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Free Fun and Educational Online Classes and Resources for Kids

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18 Mar 2020

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy during the school closures check out these free fun and educational resources for kids. 

With the government announcing the school closures, keeping the kids minds busy and entertained might seem like a daunting task. However there are lots of websites offering lots of free online resources for all ages from pre-schoolers to teenagers. 

From online tours of museums to free colouring sheets and worksheets to print off, to fun games, live toddler workshops and kids PE classes and lots more check out our top picks below.

Just remember not to worry about trying to “home school” your children, use the resources for a bit of fun learning as a part of your day but also play games, read books together, go for walks, teach them how to cook, watch films and enjoy this extra time together – see here for some great ideas to entertain the whole family. 

Free Educational Resources 

free online educational resources

There are lots of great free educational resources online offering games, printables and planning tips. We have put some of the more popular and easy to use options below and will be adding more as we find them. If we have missed your favourite let us know on our Facebook page here. 

Twinkl – Free Educational Printables (All Ages)

Twinkl is online printout resource for teachers. Used by most schools for worksheets and more there is normally a fee attached, however they have announced free access to parents for one month to help parents during the school closures. 

See here to visit the Twinkl website

Phonics Play – Games, Plans and Printables ( Up to Year 1)

Another website used by schools, Phonics Play as the name suggests provides games and resources to help children with phonics and language skills. Again there is normally a subscription fee attached however they are offering the service for free during the school closures. 

Visit the Phonics Play website here. 

Scratch and Scratch Jnr – Creative Computure Programming for kids (5 to 7 years for Scratch Jr, 8 to 16 for Scratch)

Scratch is a programming language and community helping children programe interactive media such as stories and games and animation. There is a sharing element to the site through their online community which have strict guidelines however it can be used by not connecting to the internet at all. Scratch Jr is a simplified version of Scratch aimed at younger children . The site is free to use. 

For Scratch see here. For Scratch Junior see here

National Geographic Kids – Kids Online Magazine and Teacher Resources (KS1 and KS2)

National Geographics for Kids offers facts, quizzes and games for children on their website aimed at children. They also offer teaching plans and resources. Some of their content is sponsored (paid for by certain companies) and these are made clear and they also offer competitions. If you are wanting to treat the kids they also offer hard copy magazine subscription for a fee. 

You can visit the National Geographic Kids Website here. 

Zoo Live Streams from across the world

Zoo online live streams

Who doesn’t love a trip to the Zoo and with live streams from some of the worlds biggest Zoos both kids and adults can enjoy watching some of their favourite animals in live streams. Here are some of our favourites . 

Marwell Zoo, UK 

Marwell Zoo offers live footage of their Flamingo’s, Penguins, Giraffes and Lemurs. 

To watch Marwell Zoo’s animals live see here. 

Edinburgh Zoo, UK 

Edinburgh Zoo’s cams give you an insight in the lives of their pandas, koalas, penguins and tigers. 

To watch Edinbugh Zoo’s animals live see here. 

Dublin Zoo, Ireland 

Dublin Zoo offers the chance to watch live footage of their elephants, penguins, giraffes, rhinos, ostrich and zebras. 

To watch Dublin Zoo’s animals live see here

Smithsonian’s National Zoo, USA

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo offers live streams of their giant pandas, elephants, lions and naked mole rats. 

To watch Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s animals live see here. 

San Diego Zoo, USA

San Diego Zoo lets you watch their apes, baboons, burrowing owls, condors, elephants, giraffes, koala’s, pandas, penguins, polar bears, and tigers. 

To watch San Diego Zoo’s aninals live see here. 

Houston Zoo (USA)

Houston Zoo gives you a peek at their chimps, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, elephants, leafcutter ants & rhinos. 

To watch Houston Zoo’s animal live see here. 

Free Online Museum Tours 

free online museum tours

Musuems are a great place to entertain the kids and with lots offering online tours this doesn’t have to change. From the Louvre to Nasa, London’s Science Museum to the famous Yellowstones National Parks and more you will find something for all interests. 

For a full list of available musuem resources see here. 



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