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Lockdown gift ideas for kids

lockdown gifts ideas for kids
28 Jan 2021

Whether you’re looking for a lockdown birthday present, a gift to keep the kids entertained, or just a little gift to let them know you’re missing them, check out these lockdown gift ideas for all ages. 

Just like us the children in our lives have their world turned upside down by the lockdown.  We have put together some great lockdown gift ideas sure to bring out a smile on their face and even maybe give their parents five-minutes of peace. If you looking for a little gift to send to them to say your thinking of them, to help them celebrate their lockdown birthday, or just something to keep them busy read on for lovely ideas for all ages. 

Disclaimer: Some of the gifts below were sent to us for review and or photography purposes. Any items where an admin fee had been paid to cover costs or any affiliated links (see here) have been highlighted. However, the items had been carefully selected beforehand and opinions are of our own.

Plus you can discover some great lockdown gift ideas for adults here.  

Lockdown gift ideas for kids

John Adams Bookeez – RRP £14.99

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Bookeez John Adams

Arts and Crafts are a great way to keep the kids entertained. Bookeez by John Adams allows kids to create their own books. From fact, fiction, poems, or journals Bookeez lets kids use their own imagination to bring their story to life. The Bookeez set is easy to use, mess-free and can create up to three books. 

We Love – Bookeez is not only a creative activity that the kids will love but it also encourages reading, writing, and using the kid’s imagination – all without them realising that they are learning. All the materials fit neatly in Bookeez keeping everything neat and easily portable. There is also a refill pack available to purchase. 

Bookeez can be purchased at Smyths and Amazon and other toy retailers.  

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Robots in Motion Building Set – RRP £36.00

Lockdown Gifts KidsGears Gears Gears Robots in Motion

Kids love construction toys, not only are they fun but they are also educational. The Gears! Gears! Gears!® Robots in Motion Building Set is no exception. Kids can design and build their own twisting, turning and moving robot toy. This STEM toy features all-new special components to build machines that move and transform. Aimed at children 5 to 9 years old.

We Love – The set comes with a STEM Activity Guide that kids can follow or they can use their imagination to create their own robot toy. The set also works with other Gears! Gears! Gears!® sets. 

For more information and to purchase The Gears! Gears! Gears!® Robots in Motion Building Set see here. 

Buzz Toys Air Ball Currently £15.00

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Air Ball by Buzz

Keeping the kids active in wet weather is not always easy. Buzz Toys Air Ball offers a great solution. This flat ‘ball’, uses an air bubble underneath so that it hovers above the ground. It works on most surfaces including thin carpet making it an ideal rainy day activity. 

We Love – The Buzz Toys Air Ball has a rubber surrounding so you don’t have to worry about damage and it is a fun toy to keep the kids moving. 

To purchase the Buzz Toys Air Ball see here.

Harry Potter Personalised Hooded Blanket Everything Printed – RRP £40.00

Lockdown Gift Ideas kids harry potter hooded blanket

Whilst we can’t hug the little ones in our lives why not send them a gift they can cuddle. The Harry Potter kids hooded blankets have double-layered sherpa fleece fabric on the inside, a great Harry Potter crest design on the back and can be personalised.

We Love – The blankets have a lovely soft lining and are a perfect size for kids to snuggle up under. Everything Printed also offers the hooded blankets in a range of themes along with adult sizes. 

Check out the Harry Potter Personalised Hooded Blanket from Everything Printed here. 

GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera™– RRP £60.00

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Talking Wildlife Camera

Kids can go on a learning safari with GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera. It comes with 130 built-in high-resolution wildlife images and includes 2 modes of play that feature over 120 facts and 120 quiz questions. The camera was designed with extra-large dual eyepieces and easy-grip handles for a steady viewing experience is aimed at children from age 4 to 8 years and features over 30 animals from all over the world. 

We Love – This fun camera, is easy to us, lets kids go on their own safari whilst learning lots of fun facts and even features its own mini tripod. 

Check out and purchase the GeoSafari Jr. Talking Wildlife Camera here. 

Nancy B’s Science Club® Microscope and Activity Journal™ RRP £36.00

Lockdown kids gifts Nancy Science Club Microscope

It’s never too young for kids to get into science. The Nancy B’s Science Club® Microscope and Activity Journal™ is not only a great way to instil an early love of science but is also lots of fun and a great way of keeping the kids entertained. The microscope has three magnification settings, two viewing lights, and comes with an activity journal, blank and prepared slides, and tools such as a scalpel, test tubes, petri dish, and more. 

We Love – The prepared slides allow the kids to use the microscope straight away, the activity journal giving ideas of experiments, and the great size perfect for little hands. 

To Check out and purchase the Nancy B’s Science Club® Microscope and Activity Journal™see here. 

Buzz Art Buzzing Stickerz – RRP £20.00 

Lockdown kids gifts ideas Buzzing Stickerz Buzz Art

Kids love stickers and will adore being able to make their own. The Buzzing Stickerz gives the chance to create over 180 3D holographic and metallic stickers. Easy to use, kids can use the foam sticker shape, rub on the colourful decorations to make their masterpieces. It is sure to keep the kids busy and provide hours of fun.

