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Best Outdoor Toys for Summer 2021

a child playing with an outdoor toy stop rocket
30 Jun 2021

Keep the kids busy over the holidays with our pick of the best summer toys for 2021. 

Outdoor and garden toys are always a great choice. They get kids out in the fresh air, help them burn off some energy and get them away from screens.

There are lots of great outdoor toys on the market and to give you a helping hand we have put together our top picks of the best outdoor and garden toys for all budgets for summer 2021.

Disclaimer: All prices are correct at the time of posting. Some of the toys below were sent to us for review and or photography purposes. Any items where an admin fee had been paid to cover costs or any affiliated links (see here) have been highlighted. However, the items had been carefully selected beforehand and our opinions are of our own.

Best Outdoor Toys for Summer 2021

UltraFlyers by Brainstorm – RRP £8.99

UltraFlyers Brainstorm Review Main

For a great pocket money outdoor toy we love UltraFlyers by Brainstorm. Made of soft foam, these little gliders are easy to put together and even easier to get to fly and perform stunts.

We Love – The UltraFlyers are durable, easy to use and at a great price especially as they come in a pack of two. 

Check out our full review here. 

See here to buy the UltraFlyers on Amazon here (affilate). 


GeoSafari® SeaScope® By Learning Resources £32.00

Best Outdoor Toys Seascope Safari

Kids love exploring ponds and under the sea, and with GeoSafari® SeaScope®  they can do so without even getting wet. This extending scope allows children to see under the surface of streams, ponds, lakes and rock pools with 5x magnification and built-in LED torch.

We Love: The GeoSafari® SeaScope® allows kids to delve into the unknown world beneath the water and features a ruler and thermometer so that they can record observations about what they find.

Check out and buy the GeoSafari® SeaScope® here. 

Waboba Moon Ball – £5.99

Fathers Day gift toys Moon ball

For a fun outdoor toy on a budget, the Waboba Moon Ball is the way to go. This crazy, gravity-defying ball bounces up to 100 feet and makes a unique ‘pop’ sound when it hits the ground. It’s so addictive that toddlers to teens and adults will enjoy endless fun with the Waboba Moon Ball.

We Love – The size makes it great for taking on days out, its design makes it easy to grip and catch so perfect for all ages and abilities and it is 100% Non-toxic and highly durable.

Discover Waboba Moon Ball and order here (affiliate).

NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes – RRP £19.99 (Currently £10 on Amazon)

Review NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes Main

NERF lovers will adore the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes. These great inflatable cubes allow you to turn your garden into the ultimate NERF battle zone. They can be used both inside and out, easy to inflate and the bottom can be filled with water to keep them stable. 

We Love They can be deflated quickly for small storage and come with NERF Battle Cards giving ideas of new games to play. 

Check out our full review of the NERf BUNKR Cubes here. 

You can purchase the NERF BUNKR Battle Cubes here (affilate).

Micro Jet By Buzz Toys £40.00 

Best Outdoor Toys Micro Jet

A drone is a great outdoor toy. It combines the kids love of tech with getting outdoors and the Micro Jet is a small-sized plane but with lots of power. It has a 2.4 GHz remote control with a long-range. It is easy to use with 3 different speeds, can be used indoors and outdoors and has a self-control button. 

We Love – The Micro Jet has 6 axis gyro which gives it a stable control function and the ability to make a 360 degrees flip in the air. It also contains a self control button that makes it fly in circles.

To discover everything the Micro Jet has to offer and where to buy see here. 

Zzzopa Ball RRP £10.00

Fathers Day gift toys Zzzopa

Kids of course loved to fidget. Wicked’s NEW Zzzopa Ball takes the concept of fidget spinners to the next level by combining high-speed spin technology with the simple pleasures of a classic bouncy ball! You can spin it in your fingertips with speed, precision and satisfaction or slam it down to send it soaring high into the air! It’s Available in a football (Goal), tennis ball (Ace) and basketball (Slam Dunk) design, plus other fun colours, it’s great for sports fans!

We Love – Zzzopa Ball is perfect for de-stressing, showing off his strength or bamboozling the family with crazy spinning jumps and ricochets! 

