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Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2023

Elf on the shelf elves with a candle campfire
1 Nov 2023

Looking for some fun and easy Elf On The Shelf ideas to keep your Elf moving this Christmas 2022. We have put together some great, funny ideas to help you count down to the big day. 

December doesn’t just mean the opening of advent calendars but also the arrival of the Elf On The Shelf. 

Although the kids love seeing the return of the visitor from the North Pole, for a lot of parents it means a month of dread trying to think of ideas to keep that elf moving.

While the first week of December everyone has lots of ideas and can’t wait to share those elf pics on social media,  it can be a challenge keeping it up for the entire month. 

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Elf On The Shelf ideas for 2023. 

Elf On The Shelf North Pole Breakfast 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas North Pole Breakfast

If you want to do something extra special why not have your elves bring a North Pole Breakfast.

It can include anything that you think your kids will love from their favourite breakfast foods, to what you think an elf would eat or anything else.

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DJ Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the shelf ideas DJ Elves LoL

Bring the club to your house as the Elves spin a tune. 

The LOL dolls are perfect for creating a club scene especially if you have the LOL Remix DJ decks. 

However, if you have managed to avoid the LOL phenomenon you could create your own club scene. A box can be turned into decks and small figures the ravers – don’t just think dolls, animals and dinos like to party too. 

The North Bowl – Elf On The Shelf Bowling.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Bowling The North Bowl

There are lots of great Elf On The Shelf props you can buy to make life a bit easier.

We love this little bowling set from Elves Behaving Badly for the lovely night at the North Bowl. 

The elf bowling set currently costs just £2.89 from Amazon here. 

The Great Elf Bake Off 

Elf on the shelf ideas Elf baking

Elves are great bakers, so let them show off their skills. 

If you have the time you could make some mini cupcakes or Christmas-shaped biscuits. 

Elf on the shelf ideas Elf biscuits

If like most of us in December, you need a bit of cheat Foxs usually bring out small elf-themed cookies (pictured) or you could purchase some small makes like mini muffins or gingerbread men. 

Among Us Themed Elf On The Shelf 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Among Us Imposter Elf

Someone looks Sus. Among Us, fans will adore that their Elf on the Shelf loves to play too. Can you spot the Imposter? 

To turn your elves into crewmates all you will need is some, boxes plain coloured paper, scissors and tape.

Don’t forget to make a little backpack on the back!

Frozen Themed Elf On The Shelf – Do You Wanna Build A Snow Man 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Do You Wanna Build A Snowman

Frozen fans will adore finding out that their Elf knows Anna and Elsa.

Add to the effect making an easy snowman from toilet roll and coloured paper. 

Climbing Wall Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Climbing wall

Keep your Elf On The Shelf active with a sport.

String, and bows and some tape and you have a festive climbing wall. 

Elf On The Shelf Wrapped Packed Lunch

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Wrapped Lunch

Let your Elf On The Shelf help make the kids packed lunch Northpole style. 

Wrap each lunch item up in nice Christmas paper including their water bottle – the Elf is mischievous after all. 

Minecraft Elf On The Shelf 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Minecraft

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elfcraft Minecraft

Let your Elf get creative and build their own Minecraft design.

If you are feeling extra mischievous you could alter one of your kid’s designs. 

Elf On The Shelf Christmas Jumper

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elf Christmas Jumper Day

For an easy option on Christmas Jumper Day, get your Elf a little jumper to join in the fun.

For some great Elf Christmas Jumper options on Amazon see here Affiliate Link 

Elf On The Shelf Soup Anyone – The revenge of the Vegetables

Elf on the shelf ideas Elf Soup

For an Elf that has been up to no good, the veggies are after some revenge. 

If you don’t have a veggie soft toy you can always draw a face on a real vegetable or two. 

Elf On The Shelf Office Christmas Party 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elf Office Christmas Party

Did you know that Elves like to party too?

Raid the kid’s toy box and create a fun office party scene.

If you are feeling extra crafty you could even make some mini party hats and Christmas decorations with some coloured card.

Elf On The Shelf Donuts!

Elf on the shelf ideas Elf Donuts

Did you know that Elves love doughnuts. 

Elf on the shelf ideas Elf Donuts Mini

You can make this mini treat using cheerios, a small amount of icing (icing sugar and a little water) and sprinkles. 

Go all out and make your own doughnut box.

Elf On The Shelf Advent Calendar Love 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas eating the advent chocolate

Did you know pesky little elves love advent chocolate and will eat a whole calendar in one go?

Buy a spare calendar that looks like the kids, open all the doors, remove the chocolate (leaving crumbs behind) making sure you eat all of them at night of course. 

Then by magic return the kid’s calendars the next day

Pringles Elf On The Shelf – Once You Pop The Can’t Stop. 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elf Pringles

A nice an easy Elf On The Shelf idea, simply peplace Mr Pringle with your Elf.

You could even draw on the signature moustache with a washable marker for extra magic. 

Elf On The Shelf Races 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elf Racing

Whether it be on reindeer, cars, planes or any other vehicle you have let your Elf On The Shelf go head to head in a fun Christmas race. 

You could even do this over a couple of nights with different toys in the lead !

Elf On The Shelf Elf School 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Elf School

Elves love to teach.

Grab your children’s favourite toys and send them to Elf school. 

Use a chalk board to spell out the lessons and you can always add a task for your little one to work on. 

I’m An Elf Get Me Out Of Here 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Im an Elf Get Me Out of Here

Send your Elf On The Shelf to the jungle.  c

Fill a jar filled with toy creepy crawlies and add a sign shouting ‘I’m an Elf Get Me Out of Here’. 

Elf On The Shelf Mechanic 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Mechanic Elf

Elves like to be useful and look to tinker.

Grab some tools and let fix any cars around the house. 

Star Wars Elf On The Shelf – May The Force Be With Elf !

Elf on the shelf ideas star wars

Give your Elf a taste of the dark side with a Star Wars theme scene. 

Double-sided tape will be your friend here as The Force holds them in the air.

Pinocchio Elf On The Shelf – I want to be a real boy 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Pinocchio

Both Elves and Pinocchio share a dream of being a real boy one day. But they may have been telling a little lie or two. 

Double sided tape, string and brown paper can turn your elf into this Disney classic.

Elf On The Shelf Santa’s Grotto – Santa Clause is coming to town….

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Santa Grotto Elf

No Christmas is complete without a trip to see Santa. But as the big man is busy in the North Pole, Elf On The Shelf elves are more than happy to step in. 

Grab any small world people you have, cotton wool for a beard, make a sack out of red tissue paper and wrap some little presents.

Sleeping Elf On The Shelf 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Sleeping Elves

Don’t make too much noise, the Elves are sleeping.

Grab a stocking or two, make some eye patches and let your elves get some rest. 

Strictly Elf Dancing

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Strictly Elf Dancing

Did you know that the Elf On Shelf has some great dance moves.

Let your Elf strut his stuff as he dances the nice away at Strictly Elf Dancing. 

Don’t forget to add a judging panel, you could even print out Craig, Shirley and Anton’s faces and stick them on to little figures to add to the fun.

Elf On The Shelf Campfire 

Elf On The Shelf Ideas Campfire Elves

Grab a candle, cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows and you have yourself a campfire.

Add any little trees you have, or green fabric underneath to really set the scene. 

You can also light the candle to toast the marshmallows but make sure it is entirely out before you go to bed. 


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