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Best Fathers Day Gifts 2021

a child passing his father a gift for fathers day

Looking for the perfect Father's Day present? We have the best Father's Day Gifts to make Father's Day 2021 the greatest one ever. 

Father's Day 2021 falls on 20th June and choosing the right Father's Day gift for that special man in your life has never been as important as ever this year. Even if you can't spend the day with your dad you can still show that you care with a lovely thoughtful Father's Day gift. 

With so many great gifts to choose from finding that perfect Father's Day gift is not an easy task. To give you a helping hand we have been on the hunt for the best Father's Day gifts for 2021. From personalised Father's Day presents to food and drink and even perfect dad pamper presents we are certain you will find an amazing thank you Father's Day gift. 

Disclaimer: Some of the gifts below were sent to us for review and or photography purposes. Any items where an admin fee had been paid to cover costs or any affiliated links (see here) have been highlighted. However, the items had been carefully selected beforehand and opinions are of our own.

Fathers Day Food and Drink Gifts

Food and drink gifts always make a lovely Father's Day present. Whether your dad or grandad has a sweet tooth, loves cheese, adores snacking or simply likes a tipple, here are our top picks for Father's Day food and drinks gifts for 2021. 

Father's Day Loaded Papa and Baby bear By Sweet Treet By Browns- £17.95

Fathers Day gift food and drink loaded papa and baby bear by Sweet Trees by Browns

Dads and grandads with a sweet tooth will adore the Loaded Papa and Baby Bear Sweet Tree By Browns. Papa Bear is a large handmade Belgian Milk chocolate bear stuffed to the brim with their Belgian crispy crunch and loaded with toppings from a choice of three; Nutty with Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups®, Peanut M&M’s®; Orange with Terry’s Chocolate Orange Minis®, Chocolate Orange Eggs; and Chocolate with Dairy Milk® pieces, Maltesers®. All come with and golden sugar pearls a cute baby bear perfect for sharing!

We Love - The cute big and baby bear designs, that is filled to the brim with chocolatey treats,  and will last up to 4 months in its original packaging - although we doubt it would survive not being eaten for that long. 

To check out and to order The Rocky Loaded Egg by Sweet Tree by Browns see here. 

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon - RRP £31.95 70cl

Mothers day Gift drink Four Roses Bourbon

For the Bourbon loving dad something a little different check out The Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon from Lawrenceburg. This firm favourite of British bartenders will make a great addition to any home bar. This award-winning Kentucky bourbon has been created using four of Lawrenceburg's original bourbon recipes to create a perfectly balanced bourbon.

We Love - The balanced mellow spice and sweet undertones make this smooth bourbon perfect for those classic cocktails such as the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan or to enjoy on its own. 

To purchase a bottle of Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon see here.

Willie's Cacao Chocolate Tasting Gift Box - £22.99

Fathers Day gift food and drink Willies Cacao Tastinng box

The chocolate-loving men in your life will love this chocolate tasting box by Willie's Cacao. There is a choice of Dark or Milk White and Dark chocolate boxes with each containing 12 different 50g chocolate bars including Japanese inspired bars, a flavour map with a guide to chocolate tasting and tasting notes. Plus you can book free tickets to a free online Chocolate Tasting session with Willie himself on Fathers Day. 

We Love - The tasting box offers a gift and experience in one especially if joining in the free chocolate tasting session. There are lots of flavours to try and the tasting notes offer a lovely insight. 

To purchase either of the Willie's Cacao Chocolate Tasting Gift Boxes and to book tickets to the live event see here. 

Hampshire Cheese Company Cheese From £8.45

Fathers Day gift food and drink Hampshire Cheese Co

Who wouldn't love cheese as a gift? The Hampshire Cheese Company's Tunworth and Winslade cheeses are favoured by chefs like Raymond Blanc, Nigel Slater, Simon Rogan, Jamie Oliver and James Martin and make the perfect Fathers Day gift. These soft white rinded cheeses are fully handcrafted from the first ladle of milk from the local farm to the paper wrap and box packaging, using traditional methods.  

We Love - The Tunworth earthy fragrance and a nutlike and sweet flavour and the milder Winslade with a spoonable texture and buttery taste. 

For more information and to purchase The Tunworth see here and the Winslade here

Round Corner Brewing Craft Beers

Alternative Easter gift adults Round corner brewing Easter Gift pack

Beer fans will love Round Corner Brewings craft beers. They offer a wide range of beers from IPA's, and Black Lagers to Pale Ales bitters and lots more. Along with their core range such as  'Hopping Spree' a West Coast IPA,  'Steeplechase' a fruity pale ale, 'Gunmetal' a clean and crisp black lager, and Drovers their IPA an "10 Hours in LA' a golden orange beer with a fruity, tropical punch, they also offer seasonal specials. 

