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North Pole Breakfast Ideas Christmas 2023.

North Pole Christmas Breakfast
18 Nov 2023

Discover how to throw a North Pole Christmas Breakfast in the UK with these great ideas for Christmas 2023.

Christmas is always a great time to start new family traditions and with all the current restrictions an extra special treat or two is well needed. 

We love discovering new ways to celebrate the festive season and were therefore very excited about our new find, The North Pole breakfast. 

The North Pole Christmas Breakfast is a lovely special treat for all the family and a great way to start off your Christmas celebrations. 

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What’s a North Pole Breakfast? 

North Pole Breakfast Table

A North Pole Christmas Breakfast is big, over the top, food fest to kick start the festive season. Think Christmas-themed food either sugary or healthy, fun decorations and even maybe a Christmas-themed activity or two. But mainly it should be something different to your normal morning and have a treat feel to it. 

The North Pole breakfasts are usually thrown on the first day or during the first weekend of December although you can, of course, or Christmas Eve, although of course, you throw yours at any time to suit your family. 

North Pole Breakfast Decoration Ideas 

Just like with Christmas itself, decorations for your North Pole breakfast as just as important as the food. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune setting the magical scene. 

Preparation is the key here and the first thing you must do is decide on a theme or colour scheme.

Some families like to go with a North Pole vibe with icy colours with white, blues and lots of glittery silvers whilst others opt for the traditional Christmas colours with reds, golds and greens.  

Or you could enlist the help of your Elf On The Shelf theming with Candy Cane colours of red and white. 

 North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Table Credit Picklesticks Parties Bell Tent Hire

What you will need to decorate for North Pole Breakfast?

Whichever colour or theme you go for here is some of the items you will need to decorate for your North Pole breakfast:

Christmas-Themed Table Cloth 

With the table being central to the breakfast a covering is a good place to start with your theme. You will lots of Christmas tablecloths in the shops or online.

However, for something a little different with these snow blankets spotted in Home Bargains measuring 84cm x 49cm from Home Bargains and a slightly bigger version available from One Below.

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Snow Blanket

Or go for a little more low-key go for a snow fringe again available from Home Bargains for 99p for two.

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Snow Fringe

We also love Home Bargain’s Colour Your Own Table Cloths, which will not only add to your decor but will also act as a fun activity. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas table cloth

For a cheap versatile alternative Christmas wrapping paper is a good option. You can grab a decent size roll at some of the bargain shops and with lots of options to match your taste.

North Pole Breakfast table cloth

Once you have decided on your print you can use it to wrap your tabletop fully or as a table runner on an existing table cloth (or the snow blanket).

You could even create matching table mats (by wrapping cardboard rectangles), and or cutlery holders – all for around a pound.

Christmas Plates and Cups

Changing up your usual crockery for Christmas-themed versions is another great way to set the scene. You can, of course, opt for paper plates and cups and you will find lots of options available. 

However, there are some great other options available that you can use more than once. Home Bargains usually have these fun Colour Your Own Plates for a good price. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Food colour your own Christmas Plates

You will also find a whole host of options from these Christmas Tree Shaped plates, more traditional design porcelain plates starting from £2.50, to cartoon melamine choices at £1.50.

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Plates B M

If none of these takes your fancy there are lots of tutorials for designing your own plate with sharpies – you could even get the kids involved.

For cups, a nice Christmas mug will always go down well.

But for something different, an old-fashioned milk bottle or mason jar with a paper straw will give a traditional feel. Again the bargain shops such as B&M bargains do offer a selection of plain mason jars with lids and straws for less than perfect for your own reindeer or snowmen designs. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Christmas Cups

North Pole Breakfast Table Decorations 

Enhance your North Pole Breakfast theme with a few table decorations.

If going with the icy North Pole theme add eco-friendly confetti and glitter consider adding polar bears and or penguin figures from the kid’s toys boxes.

Or you can find some cute ornaments in some of the bargain stores including these resin polar bears and penguins in Poundland. 

Penguin Poundland Polar bear poundland

Or if you would like to invest in a bigger decoration we’ve spotted this Polar Bear from Home Bargains for less than  and would make a big impact. 

