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Final LaplandUK Tickets Release For Christmas 2021 Announced.

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21 Sep 2021

LaplandUK has announced the date they will be releasing their final tickets. 

Autumn is here, Christmas is just around the corner and Lapland UK has announced that their final ticket release will take place on Monday 27th September 2021 from 12.00pm. 

Tickets to this popular Christmas attraction are known for selling out fast, with the tickets only going on sale at set times during the year. In fact, their first release of tickets this year sold out immediately – get those alarms set. 

What is LaplandUK? 

Copy of Copy of Lapland UK 26th November 2020 by Luke Dyson IMG 2714Image Credit © of LaplandUK and Luke Dyson

LaplandUK, based in Whitmoor Forest in Ascot, Berkshire, offers a three and half hour immersive experience in their recreation of Father Christmas’s homeland. 

Those booked to visit LaplandUK, receive an invitation in a presentation box, which Lapland UK advised to keep in the freezer before giving it to the lucky child as it comes straight from frosty Lapland. 

On the day you can expect a fun immersive theatre show; the chance to help the elves make toys  (one of which may magically appear under the tree on Christmas day) and even become an Honorary Elve. Head to the kitchen to decorate gingerbread with Mother Christmas, meeting huskies and reindeer, ice skating, visiting the elf village and writing letters to Father Christmas. 

Of course, everyone gets to see Father Christmas who is armed with details about each child in his book resulting in a very special personalised visit. Plus all children will come away with a special gift. 

Visitors can also change their pounds into Elf Jingles to spend in the onsite toy and sweet shops and a choice of places to eat. 

When is LaplandUK open in 2021? 

Copy of Copy of Lapland UK 26th November 2020 by Luke Dyson IMG 2840Image Credit © of LaplandUK and Luke Dyson

LaplandUK will be running from the 13th November 2021 to 24th December 2021 with booking times from 8.00am to 6.00pm each day (4.00pm on Christmas Eve). 

How Much Do Tickets to LaplandUK 2021 cost? 

Copy of Copy of Lapland UK 26th November 2020 by Luke Dyson IMG 2645Image Credit © of LaplandUK and Luke Dyson

Tickets to LaplandUK cost from £69.00 plus booking fees, prices depending on the time and date of the visit.

What Do The LaplandUK Tickets Include? 

Copy of Copy of Lapland UK 26th November 2020 by Luke Dyson IMG 0577Image Credit © of LaplandUK and Luke Dyson

The LaplandUK Tickets includes the following:

  • Personalised invitation to every child from Father Christmas by post
  • Presentation box (one per booking)
  • Entry to LaplandUK & parking at Whitmoor Forest
  • Elf Passport for every child
  • A copy of the Lapland Times
  • All performances include the activities – ice skating and gingerbread making, Toy Factory toy making with toy gifted for Christmas Day (RRP £30)
  • A beautiful thank you gift from Father Christmas for every child (RRP £25)
  • A 8X6 family photograph of the family’s audience with Father Christmas

How to Book LaplandUK Christmas 2021? 

Booking for LaplandUK for Christmas 2021 will open at 12.00pm on Monday 27th September 2021 and tickets can be booked on the booking portal here

To sign up for booking notifications visit here 

Top image Credit © of LaplandUK 

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