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Get free magic carrots for Santa’s reindeer at Morrisons.

reindeer eating carrots in Morrisons bag
20 Dec 2019

Morrisons are giving away free carrots for Santa’s reindeer this Christmas, discover how here. 

Morrisons are helping Santa’s reindeer flying this Christmas by giving away free carrots in special paper bags. 

The carrot give away will start on the 21st December and will be from Morrisons wonky veg range. 

The paper bags will contain the misshapen and scarred carrots and will be given away at the entrance of the Morrisons stores to those heading to do their Christmas shopping. 

The wonky carrots occur due to extra wet weather but are perfectly fine to eat. As there is more than one carrot in the bag, those not put out for reindeer can be used for your family Christmas dinner and discover how delicious they are. 

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