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Gift Guide for Teen and Tweens Christmas 2020

 Discover some great present ideas for 11 to 16 year-olds this Christmas 2020 in our tweens and gift guide. 

Choosing the perfect gift for the tween or teen in your life is not always easy. Although it is easy to turn to good old gift money a nice thoughtful gift can also go down very well. Here are some of our favourites for Christmas 2020. 

Plus you can discover great gift ideas for babies, toddlers kids and adults here. 

Disclaimer: Some of the gifts below were sent to us for review and or photography purposes. Any items where an admin fee had been paid to cover costs or any affiliated links have been highlighted. However, the items had been carefully selected beforehand and opinions are of our own. 

Team Sport Race Experience (UK Wide) - Starting at £20 

Team Sport Kids experience Gift Box Christmas.Gift Guide

Experiences always make a great gift and we love Team Sport Race Experiences. There are different race options for 8 to 12-year-olds and 13 years and over and tracks all over the country. Their race experience for one voucher starts at £20 or £40 for two. Plus they also offer gift boxes which along with the race experience voucher contains a racing balaclava, gift wallet and a lanyard with a pass fixed costing £49 for one person or £99 for the two-person gift box. 

For more information and to purchase the experiences see here. 

Curls 4 girls digital straightening brush - Currently £55.00

For kids getting into styling their own hair, they will love Curls 4 Girls Digital Straightening Brush. With ceramic bristles, kids can straighten their hair easily and fast whilst using the digital heat control function to suit the needs of their hair. Plus as it can be used on adults hair as well as the kids - win-win. 

To check out and to purchase the Curls 4 Girls Digital Straightening Brush see here. 

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Stunt Scooter - £119.95 (AD)

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For kids wanting to take their scooter skills to the next level, the Nitro Circus Williams Pro Stunt Scooter will make a great gift. A replica of professional stunt rider Ryan Williams' scooter, it's lightweight and sleek design makes it an ideal first complete stunt scooter for ages 7 to 14 years old.

Fart Ninja - £6.00

Gift Guide For Kids Christmas 2020 Fart Ninja

For a fun present Fart Ninja is sure to get even the grumpiest teenager to smile. The Ninja Samari figures love to hide and surprise passers-by with their motion activated fart noises. There are eight figures to collect (sold separately) with each featuring 10 realistic fart sounds. 

Fart Ninja is available to purchase from The Entertainer for £6.00 here

kNOW! Board Game - Currently on offer at £12.49 

Gift Guide For teens Christmas 2020 Know Board Game

A new board game at Christmas is a must and teens and tweens will love Know!. A fun challenge and question game which uses Google Assistant (through a free app or Google Home Hub) to make sure it's never out of date. With the mix of technology and the chance to bear their parents, kNOW! is sure to get the kids out of the bedroom and enjoying family time. 

For a review and full details of how to play kNOW! see here. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts 2021 Calendar - £9.99

Gift Guide For teens Christmas 2020 Harry Potter Calendar

Harry Potter fans of all ages will love the new Harry Potter Hogwarts 2021 Calendar. Based on the eight Harry Potter fans and feature different characters from the series with a good mixture from all houses. 

To purchase the Harry Potter Hogwarts 2021 Calendar see here. 


Princess and the Pickle  Recycled Wall Art Posters                                                                                        

                                  Princess and Pickle Monkey Print  Princess and The Pickle Lips Print

Tweens and teen will love these recycled wall art prints from the Princess And The Pickle. Their range varies from funky animal prints, their popular Mwah! Lips and lots more. Plus they come in both A4 and A3 starting from just £12. 

To check out the full range and purchase one of Princess and The Pickle's fun prints see here. 





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