We Love – The stickers are easy to create, there are lots of images to choose from, mess-free and comes with stencils so that kids can customise their designs. 

To check out and purchase the Buzzing Stickerz set see here.

New Sprouts® Multicultural Food Set – £28.00

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Learning Resources Multi Cultural Food

Roleplay toys are always a good choice for little ones. The New Sprouts® Multicultural Food Set features a range of soft, durable, play foods which are easy to clean and look like the real thing. The Multicultural Food set includes shrimp, edamame, sushi, a bowl of rice, a samosa, a pitta, a taco and lots more. 

We Love – This 15 piece realistic playset features food from around the world and is the perfect starting point for learning about different cultures. 

To buy The New Sprouts® Multicultural Food Set see here. 

Buzz Art Body Art Classic Tattoos Set Currently £20.00

Lockdown gift ideas kids Body Art classic tattoos

Creating your own body art is a great activity for both kids and adults. Body Art Classic Tattoo set from Buzz Art, comes with 6 glitter pots, 50 designs and two application brushes.  
We Love – The glitter comes in resealable tubs, there is a wide range for stencil designs from flowers to birds and the tattoos last up to a week but can be easily removed before then if needed. Other sets in the range include the Glowing Tattoos and Action Tattoos. 
Discover all the Body Art Tattoo sets and purchase here.

Planet Buddies Colour and Swap Kids Headphones – RRP £24.99

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Planet Buddies Headphones

We all know that headphones for kids are a must during the lockdown. Planet Buddies Colour and Swap Headphones are adjustable for kids from 3 years and over and are safety limited to 85DB to protect hearing as recommended by the World Health Organisation. The headphones come with colour your own card and crayons to allow kids to customise and change their design, they are foldable and come with their own ecofriendly travel case. 

We Love – The headphones are customisable, volume limited to protect little ears and are made from high-quality materials to help them withstand those knocks and bangs. Planet Buddies is dedicated to raising awareness about endangered animals and all their products come in fully recyclable packaging. 

To purchase and to find out more about Planet Buddies Colour and Swap Kids headphones see here. 

Playfoam® Combo 8-Pack – RRP £9.00

Lockdown gift ideas for kids Playfoam Combo 8 Pack

We all know that kids love messy play but parents no so much. That’s where Playfoam® comes in. This award-winning sensory toy gives kids the pleasure of messy play without the mess. Made up of tiny tacky foam beads has a pliable texture which allows kids to get creative and sculpt anything they can think up. The Playfoam®  8 Pack Combo features a mixture of original colours and sparkle Playfoam which can be used separately or mixed together for a rainbow effect. 

We Love – Playfoam® never dries out and only sticks to itself not hands, clothes, hair or carpet. Along with the Combo 8 Pack Playfoam® also comes in a range of different sets of all sizes.  Aimed at children aged 3 years and over. 

To check out and to buy PlayPlayfoam® Combo 8-Pack see here. 

The Positive Doodle diary – RRP £20.00

Lockdown Gift Ideas for kids Positive Doodle Diary

Mindfulness is just as important for kids as it is for adults. The Positive Doodle Diary is a lovely mindful gratitude journal designed to help children gain confidence through creativity. Designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old the Positive Doodle Diary encourages creativity, self-expression and mindfulness through daily doodling and simple journaling. 

We Love – The range of fun activities designed at giving kids time out to reflect and to learn about themselves, self-care, confidence, resilience, and kindness. It is also a great way of spending time with the kids and you can join in yourself with The Positive Planner which you can check out in our Lockdown Gift Guide for adults here. Both books are available as a parent pack for £35.00. 

To purchase The Positive Doodle Planner or The Positive Parent Pack see here. 

Buzz Retail Rainbow Art Set – Currently £15.00

lockdown gift ideas for kids buzz retail rainbow art set

Painting and kids go and hand in hand but so does the mess. The Rainbow Art Set from Buzz Retail includes it’s own paint tray, 6 rainbow fast-drying watercolours, non-drip foam brushes and a portable carry case, making it a mess-free and easy to store gift for little artists. 

We Love – The the rainbow theme, the bright colours and the easy to use sponges and a perfect lockdown gift. 

To have a closer look and to purchase the Buzz Retail Rainbow Art Set here.

Here Come The Dooblies – RRP £4.99

Lockdown gift ideas kids Here Comes The Doobles book

A book always makes a lovely gift for all ages and for under’s we love the new Here Come The Dooblies. This rhyming book aims to entertain and educate young readers as they follow the adventures of the Alphazooblies, alphabet characters who live in a cupboard. 

We Love – The fun story which not only entertains little ones but helps them learn. 

For more information and to purchase Here Come The Dooblies see here. 

Looking for a lockdown gift idea for a missed adult in your life? Check out our gift guide here.

lockdown gift ideas for adults 

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