Large Polar Bear Home Bargain

For traditional themes, add mini Christmas Trees, fill vases with baubles or simply scatter them across the table. We love this pack of 24 baubles from Poundland although you can find lots of alternatives in all the bargain stores. 

Poundlad Baubles

Or why not use your existing (non breakable) tree ornaments, places them on serving plates or across the table or adding fairy lights (battery powered so no dangerous wires on the tables)

North Pole Breakfast Table Decorations

Room Decorations 

For the biggest impact, you may also want to consider decorating the room where you will be eating the North Pole breakfast.

If you already have your Christmas decorations and tree up you are halfway there. However, you may want to add a few extra to help with the excitement and you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it. 

Consider tying coloured-themed balloons to chairs or around the room. If you feeling very creative you could even try your hand at a balloon arch and you will find very easy tutorials online to follow.

Or check out the like your local pound shops for self-inflating foil balloons and balloon arches. One Below and Home Bargains are great for these.

Northpole Christmas Breakfast Christmas Balloons

Or why not get the kids really excited and bring your large outdoor inflatables inside.

If that is a bit too much Poundland usually has smaller reusable Christmas inflatables for just £1 each. North Pole Christmas Breakfast inflatables Credit Carly Smith

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Signs and Printables

North Pole Breakfast Menu

Adding themed signs to your breakfast can make all the difference.

Why not use an existing lightbox or pegboards you may already have for a welcome sign or details of your menu?

If you’re feeling particularly arty you could create your own chalkboard signs on the kid’s easel or grab a smaller chalkboard from Poundland or Home Bargains. 

There are also lots of free North Pole Christmas Breakfast Signs available on Pinterest where you are sure to find your own to match your theme. 

North Pole Breakfast Signs

North Pole Breakfast Food Ideas 

What is breakfast without the food? For your North Pole version, the aim is to make this morning staple extra special and out of the ordinary. Some families like to go for a full table of the normally forbidden sweet treats, others themed healthy food or a combination of both. Here are some of our favourite ideas for both North Pole Breakfast food and drinks

What Food to Have at Your North Pole Breakfast?

Of course, no breakfast would be complete without delicious food. 

You can go as simple or as elaborate as you wish including food you know your little elves will adore. 

To give you some ideas we have included a selection of sweet, savoury and healthy North Pole Breakfast Ideas. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Sweet Treats Ideas

We all know Elves live on the four food groups of only sugary treats, so it stands to reason that a North Pole Breakfast should include Christmas-themed sweet treats.

Here are some fun ideas to make the likes of Buddy proud.

Christmas Waffles and Pancakes

North Pole Breakfast ideas waffle Christmas tree

We love these Christmas tree waffles . Make a version yourself by adding green food colouring to a waffle mix, then cutting the made waffles into three sizes of triangles.

Finish off with smartie baubles and you can add raspberry and chocolate sauce tinsel.

If you don’t have your own waffle iron simply buy your pre-made waffles, cut to size and decorate. 

Equally, pancakes can easily have a Christmas Twist. Turn homemade or shop-bought pancakes into Santa with a whipped cream face, chocolate chip eyes and either a strawberry sauce or healthier fresh strawberry hat. 

Alternatively, use Christmas-themed cookie cutters and cut shapes out of dutch and American-style pancakes. 

Make Easy Christmas Doughnuts

North Pole Breakfast Ideas Christmas donuts

Doughnuts or donuts are a staple breakfast food in America so totally justifiable North Pole Breakfast Treat. Give shop-bought doughnuts a Christmas makeover.

Dip mini doughnuts (available in Sainsbury’s and Asda for around £1 for 18) in icing sugar and stack them into a snow wall.

Turn chocolate-covered doughnuts ( or dip your own into melted chocolate) into reindeer with pretzels antlers, white buttons and chocolate chip eyes and a red Smarty or M&M nose. 

Or turn white iced doughnuts into a snowman with chocolate chip eyes and orange fondant or peanut M&M nose.

Or for an extremely simple makeover take an already iced doughnut, melt the icing slightly (dip a spoon or knife in hot water) and add Christmas-themed sprinkles.  

If you want an extra special treat Krispie Kreme usually does a set of Christmas-themed doughnuts. Although this year’s selection has not yet been announced, you can expect delights such as the below.

