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‘The Lawrenceburg’ Four Roses Bourbon Cocktail Recipe for Valentines Day.

Four Roses Bourbon with Lewrenceburg Cocktail
27 Jan 2022

Looking for a great tasting cocktail for Valentines Day, ‘the Lawrenceburg’ from Four Roses Bourbon. Check out how you can make it here. 

Four Roses have created a brand new cocktail the ‘Lawrenceburg’ using their award-winning small-batch bourbon. 

The ‘Lawrenceburg’ has been designed as a celebratory drink, using simple ingredients that can be quickly created making it a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s or Gallentine’s Day.

This ruby-coloured cocktail is a blend of Small Batch’s rich spicy flavours with the sweet tang of cranberry juice and the clean, fresh, bite of ginger ale and lime juice.

It’s a perfect drink for both those trying bourbon for the first time and seasoned drinkers. Plus it is so easy to make that you can keep chatting while you make it over Zoom. 

For details of where to purchase Four Roses Small Batch check out Gift Guide For Adults here. 

‘The Lawrenceburg’ Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients for “the Lawrenceburg’ Bourbon Cocktail

40ml Four Roses Small Batch

50ml cranberry juice

5ml lime juice

5ml sugar syrup

Ginger beer as required. 

Method to make ‘the Lawrenceburg’ Bourbon Cocktail

Valentines Cocktail Bourbon

Add all the ingredients apart from the ginger beer into a cocktail shaker with ice.

Shake until well blended.

Pour into a stemmed cocktail glass and top with chilled ginger beer to taste. 

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