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Review Camelot Rises and Top Tips

Zombie at Camelot Rises - Credit Park N Party Camelot Rises

Camelot Rises has arrived bringing the apocalypse complete with zombies to the abandoned theme park. We were invited along to check it out and you can discover what we thought in the review below. 

Camelot Theme Park, once a magical amusement park with thrilling rides and jousting, has been left to decay since its closure in 2012. The now abandoned ruins make for the perfect backdrop for a terrifying zombie encounter….Camelot Rises. We were invited along to see just how friendly the new residents would be and asked our On The Go reviewer Rachael and her husband to check it out. Here is what they thought. 

Review Of Camelot Rises Zombie Experience

What is Camelot Rises? 

Review Camelot Rises Map Credit Camelot Rises Park N Party Credit Park N Party

Camelot Rises is the latest interactive Drive-In Cinema experience from Park N Party, who also brought us its festive Christmas City to Manchester in 2021. Running from 6th February through to the 13th March, visitors can catch some of the scariest movies on the big screen, and some family favourites too. …but to get there, you will need to drive through Camelot’s dilapidated buildings…. with zombies at every turn.

What Happens at the Camelot Rises Experience? 

This was my first Drive-In experience and I admit I’m old enough to remember Camelot Theme Park in all its glory.  I was therefore excited to head on along to watch the opening film, 28 Days Later.

Review Camelot Rises Drive in zones

The doors 7.30pm and on arrival we headed down a dark, winding road and ganied access to the military enclosure where the car was scanned for infections and necks checked for bites. driving through the abandoned buildings of Camelot along the way. 

Review Camelot Rises Drive Through Zone

The path taking you through the River of the Dead, the Military Checkpoint , Camelot Castle and the Valley of Dead is extremely well thought out, with creepy music, sound effects, lit up buildings, and flashing lights which all added to a terrifying atmosphere. I was very happy not to be driving. With military soldiers and vans parked up, the drama was really heightened.

The experince does not just feature props. Expect zombies banging on your car, trying door handles and pushing their faces against the windows trying to get in. Luckily there are also military personelle hand to scare them away and point you in the right direction.

Review Camelot Rises Zombie at car

I was very happy not to be driving. With military soldiers and vans parked up, the drama was really heightened. Driving past abandoned cars, and arriving at the ruins of Camelot castle. 

If you do visit, I would definitely take the time to have a walk around the site. At first my hubby was a little reluctant to get out of the car and explore….it could have been to do with the dreadful weather… or the terrifying zombies, I’m not sure which. There are a few props around the place which are perfect for getting that creepy photo – without the fear of a Zombie photobomb. 

Review Camelot Rises Props

The film itself started early at around 8.20pm. I’m not sure if this was to do with the weather – it was a grim night. But make sure if you attend this experience, you turn up on the early side so you don’t miss anything.    

Once parked in our spot for the film. we discovered that the military had not managed to contain the zombies as hoped. They wandered up to cars, tried to get in and sticking their heads in windows hoping for a bite to eat!

Review Camelot Rises Zombie Credit Camelot Rises Park N Party Credit Park N Party

We were at the far right at the front, but with hindsight I think it would have been better if we had parked in the middle, towards the back as you would have been able to see the zombies approaching other cars and had a better view of the screen too.

Once the film was on, the zombies were chased away by military soldiers….at least for the time being.

As this was our first drive-in experience, I didn’t really know what to expect with regards to the sound. It was impressive, and really felt like you were getting the cinema experience.

Part way through the film, there is a “Red Alert,” as zombies rise once again, amplifying the terror, running in between cars and enthusiastically banging on windows; be quick if you want to get that creepy pic! The zombies were once again chased away, so that movie goers could watch the end of the film in peace. 

Facilitities and Food Available At Camelot Rises 

No drive-in cinema visit would be complete with out food and snacks.

Camelot Rises featurs an array of stalls located at the back of the parking area.The food on offer included favourites like burgers from £6.50, hot dogs from £6.00 pizzas, fries from £3.50 along with gyros, tacos, plenty of veggie options and sweet treats.

Although the options we had weren’t the prettiest they did do they trick on a cold evening. 

For those not driving you will also find a licensed bar serving an array of alcholic favourites. 

There are also plenty of onsite toilets. 

What We Thought About Camelot Rises 

It was great to revisit Camelot even if was not at all as I remember it. Camelot Rises itself was well done. All the props are really well done and having the backdrop of the abondened Camelot theme park (which looks creepy all by itself) really helped to set the scene. And of course the Zombies only added to this.

Don’t be too worried if you scare easily, although the zombies were realistic we didn’t expereince any really jumpy moments and the military were on hand to keep the flesh eaters under controll. 

Camelot Rises is a great way to watch one of your favourite scary films.  Plus as they also have an array of family favourite spooky films on offer earlier in the day it would make a great trip for families.

Top Tips For visiting Camelot Rises 

1. Book Camelot Rises before you go. 

You need to book tickets online to Camelot Rises before you go. Not tickets are available at entry. 

Plus make sure you have your ticket ready on arrival to speed everything up. 

See here for details how to book Camelot Rises. 

2. Arrive For Gate Opening

Review Camelot Rises Military Credit Camelot Rises Park N Party Credit Park N Party

All the Zombie fun at Camelot Rises is before the film. We therefore reccomended arriving in plenty of time to enjoy this. As it is a drive in experience you may find a queue on arrival but this will move quickly. 

3. Get Out of the Car 

Review Camelot Rises Props

As mentioned the night we visited the weather wasn’t the best and was tempting not to leave the car. However we are so glad that we did. The props around the walkin areas were great and ideal for that perfect pic. 

4. Pick Your Spot for the film

You maybe tempted to head to the front of the car park to enjoy the film but you will be glad to hear that all spots have great views of the screen. However, if you park a little further back towards the middle you will get to see the Zombies swarm the cars infront and build up the apprehension for your turn. 

5 . Keep Warm

Although you will be watching the film from the comfort of your own car, to save your battery you are likely to not want to put your heating on and so it may get cold. 

Camelot Rises food outlets do serve hot drinks, however you may also want to take a couple of blankets along and even a hot water bottle. (Extra tip – fill a flask with boiling water and pour it into your hot water bottle at the start of the film so that it stays warm longer. You could even take two flasks and top it up half way through. 

Films and How to Book Camelot Rises?

Review Camelot Rises Photo op

Camelot Rises is running until Sunday 13th March 2022 with a whole of different films each week including. The Hills Have Eyes, A Quiet Place 1 and 2, Insidious 1 and 2, 28 Weeks Later, Annabelle and Annabelle Comes Home, Jennifer’s Body and many more.

They are also showing  more family-friendly Adams Family, Monster House and Frankenweenie which are all rated PG during the school holidays and weekends earliet in the day.

Tickets are priced at £50 for a car. For more information, and to view the full schedule of films, see here. 

Top Image Credit Park N Party

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