We Love - The wide range of flavours of craft beers ensuring that there is something for all tastes. 

For more information about Round Corner Brewing and to order see here

Conscious Chocolate Coated Nibble Collection £6.99

Fathers Day gift food and drinkn Conscious Raw chocolate snacks

Snack gifts always go down well and the award-winning Conscious Chocolate Coated Nibble Collection is a great choice. The collection features three amazing nibble 50g packs of Chocolate Brazil Nuts, Salted Chocolate Dates and Chocolate Orange Figs all of which are free from gluten, soya, dairy and refined sugars.

We Love - The great moreish flavours, that they are all handmade in the UK and that all of the packagings are plastic-free, recyclable and home compostable. 

For more info and to order the Conscious Chocolate Coated Nibble Collection see here. 

Black Insomnia Coffee - from £9.99

Fathers Day Gift Black Insomnia Coffee

For busy dads who need an extra kick check out Black Insomnia Coffee. This extremely strong coffee is made using traditional barrel roasting techniques to create a smooth rich taste from a mix of carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans. Black Insomnia Coffee is available in Grounds, Full Beans, fully recyclable Nespresso Pods and coffee bags a newly created innovation to allow freshly brewed coffee to be made one cup at a time using bags that filter the coffee over the mug or cup.  

We Love - The strong intense flavour, the nutty dark chocolate undertones and the high level of caffeine which will keep dads on the ball. 

To check out Black Insomnia Coffee and to purchase in time for Father's Day see here. 

Green & Blacks Father's Day Chocolate and Beer Hamper - £22.50

Fathers Day Gift Guide Green and Blacks Fathers Day Gift Box

Struggling to decide between a chocolate or drink gift for your dad, the Green & Blacks Father's Day Chocolate and Beer Hamper is the answer. Featuring a Green & Black's Organic Tasting Collection, a Green & Black's Dark 70% Chocolate Bar with Happy Father's Day cardboard sleeve and a St Peter's Organic Best Bitter and an Organic Pale Ale it's a great hamper. 

We Love - That the hamper includes a large tasting box, that the Green & Black's Dark 70% Chocolate Bar with Happy Father's Day cardboard and the great size of St Peters beers. 

To check out the full range of Green and Blacks Father's Day Gifts and Hampers see here. 

Oxford Rye Organic Vodka RRP - £34.95

Fathers Day Gift Guide Oxford Rye Organic Vodka

A good vodka will always be well appreciated. The double award-winning, Oxford Rye Organic Vodka from The Oxford Artisan Distillery makes a great choice. Made in Britain’s very few ‘grain-to-glass’ distilleries, no pesticides or herbicides are used with distillery’s farmers embrace ancient, gentler, methods of land management. It is best enjoyed as a sipping vodka, chilled or at room temperature, or combined with a Sicilian bitter tonic and ice for a refreshing long drink. 

We Love - The smooth and creamy taste which has hints of spice and warm caramel and the stylish wax dripped bottle.

To order Oxford Rye Organic Vodka for Father's Day see here. 

Scratch Off UK Breweries Print - £13.00 

Fathers Day gift food and drink breweries map

For a drink themed gift with a difference check out Maps International's Scratch Off UK Breweries Print. Featuring a selection of independent beer  breweries in the UK. Beer lovers can scratch off the Breweries that they have visited or the beers that they have sampled from there, then plan to see which ones they will sample next. 

We Love - The map can be personalised, is a great way of providing inspiration for trips. 

For more info and to order the Scratch Off UK Print and check out other maps available see here. 

Fathers Day Toy Gifts 

We all know that dads are just big kids. When not make their inner child happy with a brand new toy. Here are top picks of Father's Day Toy gifts.

Sonic booma - RRP £10.00 

Fathers Day gift toys Sonic Booma

What dad wouldn't love a sports boomerang with ultra-loud screaming wings! Sonic Booma is super easy-to-use, made from special ‘Memorang’ polymer and featuring an innovative, world-famous tri-blade design it boasts a whopping flight range of 15-20 metres!

We Love - How it is easy to use so that anyone can play making it perfect for dads playing with the kids.  

Discover everything Sonic Booma can do and to order see here. 

Waboba Moon Ball - £5.99

Easter Gift Guide Kids Waboba Moon Ball

For a fun outdoor toy on a budget, the Waboba Moon Ball is the way to go. This crazy, gravity-defying ball bounces up to 100 feet and makes a unique 'pop' sound when it hits the ground. It's so addictive that dads will enjoy endless hours fun with the Waboba Moon Ball.