Krispie Kreme Christmas Donuts 2022 Credit Krispie Kreme 

Or you could head to M&S for their recently released Christmas Tree Yumnuts.

A cross between a yum yum and dounut, with green icing, and sprinkles and in a Christmas Tree they will make a great addition to a Christmas-themed breakfast.  

Nutella Christmas Tree 

North Pole Breakfast Nutella Christmas Tree

Another fun sweet treat you could include on your North Pole Breakfast is a Nutella Christmas Tree.

Simply take two roles of puff pastry or one cut in half if want to make a smaller version. 

Spread one piece of the puff pastry with lots of Nutella and put the other pastry on top – think sandwich. 

Then cut into a large triangle you will use the parts you cut away later. 

Carefully mark / score lines down the middle of the triangle to form a tree trunk. Then cut branches into tree on each side not cutting over the trunk shape. 

Take each branch and twist it away from you starting at the bottom. Try to get two twists in the longer branches.

Using the scrap pastry cut out a star and place it on top of the tree. Then a rectangle to place at the bottom for a truck.

Any pastry left cut into squares for presents, or Christmas shapes or roll up into swirls. 

How to make nutella pastry christmas tree

Brush all the pastry with either egg yolk or milk, 

Cook in a 90 degrees oven for 12 to 15 minutes. Once cooked remove and let cool on the tray to start then on a cooling rack if you have one. 

Place on a plate and add different coloured Smarties or M&M’s for baubles. 

Place the presents under the tree – you could even add liquorice laces for a bow. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Cereal 

If the kids are normally not allowed sugary cereal, a bowl of Coco Pops or Wheetos will make a special treat. 

For a Christmas-themed cereal addition, we love these Easy Rice Crispy Rudolf The Reindeer by Eats Amazing (see here for the recipe)

Cute and easy reindeer crispy cakes fun Christmas recipe for kids by Eats Amazing

Or you go for fun Christmas cereal, such as Sainsbury’s Elf Munch Mix at just £1.85 a box. 

Elf Munch mix sainsburys

Gingerbread and Christmas Themed Christmas Biscuits

Gingerbread and Christmas go hand in hand and who says you can’t have it for breakfast.

If you fancy making it yourself you could get the kids involved the day before (keeping the breakfast a surprise). We recently reviewed the Nadiya’s Bake A Story Delux Set which has a lovely Gingerbread recipe see here

Nadiyas Bake Me a Story Deluxe Baking Set Main

Or why not make a gingerbread house centrepiece?

Some supermarkets all do kits with pre-made gingerbread which you just need to fix together to make your house.

We love this Magical Gingerbread House kit from Asda but most supermarkets also do their own version. 

If you don’t have time to make it beforehand it would also make a lovely North Pole Breakfast activity (see below).

Asda Gingerbread House Kit

Christmas biscuits will also be well received at your North Pole Breakfast. 

For an easy option, grab a bag of Fox’s Where’s My Elf mini biscuits available in supermarkets including Iceland.

Ideal if you are going along with an Elf-on-the-shelf theme. 

Chocolate, Candy Canes and Sweets

Of course, you can include other sweet treats on your table. Scattered chocolate gold coins, bowls of Christmas-themed sweets or chocolates and a display of candy canes are sure to all go down very well. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Healthy Ideas

North Pole Breakfast ideas uk Christmas fruit platter

If you don’t want a table full of sugary goodies, there are lots of fun healthier-themed Christmas Breakfast treats you can include on your North Pole Breakfast. 

North Pole Breakfast Fruit 

Fruit is a great healthy breakfast choice and is easy to transform into a Christmas theme. There are lots of ideas around the internet and pinterest including elaborate fruit Christmas trees and carved watermelons. 

For those less arty or lacking in time Eats Amazing has some great ideas. Favourites include their Easy Christmas Tree Food Art, Christmas Frozen Melon Lollies and Strawberry Santa Hats.

