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DanDTM Presents The Contest, Cinema Tickets Now On Sale

DanDTM The Contest Cinema Poster
4 Oct 2019

DanDTM Presents The Contest, an interactive gaming show, is heading to the cinema and tickets are now on sale. 

Showing in cinemas across the UK on the 2nd and 3rd Novemeber 2019, ‘DanDTM Presents The Contest’ is an interactive in-cinema event.

The story is based around an inter-dimensional organisation called The E-Federation, who every 1000 visits a different dimension to put on The Contest, a huge gaming competition. This year the E-Federation has chosen Earth to hold The Contest and invited DanTDM to be the Host and Marshal. 

This immersive interactive story will see the audiences choosing between three tribes to join from the Arktikan Tribe, The Talonian Tribe or the Arborean Tribe. Tribe members will be encouraged to dress in tribe colours you can purchase tribe kit  before the show.

During the Contest tribe members will be encouraged to use their phones to play along with the games on screen and be part of The Contest. 

Tickets to DanDTM Presents The Contest are now on sale at UK cinemas and you can discover more at . 


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