We Love - The size makes it great for taking on days out, its design makes it easy to grip and catch so perfect for all ages and abilities and it is 100% Non-toxic and highly durable so great for the kids too. 

Discover Waboba Moon Ball and order here. 

Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 In 1) - £99.00 

 Easter Gift Guides Adults Epic Escape Room Box 3 in 1

What better Father's Day gift than a fun activity. Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) is suitable for all the family and will provide ideas of entertainment and fun. The 3 in 1 box features three different level escape rooms, with separate puzzles all fully interactive and engaging all ages.

We Love - Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) comes with everything you need to play the ultimate game with the family. Although it is aimed at over 16's younger players can still play along with a little help - great for teaching teamwork, creativity and logic. 

For more information and to purchase the Epic Escape Room In A Box (3 in 1) see here. 

UKick - RRP £8

Fathers Day gift toys UKick

Football playing dads will love the UKick! Perfect for a game of keepy-uppy, dad can use his hands and feet to kick it, hack it, whack it and challenge the rest of the household to see who can keep it off of the ground for the longest. It's great for mastering tricks and stunts to master, plus you can add weighted discs to up the skill level.

We Love  - UKick is available in three colourways and you can match the feathers to customize it to match his own personal style.

To check out and to order UKick see here. 

Zzzopa Ball RRP £10.00

Fathers Day gift toys Zzzopa

Know a dad who loves to fidget? Wicked’s NEW Zzzopa Ball takes the concept of fidget spinners to the next level by combining high-speed spin technology with the simple pleasures of a classic bouncy ball! Dads can spin it in his fingertips with speed, precision and satisfaction or slam it down to send it soaring high into the air! It's Available in a football (Goal), tennis ball (Ace) and basketball (Slam Dunk) design, plus other fun colours, it’s great for sports fans!

We Love - Zzzopa Ball is perfect for de-stressing, showing off his strength or bamboozling the family with crazy spinning jumps and ricochets! 

To order Zzzopa in time for Father's Day see here. 

Waboba Wingman RRP £6.00

Fathers Day gift toys Waboba Wingman

Frisbees always are a good dad toy and they will be over the moon with the Wingman. It has a unique aerodynamic design, can be played with indoors and outdoors safely, flies over 130 feet and doesn’t veer off course. Plus it comes in lots of cool designs. 

We Love -  silicone material means you can catch it easily by squishing it in your hand and fold away to fit snugly in your pocket. Perfect for taking on day trips and holidays. 

Check out all the designs and to buy Waboba Wingman see here. 

Father's Day Grooming Gifts 

Help your dad spruce himself up this Father's day with our top picks of Father's Day Grooming Gifts for 2021. 

PCA Skin Fathers Day Gift Set from The Aesthetics Room - £139.00

Fathers Day Gift PCA Skin Fathers Day Gift Set Aesthetics Room

For that dad that likes to care of skin The Aesthetics Room Mayfair, has put together a great Father's Day Gift Set. The set features three popular PCA Skin products; Daily Cleansing Oil which dissolves dirt oil and debris and leaves the skin soft and hydrated; Silkcoat Balm, moisturiser is the ultimate moisturiser for dry and mature skin, and skin in harsh or cold climates which helps calm and improve the appearance of ageing skin; and Vitamin B3 Brightening Serum which reduces the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone while improving skin barrier function leaving the complexion even and bright.

We Love - Non of the products contain parabens or synthetic dyes or fragrances and are not tested on animals. 

For more details about the PCA Skin Father's Day Skin Care Set from the Aesthetics Room see here.

Balade en Provence Grooming Bars from £6.19 

Fathers Day gift grooming Balade Vegan

Grooming bars make a lovely Father's Day Gift. The Balade en Provence bars are all certified organic, ethically sourced, vegan and zero-waste and features an Invigorating Solid Shampoo for Men, a Soothing Shave Bar and Calming Post Shave Bar and for the man that just wants one bar to do it all, the All-In-One Soap Bar Shampoo, facial & body cleanser, and shave bar for men. 

We Love - The bars have all been specially formulated for me, are handmade by French artisans and use vegan ingredients such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil & shea butter. 

To check the full range of Balade en Provence grooming bars head to Holland and Barrett here or Abel and Cole here. 

Plastic Free Shaving Brush by The Clear Confidence Company - £14.97

Fathers Day Gift Plastic Free Shaving Brush

You can't get a more traditional Father's Day Gift than a shaving brush. This new shaving brush from Clear Confidence features a 100% plastic-free construction and grass-based bristles – it’s a vegan shaving brush that uses only eco-friendly materials and no animal products. The brush also massages the skin gently, exfoliating and enhancing blood flow reducing the chances of irritation, redness and razor burn. 