                                Christmas Tree Food Art Snack for Kids from Eats Amazing UK fun healthy Christmas snack idea    Easy Christmas Frozen Melon and Grape Pops healthy snack idea for kids change up the shapes to suit different seasons  Super Easy Christmas Snack Idea these simple strawberry Santa hats are perfect for party food or a North Pole Breakfast Eats Amazing UK

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Porridge 

If you’re wanting a hot option, porridge is a good healthy choice and the perfect backdrop for a Christmas theme.  Make a snowman face with blueberries or chocolate chips and (a cutup) grape. Make a candy cane with banana and strawberries or a Christmas tree with kiwi and a star melon. Or add 

We love these designs by the Elf For Christmas and you can check out their recipe here.

Elf For Christmas north pole breakfast recipes christmas porridge 480 2

North Pole Breakfast Christmas Smoothies  

A good healthy alternative that the kids will love is a Christmas-themed smoothie. Eats Amazing again has some great ideas with these Candy Cane Smoothies here and Easy Snowman Smoothies here.

Gorgeous candy cane inspired striped smoothies fun and healthy Christmas drink perfect for a North Pole breakfast Eats Amazing UK  Really easy snowman smoothies a fun and healthy Christmas drink that kids will love Eats Amazing UK  

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Savoury Ideas

Along with lots of sweet treats don’t forget you also add some tasty savoury breakfast treats for your North Pole Spread. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Toast and Savories

In planning your North Pole Breakfast menu, don’t underestimate the simple piece of toast.

Grab your kid’s favourite bread and a Christmas-themed cookie cutter and you have a great-themed breakfast treat. Add avocado to Christmas Tree shapes, peanut butter to gingerbread cutouts and cream cheese to snowmen – simple and healthy!

Or why toast mini or full-sized bagels add cream cheese, add blueberry eyes and mouth and half a cherry tomato nose for an edible snowman?

If crumpets are a family favourite, most supermarkets do Christmas-themed options such as Christmas trees or Reindeer usually costing around £1 for 6.

North Pole Breakfast Reindeer Crumpets


North Pole Christmas Breakfast Hot Breakfast and Sandwiches

Full English lovers don’t need to be forgotten at your North Pole breakfast. Arrange and serve sausages and bacon in a Christmas tree shape, you can even add a star-shaped fried egg or omelette (use a cutter when cutting or afterwards). 

Or combine bacon with pancakes to make a fun reindeer shape like Louise Walsh’s masterpiece here. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Ideas Food Reindeer Pancakes Credit Louise Walsh

For those that love breakfast sandwiches, pop your favourite fillings into bread rolls and arrange as either a flat or if feeling brave a vertical Christmas tree. 

Or take inspiration from Eats Amazing’s Reindeer Pizza Quesadillas swapping out the Pizza ingredient for breakfast items or lets the kids enjoy pizza breakfast and keep to the original recipe.  

Cute and easy reindeer quesadillas healthy fun Christmas food for kids great for Christmas parties Eats Amazing UK

Cheese Swirl Wreath

North Pole Breakfast Cheese swirl wreath

We love this Cheese Swirl Christmas wreath. 

Made simply by placing ham and cheese on to puff pastry then rolling up longways into a sausage shape.

Then cut the sausage shape into circles shaping two into ovals for leaves.

North Pole Breakfast how to make Christmas swirls

Cook in the oven at 190 Degrees a baking tray for around 12 to 15 minutes. 

Once cooled slightly arrange in a circle add cherry tomatoes for berries. Spread the oval shapes with avocado and add to the top. 

North Pole Christmas Breakfast Drink Ideas 

North Pole Breakfast drinks

When planning your North Pole breakfast don’t forget about a special drink or two. 

Hot Chocolate is an obvious choice and one that the kids will love. Make it extra special by going with hot chocolate stirrers or hot chocolate bombs. There are some great options available in the shops such as the themed hot chocolate bombs.

Alternatively, spruce up your usual hot chocolate mix with whipped cream, Christmas-themed sprinkles and large marshmallows made into snowmen. 

North Pole Breakfast Chocolate reindeer milk

Or for a very special treat how about turning a hollow Christmas figure into a glass filled with their favourite milkshake flavour.

If you are going with an Elf theme we love the Elf On The Shelf chocolate figures from Poundland.

 Elf on the shelf hollow chocolate figure North Pole Breakfast

Have Fun !

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