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Free Easter Printable Colouring Bunting

Easter colouring in bunting with easter bunnies on

Celebrate Easter in style with these free Easter printable colouring bunting sheets which make a great Easter activity for kids.

This year Easter Sunday falls on 4 April 2021. As step 2 of the lockdown restrictions will not come in place until 12th April 2021 at the earliest this will mean most of the social distancing restrictions will still be in place and the majority of the usual days out options will not be open. 

However, that doesn't mean we can't still have lots of Easter fun. Check out some great Easter activities to do at home here.

To give you a helping hand with some cute Easter decorations and to keep the kids busy we have put together some fun Easter colouring bunting sheets. 

Free Easter Printable Bunting

Make your own Easter decorations by downloading these free Easter colouring bunting flags. 

Once the Easter bunnies and bunting have been coloured in, cut out the triangles including the flap at the top and attach to string or wool by folding the flap over the wool or string and sticking it down on the back of the design with glue or tape. 

We have created two different designs in two different sizes. 

Free Simple Easter Bunny Printable Bunting

Free Printable Easter Bunny Bunting

The simple Easter bunny bunting is great for younger children to colour in. You have a choice of which way your bunnies face and even have a mix.

You can down the cute simple Easter Bunny colouring bunting in the large size here and in the smaller size here.

Free Easter Bunny Printable Train Bunting

Free easter colouring bunting Easter Bunny Carrot Train

The Easter Bunny train bunting has lots of details so is great for older kids to colour in. You make the train as long as you like with different colour middle carriages or simply print off lots of the full Easter trains.

You can down the cute Easter Bunny colouring train bunting in the larger size here and in the smaller size here. 

Looking for a great Easter Gift? Check out our Easter Gift Guide here. 

Alternative Easter Gifts

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