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Debdale Park, Gorton, Manchester

Debdale Park in Gorton Manchester is a large park with playground, skate park, tennis courts and more. 

Playground at Debdale Park

Debdale Park offers a large playground with small and large slides, large climbing nets, round abouts, climbing frame and more. 

Other Activites at Debdale Park 

Along with the playground Debdale Park has tennis courts and a small skate park both of which are free to use and grass football pitches which can be booked. See link below

There are some nice pathways for walking and access to walk around the reservoir where you may discover blackberries to pick in the late summer. 

Debdale Park is also home to an outdoor centre offering a range of water based activities. 

Facilities at Debdale Park 

There are public toilets at Debdale Park near to the playground. 

Food at Debdale Park 

Althouh there is no cafe at Debdale Park you will often find an icecream van near to the playground. 

Events at Debdale Park 

Debdale Park often houses park runs, fun fairs during school holidays and is home to a large annual bonfire event. Keep an eye out for events at Debdale Park in our Manchester Whats On section here. 

Location of Debdale Park 

Debdale Park is located at 1075 Hyde Rd, Gorton, Manchester, M18 7JL 

Parking at Debdale Park, Manchester

Debdale Park has a small car park near to the entrance opposite McDonalds. 

Public Transport to Debdale Park, Manchester 

From Manchester City Centre you can get the 201, 205, 206 buses to the Debdale Park stop B or the 203 bus to the Debdale Park stop C both of which are less than a 10 minute walk to Debdale Park. 

More information about Debdale Park 

Fore more information about Debdale Park see here. 





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