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The Nickelodeon Experience Announce UK Tour

Sponge bob area at The Nickelodeon Experience
3 Mar 2022

The Nickelodeon Experience, a brand new family adventure is starting its UK tour this summer 2022.

The Nickelodeon Experience will be the first of its kind in the UK and will be setting off on tour from July 2022. 

The immersive event will offer activities for children from age 2 to 14 years, giving kids a backstage pass to their favourite Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. shows!

Promising an ultimate outdoor adventure kids will get to be in charge of their own journey and decide on their own fun.

Nickelodeon Experience UK Older Children ThundermansImage Credit The Nickelodeon Experience

This fun festival will include the chance to 

  • Solve The Hunter Street Escape Rooms
  • Venture Through Henry Danger’s Maze
  • Perfect your superhero skills with the Thundermans; and
  • Head to the epic Slime Time Party

Younger children under seven years can also enjoy the worlds of their favourite Nick Jr shows including: 

  • The chance to meet the pups from Paw Patrol
  • Climb aboard Santiago of the Seas’ pirate ship,
  • Get crafty with Baby Shark and Blue’s Clues; and
  • Explore the underground lairs of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
Nickelodeon Experience UK Younger children Paw Patrol Image Credit The Nickelodeon Experience

Plus if that is not enough there will be chance to relax in Spongebobs’ Bikini Bottom beach. Here you will find the Nickelodeon central hangout space complete with giant climbing frames, relaxing deck chairs and lots of great food options. 

Nickelodeon Experience Sponge Bob BeachImage Credit The Nickelodeon Experience

The Nickelodeon Experience will commence it’s tour on the 1st July in the starting in Scotland before making it’s way south.

The Nickelodeon Experience be at stopping at: 

Pre-sale tickets are on available now here 

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