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UK Review of Disney’s Frozen 2 in 4DX at Cineworld – Spoiler Free

22 Nov 2019

The long awaited Frozen 2 has opened in UK and we were invited to check it out in at Cineworld. Check out what we thought.

Disney’s Frozen 2 has opened today in UK Cinema’s bringing Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven back to our screens.

To celebrate the launch we were invited by Cineworld Ashton Under Lyne to watch Frozen 2 on its opening day in their new 4DX Cinema Screen. We therefore sent along our reviewer Gemma, her husband, her 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter to check it out. Here is what they thought.

UK Review Of Disney’s Frozen 2 In 4DX At Cineworld. 

As I am sure you can imagine, with a 7 year old daughter our lives over the last 6 years has been filled with the delights of Disney’s Frozen. From endless renditions of Let It Go , watching the film so much that we all know it word for word had having so many products we could open a shop, it is fair to say that are family , like many others across the UK and world are big Frozen fans.

We were therefore over the moon when invited along to see Disney’s Frozen 2 on opening day especially when we were told we would be in Cineworld Ashton’s new 4DX Cinema Screen.

Frozen 2 cineworld review

For those unaware, 4DX is a extreme sensory cinema experience, with moving seats, effects such as water, wind, scent and strobe lighting designed to enhance the film and can be in both 2D and 3D. It is currently only available in the UK Cineworld Cinema’s with Cineworld Ashton Under Lyne being lucky enough to house only one of 27 screens in the country. It is designed for children over 4 years old and over 102 cm high. 

Frozen is currently showing in Cineworlds 4DX as 3D and my 7 and 10 year old we were instantly excited when they were they saw the large 4DX seats and given their 3D glasses. The seats had an option of having the water feature on or off and with no hestitation they decided that ‘on’ was the only way to go.

Frozen 2 4DX Review Cineworld

On arriving at the Cinema Cineworld kindly gifted two of their new Frozen cups. The cups come in pink and blue and had a little removeable snowglobe with Anna and Elsa in, on top. Although my 10 year old son was hesitant at first he soon began to play with and it now takes pride and place in my daughters room. The cups are available to buy at the concessions stand whilst stocks last. 

frozen 2 cups cineworld
frozen 2 snowglobes gifted
Having waited six years I had been apprehensive that Frozen 2 would not live up to the anticipation, however from the moment the film started it was clear that it would not disappoint. From the moment that young Anna and Elsa appeared on the screen we were all completley enthralled.

Without wanting to give too much away, Frozen 2 follows Anna and Elsa as they look to save Arundel once again, touching on the history of the sister’s parents and origins of Elsa’s powers. It was great to see that although all favourite charactes had grown they had not changed, with Olaf’s innocence and Kristoff’s clumsy attempts at romance was in abundance.

Of course a Frozen film wouldn’t be complete with great songs and Frozen 2 happily delivered. Yet again Anna (Kristen Bell) wowed with her own solos with The Next Right Thing and Some Things Never Change and Olaf’s very funny When I Am Older was as charming as In Summer.

Kristoff wasn’t left out with the solo’s and also got to belt out his own song Lost In The Woods, which came complete with what could only be described as an 80’s style love song music video and had us all in stitches.

It will come as no surprise that it is Elsa who has the anthem of Frozen 2 with Into the Unknown which both myself and daughter came humming and I am sure will be known off by heart by every under 16 and most of their parents by the end of the year.

What was a surprise however was how much 4DX enhanced the film. Although I knew the experience would add an extra element of fun and excitement, I thought it may be a distraction from the film but this certainly was not the case.

The 4DX effects fitted with the film perfectly and was completely in sync. The chair moving as the animation did, one minute tilting down slowly looking to the ground, the next feeling every bump as the characters rushed across the screen. Feeling the wind on our faces as it swirled on the screen and the shock as sharp burst of air hit our necks and legs as Elsa used her powers.  As the sea splashed on screen, to delight of my kids, we felt the water hit us off.

It honestly felt like we were on a ride at Disney World rather than sat in the cinema and my daughter declared it as the best film she had ever seen. The whole cinema seemed to enjoy the experience as much as we did and we could other children (and adults) laughing with excitement after every effect.

Cineworld 4DX Frozen

Disney’s Frozen 2 is a great family film and if you have the chance experiencing in the 4DX screen is a must for any Frozen fan. 

Tickets to see Frozen 2 in 4DX, iMAX and 2D are available to purchase at Cineworld Ashton and other Cineworld Cinemas and it is reccomended to book here in advance online here to avoid disappointment. 

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