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Comic Relief 2021 Red Noses Now On Sale

two children wearinng red noses 2021 from Comic Relief
8 Feb 2021

Red Nose Day is back this year and the 2021 Comic Relief Red Noses are now on sale. Discover where you can purchase them and have a first look here. 

Comic Relief has launched its first-ever 100% plastic-free Red Noses for 2021. 

The plant-based Red Noses is made from bagasse, a natural by-product of sugarcane that has sustainable qualities. Like in previous years the noses come in surprise boxes with 10 different characters to collect in the theme of the outdoors. 

When is Red Nose Day 2021? 

Red Nose Day 2021 will take place on Friday 19th March 2021. 

Where Can You Buy Comic Relief Red Noses 2021?

The new plastic-free Red Noses have now gone on sale in Sainsbury’s and Argos stores throughout the UK. 

The Red Noses are also available to buy in bulk for schools to sell which boxes of 40 available for £60 plus delivery on Comic Reliefs website. 

How Much Do the Red Nose Day Noses 2021 Cost?

The 2021 Red Noses cost just £1.50 each and there are 10 different characters to collect. At least 75p going to Comic Relief. 

What Red Nose 2021 Characters Are There To Collect? 

As in previous years, the Comic Relief Red Noses come in surprise boxes so you don’t know which Red Nose character you will open. There are 10 characters to collect based on woodland animals. 

The characters include Robin, Snail, Fox, Badger, Caterpillar, Lady B, Daisy, Chief, Tommy, and the Ultra Rare Gold Edition, with a collectors map where you can tick off your finds. 

red nose day 2021 characters

The characters come in their own unique box, which when opened carefully can be turned inside out to create its fun home. Add the boxes together and you get your own treehouse. 


red nose day 2021 treehouse

Where Can The Plastic Free Red Noses 2021 be recycled? 

When you are finished playing with your fun Red Nose characters they can be taken to a Sainsbury’s store to be recycled. 

When is Red Nose Day 2021? 

Red Nose Day will be celebrated on the 19th March 2021, however, the list of entertainment has not yet been announced. 

Red Nose Day 2021 Fundraising Packs? 

If you would like to get involved in fundraising for Red Nose Day 2021, you can register for a fundraising pack on the Comic Relief website here. 

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