We Love - The shaving brush not only helps provide a great shave but provides excellent performance without animal cruelty or environmental impact. 

For more details about the Plastic Free Shaving Brush see here. 

Father's Day Relaxation Gifts 

Know a dad always on the go, why not treat him to a lovely gift to help him take some out with these Father's Day Relaxation gifts. 

Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles - £12.95

Fathers Day gift relaxation Sussex Special Handmade Candles

Candles are not just for mums, dads can also enjoy a lovely scented candle with Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles. These natural wax candles are handcrafted in Sussex using ethically sourced materials by local British suppliers. They are paraben, sulphites and phthalates free, no colours or chemical binders and are vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  

We Love - Each of the candle's fragrances are different with scents such as Brighton Essence, Dark Nights, Dragon Nights and lots more. 

Check out the full range of Sussex Special Handcrafted Candles and how to order here. 

Rufus Needs A Hair Cut Book - £7.99 (£1.50 Donated to the NHS) 

Fathers Day gift relax

Treat your dad to a new book with Rufus Needs A Hair Cut. A fun collection of shaggy dog stories which takes the reader on a lovely journey designed to make them smile. From chickens visiting libraries to magic violins, there is something for every dad's taste. It features lovely illustrations throughout and full of light humour. 

We Love - The fun stories and that a donation of £1.50 will made to NHS for each book sold. 

Discover more about Rufus Needs A Hair Cut and to purchase see here. 

Fathers Day Gifts With A Difference 

Looking for something a bit different for that special dad in your life? We have put together our top picks of Fathers Day gifts with a difference for 2021. 

Design Your Own Hoodie with Photo Gifts Now - £18.95

Fathers Day Gift Guide Printed Hoodie

Why not treat the dad in your life with a personalised hoodie. With Photo Gifts Now you can design a fun hoodie including printing your kids masterpieces straight onto the material. There is an option of grey or black with sizes from small to XXL. They also have lots of other personalised Fathers Day Gifts.

We Love - That kids can design a great gift for their dad or special man in their life and they can wear it proudly. 

To order your hoodie from Photo Gifts Now and check out their full range see here. 

Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection - From £8.95

Fathers Day Gift Guide Harry Potter Pin Seekers Collection

Harry Potter fans will love the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection. Celebrating the Wizarding World the new Pin Seeking collection includes Hogwarts house enamel pins, the Harry Potter and his friend's pets, Fantastic Beasts designs and lots more. They are the perfect gift for Harry Potter fans.

We Love - The quality of the pins and the range of designs with a great choice for all tastes. 

Check out the full range of Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking Collection here. 

Personalised Map Gifts Go Your Own Way Apparel - From £12.00

Fathers Day gift personalised coaster

A personalised gift always makes a special present. Go Your Own Way Apparel's Map Collection are a great keepsake for those who love to travel or simply capture a memory of a special location with your dad.  The Map Collection products range from coasters to key rings, cushions, posters and more.  

We Love - The high quality of the print and the large range of products available to suit all dads. 

Check out and order the full Go Your Own Way Apparel Map gift collection here.

VEX Gift Certificate - From £10.00 

Fathers Day Gift VEX Gift Card

For the dad who is hard to buy for, a gift certificate is a great choice. VEX Gift Certificates are exchangeable for any gift cards or gift vouchers on their website including John Lewis, B&Q, Ticketmaster, IKEA and more, meaning you don't have to decide what your dads favourite would be. 

We Love - VEX Gift Certificates gives your dad lots of choices and make gift choosing easy. 

To purchase a VEX Gift Certificate and discover which gift cards/vouchers you can purchase see here. 

Father's Day Cards and Decorations 

Little Wild Co Plantable Father's Day Cards - £4.95

Fathers Day gift guide cards and decorations

Give your dad or Grandad a card and gift in one with the Little Wild Co Plantable Father's Day Cards. Made from seeded paper after your dad has finished displaying their card it can be planted and watch as British Wildflowers and Grasses Grow. 

We Love - The simple design, that they are an eco-friendly alternative to standard cards and gift which will keep on growing. 

To purchase the Little Wild Co Plantable Father's Day Cards see here. 

Fathers Day Inflated Foil Balloons From Bubble Gum Balloons - £12.50

Fathers Day Gift Guide balloons Bubbble Gum balloons credit

Everybody loves balloon and what better way of surprising your dad than with a delivery of inflated balloons. Bubble Gum Balloons have a great range of Father's Day Balloons. From dinosaurs to Star Wars, superheroes and lots more they have lots of designs on offer and they come fully inflatable. 

We Love - The cool designs, the high quality of the balloons and they are delivered fully inflated so that they can be given straight away. 

See here to order balloons from Bubble Gum Balloons . 

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