go Reviewers Amy and her family to check it out. Here is what they thought. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival 2021

We arrived at Cockfields farm with much anticipation. We absolutely love Halloween and couldn’t wait for a day of fab-boo-lous fun! The whole family were thrilled to see that all of our favourite activities were back on offer this year including the Monster Mash Bash disco. 

In addition to our favourites, Cockfields has updated its Halloween program with some new additions for 2021. These include the haunted tractor ride and the pumpkin village.

We are always excited to see how Cockfields Farm will continue to build upon its Halloween activities- with each year getting bigger and better than the year before. We could see, as soon as we stepped foot through the doors, that this year would not disappoint.

On arrival, we were given a program of the day’s events. My children (8 &10) were eager to head straight to the animal barn. The goats are always a bit of a favourite and today they were on top form, with a couple of curious kids even jumping out of their pen, eager to get involved in all the spooky action. We entered the barn with bags brimming with animal food (available to purchase at the farm entrance) which were soon devoured by the adorable, forever hungry army of goats.

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Feeing Goats

We were thrilled to see that even the farm’s resident meerkat family were getting into the Halloween spirit. Their enclosure, found just outside the animal barn, has received a glow-up straight out of a zombie apocalypse movie. We loved watching them navigate the small wooden tombstones and sitting on top of the carefully placed pumpkins. Of course, we kept a safe distance- with signs giving the stark warning that these were indeed zombie meerkats! It was a great touch and one of the many things we hadn’t seen before. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Meerkats Zombies

Next, we headed off for the highlight of our day – the pumpkin patch. There are pumpkins of all different shapes and sizes and both of my children enjoyed taking their time to pick their favourites. My son, at one stage, had several potential pumpkins in the running before whittling it down to the chosen one – the one with the best stalk, for anyone who is interested in what makes the perfect pumpkin.  

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Pumpkin Field

The little wheelbarrows dotted throughout the pumpkin patch were a lovely touch and the small children, in particular, were in their element wheeling them around. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Picking Pumpkins

Once our pumpkins were picked, we took them to the carving barn where we were given tools and set to work creating our masterpieces. Pumpkin picking and carving takes place throughout the day at the farm, and the best bit? The mess stays there! Music to the ears of anyone who has ever experienced the carnage of scooping out pumpkin flesh in their own home.

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival leave mess around

What’s more, carved pumpkins can be safely left at the pumpkin village until you are ready to take them home. A bonus for anyone who, like us, does not want to carry their pumpkin friend around for the duration of their visit. 

 Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Carved Pumpkins

Once we had carved our pumpkins, we went to rest our feet and quench our thirst in ‘woolly jumpers’ café- renamed the Haunted Hut for the spooky season.

There was a good selection of hot meals and snacks on offer- including some ghoulish sweet treats. We enjoyed our hot drinks and the pumpkin skeleton shortbread was a big hit with the children. As an alternative to visiting the cafe, you can bring your own food with picnic benches located in the main and play barns. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Spooky Treats

When we were rested and fed, we headed back outside to explore, play and pet some of the gorgeous animals in ‘cuddle corner’. We loved stroking the beautiful, long- haired rabbits and the tiny, baby guinea pigs were adorable – if a little too small to stroke.

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Cuddle animals

After this, we took a ride on the haunted tractor ride – a new and exciting addition to Cockfields Farm this year. The tractor, which has been decorated for the festival, provided the perfect vantage point to see the llamas and donkeys. 

We decided to go out with a bang and rounded off our journey with a visit to the Monster Mash Bash. Here, we danced along to some familiar family favourites, such as ‘The Macarena’ ‘Agadoo’ and ‘Baby Shark.’ Younger members of the audience were invited to come to the dance floor and share some of their spooky moves- with many dressed in Halloween fancy dress to add to the excitement. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Monster Disco

The Halloween Pumpkin Festival at Cockfields Farm is so much more than just a pumpkin patch. With all the spooky and animal attractions it makes a fantastic day out for children and adults alike, and is perfect to get you into the Halloween spirit. We were impressed to see that Cockfields Farm has continued to add to the popular event, with additional activities on offer this year, as well as the usual family favourites.

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Halloween House

Today was a beautiful, warm autumnal day but wellies or boots are definitely recommended in wetter weather, as the ground can get muddy in places. 

Review Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival Giant Spider

We were excited to bring our pumpkins home, where they are now glowing eerily- we couldn’t wait until Halloween! 

The Halloween Pumpkin Festival takes place at Cockfields Farm until October 31st. For more information about the Cockfields Farm Pumpkin Festival see here. 

Cockfields Farm Toddler Pumpkin Festival Discount

Cockfields Farm Toddler Pumpkin Festival Offer

Cockfields Farm is also running an amazing Toddler Pumpkin Festival and we have teamed up to offer a great discount see here. 

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