To order Zzzopa in time see here. 

Nitro Circus Ryan Williams Pro Stunt Scooter – £119.95 

pub media catalog product imp ort media catalog product m a main

For kids wanting to take their scooter skills to the next level, the Nitro Circus Williams Pro Stunt Scooter will make a great gift. A replica of professional stunt rider Ryan Williams’ scooter will make a great gift for those with a summer birthday. 

We Love The bright colours, sleek design and smaller bars and deck makes this an ideal first complete scooter from beginners to advancing scooter riders from 7 to 14 years. 

Waboba Wingman RRP £6.00

Fathers Day gift toys Waboba Wingman

Frisbees always are a good outdoor toy and they will be over the moon with the Wingman. It has a unique aerodynamic design, can be played with indoors and outdoors safely, flies over 130 feet and doesn’t veer off course. Plus it comes in lots of cool designs. 

We Love –  silicone material means you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand and fold away to fit snugly in your pocket. Perfect for taking on day trips and holidays. 

Check out all the designs and to buy Waboba Wingman see here (affilate).

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes RRP £29.99 (Currently £23.99 on Amazon)

Easter Gifts for Kids Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes is a fun STEM-inspired toy designed to keep kids active and screen-free and a great outdoor toy.  Designed by Aeronautical Engineers, Stunt Planes includes three unique planes: the Looper makes giant loops; the Glider does tricks and glides over 100 feet; and Wild Cat flips, turns, and soars.

We Love – Stomp Rocket helps kids learn about ‘trajectory’, ‘force’, and ‘aerodynamics’, it can be played with, with, or without wind. Plus no batteries are required just a good stomp.  

To check out and purchase Stomp Rocket see here (affiliate).

Moon Shoes – RRP £29.99

Moon Shoes Review Main

Moon Shoes are back and the kids will be fighting to get outside to jump around. These little mini trampolines for feet are great for getting the kids outside and keeping active in a fun way. 

We Love – Moon shoes are not only lots of fun but are great for keeping the kids active and help develop balance and coordination. 

Check out our full review of Moon Shoes here. 

See here to buy Moon Shoes 

UKick – RRP £8

Fathers Day gift toys UKick

Football lovers will love the UKick! Perfect for a game of keepy-uppy, they can use their hands and feet to kick it, hack it, whack it and challenge the rest of the household to see who can keep it off of the ground for the longest. It’s great for mastering tricks and stunts to master, plus you can add weighted discs to up the skill level.

We Love  – UKick is available in three colourways and you can match the feathers to customize it to match their own personal style.

To check out and to order UKick see here (affilate).

Super Tumbler By Buzz Toys – RRP £40.00 Currently On Sale At £12.00 

Easter Gift Guide for Kids Super Tumbler Buzz Toys

No one can resist a remote control car and the Super Tumbler by Buzz Toys will be a big hit with little and big kids alike. This easy-to-control stunt car is capable of 360-degree twists and turns, wheelies, and lots more. With a 10m range, it is sure to provide hours of fun. 

We Love – The long range of the car and the many stunts it can perform keeping the kids engaged for hours. 

To order the Super Tumbler by Buzz Toys see here. 

Jump It – Lap Counter – RRP £12.99

Jump It Review Main

Who remembers having a Jump It when you were a kid. Now a new generation can enjoy the fun as they are back. Jump It will get the kids out and about and skipping and jumping around and is a perfect outdoor toy.

We Love – Jump It is a great simple toy that will keep the active, it can be played with inside and out so great for all weathers and small enough to play with on the go. 

Check out our full review of Jump It Lap Counter here. 

You can order Jump It from Amazon here (affilate).

Sonic Booma – RRP £10.00 

Fathers Day gift toys Sonic Booma

What kid wouldn’t love a sports boomerang with ultra-loud screaming wings! Sonic Booma is super easy-to-use, made from special ‘Memorang’ polymer and featuring an innovative, world-famous tri-blade design it boasts a whopping flight range of 15-20 metres!

We Love – How it is easy to use so that anyone can play making it a great fun outdoor toy. 

Discover everything Sonic Booma can do and to order see here (affilate).

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