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The Fortnite Game Has Disappeared

Fortnite season 10 poster
14 Oct 2019

Gamers are reporting that Fortnite game has disappeared and replaced with a black hole. 

Those playing in the Fortnite game saw asteroids raining down before the game disapeared and then replaced with a black hole. 

It has been reported that the game is totally unplayable, with gamers only option to watch the swirling black hole. 

Before mums and dads start to rejoice, the black hole is likely to be there to symbolise the end of Season 10 of the game before the start of Season 11.

However, the Fortnite game being completely down and unplayable is unexpected twist in this popular game and we are sure it will have some parents hoping that it stays that way until at least school home time. 

Why is Fortnite Not Working ? 

Fortnite Game Developers Epic Game have been counting down to a new Fortnite event ‘The End’. 

It was when the clock hit zero the game saw asteroids fly through the sky destorying the game and leaving a black hole in it’s place. 

Those now logging into Fortnite cannot play and there seems to be know way round it. However if you click the black hole a mini game called Konami Code will appear ( but this not the same as Fortnite). 

fortite black hole

Will Fortnite Come Back ? 

We are sure that lots of parents will be sad to hear that Fortnite is certainly going to back on screens with some version of a season 11. 

However it is not clear when the popular battle game will return or what it will look like. 

Epic Game has been leaving little hints such as numbers occassionally coming out of the black hole. After trying the initial numbers out of the hole (11, 146, 15, and 63) in Google Maps, Fortnite Players were sent to a beach to discover a ‘crab rave’ – with speculation that the numbers are simply a frustrating joke. 

Watch this space or should we say black hole for more information. 

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