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Magical Vegan Halloween Candles from Vegan Bunny

Vegan Halloween Candles from Vegan Bunny
8 Oct 2021

Looking for the perfect Halloween decoration. We love the Trick and Treat Candle from Vegan Bunny which offers a magical surprise. 

This cute Halloween candle is like no other we have seen. It comes in a glass jar, topped with amazing Halloween-themed sprinkles and appears to be made of white wax. But appearances can be deceiving as once lit this magical candle turns black as it burns. 

Plus, it smells like Halloween gummy treats. Blended with Bergamot, Lime & Clove.

Vegan Bunny Halloween candle sprinkles

For those who are pumpkin obsessed Vegan Bunny’s has you covered. There Bunny O’lantern smells of pumpkin patches and bunnies, made with cheeky spiced essential oils. It is no less magical than the Trick or Treat candle as this candle will turn orange as it burns. 

OLantern Candle mockup 1080x

If that is not enough all Vegan Bunny’s candles are handcrafted using high-quality vegan and eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients

Vegan Bunny only produce a limited quantity of this Halloween edition glass jar candle, grab yours and get ready to be surprised with the most magical candle ever existed. 

The candles offer 25 hours of Burning time and is 45 (D) x 65 (h) mm in size. 

You can order the Vegan Bunny Halloween Trick and Treat or Bunny O Lantern candles here.

We were gifted the Vegan Bunny Trick or Treat Candle for photography purposes.

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